China’s New Uninterceptable Accurate Carrier Killer DF-16 Missile

DF-16 missiles, pictured during a 2015 parade, were featured in a video posted by Beijing’s Defence Ministry last week, which showed them being deployed during exercises over the Lunar New Year holiday. File photo: AP

DF-16 missiles, pictured during a 2015 parade, were featured in a video posted by Beijing’s Defence Ministry last week, which showed them being deployed during exercises over the Lunar New Year holiday. File photo: AP

SCMP says in its report today titled “New Chinese missile capable of threatening US, Japan bases in Asia makes latest appearance in drills”, “Beijing posts video of medium range DF-16 with a range of 1,000km – within striking distance of Okinawa, home to several US military installations, Taiwan and Philippines”

Previously some Chinese web users give DF-16 the nickname “Okinawa Courier” and DF-26 “Guam Courier” and believe they can destroy US bases there.

Is DF-16 so powerful?

Can it penetrate enemy missile defense?

SCMP says that the final stage of the two-stage missile can adjust its trajectory to evade anti-missile defenses such as the US Patriot system deployed by Taiwan.

As the missile can carry three MIRV warheads and make it even more difficult to intercept.

Is DF-16 accurate enough to hit its target?

SCMP says, “(T)he missile is believed to be accurate to within as little as 5 metres of the target – similar to that of a cruise missile.”

Is DF-16 powerful enough to destroy its target?

SCMP says the three warheads it carries exceed 1,000 kg. It means if it carries a single warhead, the warhead may contain more than one ton high explosive.

That gives me the impression that the missile is also a carrier killer as SCMP says that it can adjust its trajectory to hit slow moving target. An aircraft carrier is precisely a slow moving target that has to be destroyed with such a heavy warhead.

Since China has such warhead technology, I wonder that it may install such warheads in its DF-21D and DF-26 anti-ship missiles to sink US aircraft carriers as far away as 3,000 km in Guam while land-attack DF-26 may destroy US land bases in Guam with the accuracy of cruise missile. No wonder US Navy Matters’ article on February 1 worries about “Guam’s susceptibility to ballistic missiles such as the DF-26 and other intermediate to long range missiles” especially if the missiles are so accurate and can evade missile defenses.

If such are Chinese missiles’ capabilities, China must be happy if the US sends most of its navy to attack China to enable it to annihilate most US navy near it so as to prevent its trade lifelines through the oceans from being cut by powerful US navy.

Is the US so stupid? No, according to Reuters’ report on February 3, US Defense Secretary Mattis said that there was no need for dramatic US military moves in the South China Sea and stressed that the focus should be on diplomacy. True, it is not wise to send US navy within lethal range of Chinese missiles.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be found at


16 Comments on “China’s New Uninterceptable Accurate Carrier Killer DF-16 Missile”

  1. Title says:

    American should nuke China now ,then china will nuke American .


  2. JS says:

    So guess the USA and Japan plus South Korea just as well roll over and play dead….never forget the words of Yamamoto…dont fk around with a sleeping giant especially one that is run by a madman now….Japan especially would rather see its land razed to the ground rather then let the Chinese take one inch….China may just be giving a reason for the US to anhillate Beijing first…its not that difficult actually…


    • tito says:

      don’t forget Beijing kicked that sleeping giant arse in korea and vietnam….you don’t want a madman running your country…. remember hitler and dojo ?.


    • Steven says:

      If the Chinese believe that their DF-16 is a ‘carrier killer’ then that means other countries can make their own DF-16 ‘carrier killer’ as well. This is bad news for the fledgling Chinese carrier force which can be easily sunk by a Vietnamese or Indian DF-16 copy.


    • Title says:

      It is your president he is paranoid man.


    • ron says:

      LMFAO you must be watching too much yanks and nipponese propaganda flicks. Anihilate Beijing? LOL Here is the fact: If the yanks and the Chinese decide to take their current relationship to a whole new level, like taking the MAD dance together, nipponland, hinduslums, and the rest of earth will become scorched. capisce?


  3. Simon says:

    If the Japs are smart they should abandon its claims to the Daioyu Islands as a gesture of goodwill and start making formal apologies for its attrocities against China in late 19th and first half of the 20th century. America cannot protect Japan and will simply move its military out of East Asia. Japan either make the early move to repair ties or risk Chinese military response that will significantly curtail if not put Tokyo under Beijing’s rule.


    • Tyler reber says:

      Japan seems to be ambiguous towards the Islam claim. They support the US patrols but refuse to send in their own ships to patrol with the US. To me it seems like they are unsure of US commitment and want to keep alternative options to build relationships with China.


      • Tyler reber says:

        Island claims, auto correct can really sink in some doozys.


      • Steve says:

        China’s PLAN already warn Japan it will not sit idle should Japan join in the SCS navigation with US. In other words, PLAN will sink Japanese warships or at least a naval confrontation.


        • Fugu says:

          “PLAN will sink Japanese warships or at least a naval confrontation.”

          Best be well prepared and not be overconfident. Japan still has a big navy which is capable. Any fight with Japan will be a ferocious fight but I am sure the Chinese navy can and will prevail. Still, best to train and drill intensively, and strategize intelligently.


  4. Fre Okin says:

    Parking DF 16 near Wenzhou is about the closest to Okinawa. If China can get them to hit Kadena, Futenma Air Station in Okinawa in under 15 minutes, US will not dare to start a war with China. US pilots will have to sit on the planes 24/7 to have a chance to take off. This will be a DefCon 3 situation where war is imminent and pilots have to be on standby.

    In any case, DF 16 will destroy all runways in Okinawa and most, if not all of the planes will be destroyed first as China will not wait to attack first if war is inevitable. DF 16 travelling at Mach 5 and above will most likely reach Okinawa within 10-15 minutes, making it impossible for US and Japanese planes to take off.


    • Fugu says:

      ” China will not wait to attack first if war is inevitable”

      Let’s hope so. The lumbering bureaucracy and questionable encouragement to senior officials to take initiative or responsibilities to make decisions, does worry me? How much time will be lost while they dawdle and seek clearance. Let’s hope by now they all have clear instructions what to do in the event of all or any anticipatory situations coming to realization.

      Otherwise, replace them with well and cleverly programmed robots.


      • Fre Okin says:

        President Xi should tell Trump China practise the Art of War and he, as Chinese Commander In Chief will not hesitate to Attack First if he See The Shadow of the enemy So Clearly, he got no choice but to Order his generals, Rocket Force to conduct a Surprise Attack.

        Just by telling Trump Clearly, nothing lost in translation, war will be averted as US will not dare to go into a war formation/pattern mode that make the Chinese think it is better to attack first than to wait.