China Buys Technology and Resources, Mines Sea Bottom and Moon

One of world’s largest copper deposits lies under the ancient city. SCMP’s photo: Michael Short

One of world’s largest copper deposits lies under the ancient city. SCMP’s photo: Michael Short

For further economic development, China needs technology and resources; therefore, China is spending billions of dollars to obtain them from abroad.

In its report “EU set to approve ChemChina’s $43 bln bid for Syngenta: sources” on February 3, Reuters says, “ChemChina [CNNCC.UL] is set to secure conditional EU antitrust approval for its $43 billion bid for Swiss pesticides and seeds group Syngenta (SYNN.S), the largest foreign acquisition by a Chinese company, two people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.”

China will get Syngenta’s technology related to top-tier chemicals and patent-protected seeds through the acquisition.

As for natural resources, China needs lots of copper for its industries. SCMP says in its report “China plans to destroy ancient Buddhist city to get copper bonanza” on February 2 that China is to pay $3 billion for 30-year lease for mining world second largest copper deposit in Afghanistan.

China’s huge investment in its Silk Road economic belt and maritime Silk Road projects in Central and South Asia and Eastern Europe will enable it to exploit not only the natural resources such as oil and natural gas in Central Asia, but also the cheap labor resources there.

Those are not the greatest efforts in exploiting resources. China is building high-technology submersibles to mine sea bottoms and will send spacecrafts to the moon to mine helium-3 for nuclear fusion. (See my posts “China Exploiting Ocean-bottom Mineral Resources Soon” on January 24 and “China to Get Energy Hegemony by Taking Nuclear Fusion Material from the Moon” on June 19, 2014.)

China is now absolute world leader in nuclear fusion and may build a nuclear fusion power plant by 2030. Why is China so advanced in that area? It is very rich to have the money to fund the research.

The US, however, has to close its very advanced Alcator C-Mod fusion facility at Massachusetts Institute of Technology due to lack of funds. It is losing energy hegemony to China due to its economic decline and China’s economic rise.

China is rich and will be even richer with its efforts to reform its systems and to obtain resources for its economic development.

US new president Trump seems to know the need for US economic strength with his policy of America first for US economic growth.

I hope both China and the US grow richer and stronger so that their people may lead a happy life.

Comments by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ and SCMP’s reports, full text of which can respectively be found at and


11 Comments on “China Buys Technology and Resources, Mines Sea Bottom and Moon”

  1. Steve says:

    The Middle East has oil and China has rare earth. Imagine if the US has both or at least one, the world would be servitude to the Americans. US citizens would be walking in and out of any country’s doormat without visas just like the Philippines.

    China is aware that the US need to be subdued financially, militarily and trade. Without doubt, China will tightened the noose on the US. We are in an era where superpower countries strong in economics will harness as much wealth as possible, invest in infrastructures, develop all fields in science, medicine and technology, military, etc. It is clear that the world has being dependent on China’s rise for at least two decades and relies on China to do well. Many countries has eradicated or reduce poverty because of China’s peaceful rise, but for the same token there are countries jealous of China’s economic and political prowess. As long as China promotes peace and prosperity as world leader, there will be harmony. Do not follow the US hegemonic and militaristic invasion of countries on the pretext of lies, deceit and so called freedom of democracy.


    • James says:

      Well said Steve. At the end of the day the ball is really in US court. China is doing what all progressive countries does – improve the well being of its citizens and safe guard their borders. China only does it more speedily and efficiently compared to others. While this is happening America has been caught flat footed fighting costly wars to maintain its hegemonic hold onto the population of the world. Moving forward, China will march on irrespective of what America does. The momentum within the Chinese population is such, its unstoppable barring a series of “black swan” events.
      America has basically 3 choices:
      1. open conflict with China including the option of nuclear with the expectation that the nuke option could result in both countries suffering unimaginable human losses. Can
      americans deal with that outcome?
      2. America comes to terms with the rise of China and reluctantly share space with the eastern superpower plus have a “more” multipolar world
      3. America retools and rebuilt some of its more viable industries presently off shored home to the mainland. Consolidated and compete another day.


      • Steve says:

        Yes James – the sad truth for the US is retreat & stay back whilst Uncle Han is on the offensive & assertive . China’s bandwagon advances on all fronts with its own values and economic models, eg, OBOR, AIIB, Chinese style diplomacy, etc, etc.

        Another problem for the US is the POTUS only has a four year term before re-election compared to China’s 10 year term. A new POTUS like Trump wants to change a lot of things whilst China’s POTPRC oozes with stability and uniformity. A Chinese President can possibly see 3 POTUS fly-by. So far President XI has seen Obama gone now Trump and you never know who is next. When Obama was President, the CIA was worried of assassination because of Racial discrimination, but now Mr. Trump is extraordinarily unpopular according to reports. Trump needs to be careful with his policies.


      • Wei says:

        America has excellent rare earth deposits. Expect these to be ramped up under the Trump buy American strategy. The USA will compete with China for this world wide market

        ” Molycorp (MCP) is a leading rare earths and rare metals company, and combines a world-class rare earth resource at Mountain Pass, California, with world-class ultra-high-purity rare earth and rare metal materials processing capabilities. With 26 locations across 11 countries, Molycorp is vertically integrated across the global rare earth mine-to-magnetics supply chain. It produces rare earth magnetic materials as well as a variety of high-purity, custom engineered products from 13 different rare earths (lights and heavies) as well as five rare metals (gallium, indium, rhenium, tantalum and niobium), and the transition metals yttrium and zirconium. Through its Molycorp Magnequench subsidiary, the company is a leading global producer of neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnet powders used to manufacture bonded NdFeB permanent rare earth magnets. Through its joint venture with Daido Steel and Mitsubishi Corporation, Molycorp expects to begin manufacturing next-generation, sintered NdFeB permanent rare earth magnets in early 2013.”


        • alking1957 says:

          Yawn, mcp has been boasting they have tons n tons of rare earth like forever….


          • chankaiyee2 says:

            It’s good that the US extracts its own minerals instead of accusing China of monopoly of rare earth. China reduces supply of rare earth as the mining gives rise to pollution that even Wei is sad for that though hostile to China. China certainly lags behind the US in many areas. That is why China has to take over foreign firms to get technology. In fact, China is able to mine rare earth because it has taken over a US rare earth mining firm and obtained its technology.

            I believe Wei is a good boy though naive and blindly believe Western media’s attacks of China. I wonder why he is fond of exaggerating Western reports. However, I really enjoy his comments as his extreme views are quite funny and may entertain my readers.


        • tito says:

          Molycorp Files for Bankruptcy….


      • alking1957 says:

        I thnk Trump is suppose to choose number 3, but his temperament of being impulsive and impatient is likely to turn it into choice number 1. This is something i assume China n Russia is aware of!


    • Wei says:

      China will again destroy something valuable to establish hegemony over natural resources:

      “As for natural resources, China needs lots of copper for its industries. SCMP says in its report “China plans to destroy ancient Buddhist city to get copper bonanza” on February 2 that China is to pay $3 billion for 30-year lease for mining world second largest copper deposit in Afghanistan”


  2. Simon says:

    On the contrary I hope America decline and fall fast. They are the cause of world problems and an obstacle to China’s rise.


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