Lucky US to Have a Wise Leader Trump to Stop Its Decline

US new president Donald Trump clearly knows that the US is declining and urgently needs a thorough reform to reinvigorate its economy.

He knows well that China is the major rival the US has to deal with, but it is a very difficult issue. He has to deal with easier ones first for US benefits.

He scrapped TPP and wants to substitute it with bilateral arrangements with each TPP country to enable the US to obtain maximum gains from each and every of them. He has thus abolished US long-established practice of making multilateral arrangements that benefit US allies at the cost of the US such as TPP, NAFTA and NATO.

Due to US strength as a superpower, it will be easy for the US to obtain concessions from others through bilateral negotiations.

Trump’s wisest strategy is improvement of US relations with Russia. The conflict between Russia and the West is mainly a conflict between EU and Russia. The US shall not take EU’s burden to deal with Russia. On the contrary, the US shall obtain gains from both EU and Russia in the conflict.

Some analysts believe that Trump wants to unite with Russia to deal with China. That is certainly a wise idea but difficult to realize as it is hard for the US to break the firmly established de facto Russia-China alliance as so much interests are involved.

The US cannot replace China to become the greatest buyers of Russia’s natural resources and provider of cheap industrial goods. Nor is the US able to provide Russia with immigrants to Russia’s cold and barren Far East to help Russia develop its vast Far East.

Anyway, Trump is wise in adopting his strategies. The problem is that neither Russian leader Putin nor Chinese leader Xi Jinping is less wise; therefore, only win-win cooperation is the way out for the three leaders. Putin and Xi have achieved that. It tests Trump’s wisdom and tact to achieve that.

Whatever the outcome of the three leaders’ diplomacy, I am sure Trump will improve US economy as the US will certainly obtain concessions from other countries.

It will be a much safer world if there are three equal superpowers China, Russia and the US. Whenever one becomes too strong and aggressive, the other two will unite to oppose it and prevent its dominance of the world. That is perhaps my wishful thinking hard to become reality. However, Russia and China, though not equal superpowers to the US, are now able to prevent US dominance of the world with their de facto alliance.

Article by Chan Kai Yee


16 Comments on “Lucky US to Have a Wise Leader Trump to Stop Its Decline”

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  2. Fugu says:

    Reading your article, one gets the impression you are saying the US armed forces is not quite what it hypes itself to be? In fact it is a pale representation of what it once was?

    So any war intimidated by the U.S. is only so much scaremongering and hot air? They are no longer as strong as they used to be.

    Mr Xi and Beijing, take heart.


  3. Tyler reber says:

    Trump has already raised questions in Russia about his stance towards Iran and policies in Syria. To me it looks like a better opportunity for Russia to prove its wisdom, not Trump’s opportunity.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Chan Kai Yee,

    Your English is terrible!


    • chankaiyee2 says:

      Please point out my errors. Your help is welcome.


    • Steve says:

      English is a Mongrel language with borrowed or stolen foreign languages including words brought along with immigrants to express the lack of english words. Donald Trump has a fine ancestry of German and Scottish breed.

      My memory is not quite clear, but I think this is what old head Donald Trump tweeted, “Unpresidentially (in american?) I now declared myself as the 45th Precedent (in scottish?) of the United States of Amerikka (in german?).”


      • James says:

        What terrible Anglish Steve…lol
        Some ppl are a precious lot Mr Chan. I would treat this childish comments as “piss in the wind.


  5. Steve says:

    As the proverb says, “The early bird catches the worm” – meaning if you do something early or before anyone else, you will have an advantage and be successful. The early bird (China) has caught the huge worms and now flying to the Zenith of prosperity. The 2017 early rise Rooster is tantamount to China’s advantages in bilateral and multilateral agreements, economic models and values.

    The leadership of China is Wise, the USA is Stupid and Slow. Bilateral agreement is a free trade where all tariffs that restrict trade are removed, no need to agree with WTO members, they can trade with anyone. Didn’t liar Trump says he wants to increase tariffs by as much as 45%.? The reasons for bilateral agreements = quick results, shorter timeframe to set up, opportunities for emerging economies, fewer participants, easier to pursue and resolve issues, overcoming the complexity of various cultures, attractive and dynamic.

    Multilateral agreements are good especially for American conglomerate companies vs smaller nations, But USA is a declining power and China is a huge emerging economic mountain. Multilateral agreements will exploit smaller economies, the decision making is very complex, takes a longtime (eg:TPP) only advantageous to an established economic power like US, taking the lead role as Captain America, but the country is getting stuffed in it’s economic dealership with most countries. Multilateral agreement leads to trade diversification and disagreements. The main reason for US dumping multilateral agreements are loss of industries and jobs to competing countries like China. Multilateral conglomerates like in US carries a high tax burden, hence relies on imported goods.

    If Trump negotiates bilaterally with individual TPP countries, will he be successful.? He needs his science fiction economic advisor Navarro for great advise. One of the most amazing advise given by Navarro is to set up a US submarine manufacturing base in Taiwan. Trump faces internal and external problems. China on the Offensive and Assertive, USA in retreat and looking up to it’s banker (China) for help.


    • Steve Canyon says:

      “… China on the Offensive and Assertive, USA in retreat and looking up to it’s banker (China) for help.”

      If China actually believes this, then come and kick America out of Asia. Lets get it on!


      • Steve says:

        Incredibly Dumb and Dumber. U share the same bed with Silly Tia.?


      • ChinKwaiLaan says:

        Are you Rip Van Winkle?
        The building of artificial islands in the South China Sea to get strategic space, and investments in ASEAN countries ( Malaysia, Philippines and even Vietnam are making a pivot to China) are meant to squeeze US out.


  6. Tyler Reber says:

    It will be like in Pokemon, Articuno, Zaptos and Moltres maintain balance of power with a triad.

    Wise is a tough word to buy. It’s his character to befriend every entity that agrees with him, he will attack every entity that doesn’t. You can see this behavior in videos and stories of him long before he was running for president. Is this wisdom?


    • Steve says:

      Certainly not wisdom….It’s called Greed Anger and Delusion. Trump is quite deviant in a way of yelling at the audience. A shrewd liar in his campaign election.


    • alking1957 says:

      Yes, Trump has yet to prove that he is wiser than his predecessors. So far based on his actions, it is highly doubtful he will make it to the wise column. He said US made a big mistake invading Iraq, and now he seems to be itching for a war with Iran, which is more than twice as big and many more times powerful than Iraq. Is that wise?


  7. Simon says:

    The word “wise” and “Trump” does not mix.