Trump Prefers Pitting Japan to Letting Japan Pit the US against China

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrives to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider (this blogger’s note: lots of them died in fighting Japan) at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, U.S. February 10, 2017. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrives to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider (this blogger’s note: lots of them died in fighting Japan) at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, U.S. February 10, 2017. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Trump’s friendly phone call to Chinese President Xi Jinping hours before meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe proves his talents in choosing the best timing in dealing with Japan and China.

As a shrewd businessman, Trump is very clear that Japan is the greatest beneficiary of Obama’s pivot to Asia as of all the countries in the world, Japan has the most earnest desire to contain China due to the war crimes it committed in China in the 1930s and 1940s. As the bitter memory of Japan’s invasion of China remains fresh in China, all Chinese people will support a war against Japan no matter how they love peace. Those who oppose the war will be regarded as traitors by most Chinese people.

Japan is lucky that Chinese leaders are wise. They want good relations with Japan and utterly oppose a war with Japan. However, if Japan provokes China, they will fight. Who knows what their successors will do! Containing China to stop its rise seems the best choice for Japanese leaders and people like Shinzo Abe whose grandparents have committed war crimes in China.

The US, however, helped China resist Japanese invasion. Chinese children are still fond of listening to stories about American pilots who volunteered to help China fight the Japanese in China’s war of resistance against Japan.

Trump knows well that the US is simply unable to contain China. Its military threat in the South China Sea has caused China to build large artificial islands as military bases to dominate the South China Sea. Containing China militarily has only given rise to an arms race with China that the US cannot afford.

Obama’s TPP aims at containing China economically, but will end up benefiting TPP members, especially Japan, at US expense.

Not only so, TPP helps Chinese President Xi Jinping overcome vested interests’ obstacles to his reform and will thus enable China to conform to TPP rules and join TPP.

Moreover, TPP’s stringent rules will push other countries, especially a rising India, closer to China economically as they want China’s Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership to counter TPP.

Now, Trump’s phone call to Xi tells Abe that the US wants to be China’s friend instead of containing China. Containing China will certainly benefit the US as it facilitates US maintenance of its world leadership. However, it is now Japan’s turn to do the hopeless dirty job.

US-China friendship means better access to Chinese and US markets respectively by the US and China. To compete with China in US market, Abe has to make concessions. As an initial sweetener, Abe has promised to invest $150 billion in the US to create 300,000 jobs. That is much better than paying more for US expense in keeping its military in Japan.

Trump’s scrapping of Obama’s pivot to Asia has the effect of pitting Japan against China and will give rise to Japan’s arms race with China.

Trump also plans to improve US relations with Russia. If he can pit Russia against China, he will be able to subdue China by diplomacy, which according to China’s gifted strategist Sun Tzu, is better than subduing by fighting.

Article by Chan Kai Yee


10 Comments on “Trump Prefers Pitting Japan to Letting Japan Pit the US against China”

  1. Joseph says:

    Actually, the biggest beneficiary from Obama’s pivot to Asia is the unseemingly China, although it was not Obama’s intention. Japan might gain prominence in the waning Western world along with India, but that’s about it. Japan’s prominence around the world is reduced to only American nagging poodle. It’s economic problem is unchanged as no one would do business and make deal anymore. Its military continues to decline although not as rapidly as the American. China, on the other hand, did not only bear the brunt of America propaganda machines, but it rides the wave. The American believes people around the world love America and wants to gain its favor, while China and the Chinese are always ridiculed the way America sees fit. But Obama’s pivot to Asia has revealed how much people around the world hate America, not only in SE Asia but the rest of the world in places such as Africa, Latin America and even Europe. The more China stands up to America, the more people respect China, as demonstrated in Davos. Donald Trump had learned the hard way his mistake of treating China the way he treats bullied Chinese American. He should learn, as ‘deal maker’, to make deal the Chinese way. His cowboy deal making is only working when he has a big gun pointed at his unarmed opponent. It does not work when his opponent has big gun or even bigger gun, especially when what he has is only not-so-real-looking big toy gun. He may have time to entertain Abe now for perhaps Abe would allow him to build a Trump apartment in Japan just like in Philippines, perhaps next to Japanese emperor’s palace. But soon he may got bored of Abe’s constant begging, and ask admiral Harry Harris in his stead. Not bad for American half-breed admiral who has the face of American iconic Japanese enemy to be viceroy of Japan


  2. joe says:

    Damn everywhere Trump goes he finds enemies out there to stab him. Status Quo is what the old guard wants. I believe Trump will succeed and also have great relationship with all big players. Taiwan is waning and she might not last too long.


    • Steve says:

      First and foremost, let’s see Trump’s strategic move (Pentagon advice) in the Baltic states with Russia and SCS. Cannot have great relationship when there are military manoeuvres against Russia and China in the SCS. 2017 maybe a year of difficulties for Trump and success for the Han Rooster.


  3. Lin says:

    Trump smart? Don’t think so!


    • Mad Max says:

      Actually, Trump is learning on the job. He may still be smart enough to learn quickly. Let’s wait and see.

      He may have a reason behind his seemingly hasty and peremptory off-the-cuff remarks which seems to be ruffling too many feathers. Then again, there is no good change manager who doesn’t ruffle feathers and not take hard decisions along with the hard knocks. We’d see whether he has the mettle to be a good CEO to turn around the U.S. and the world or not and do a better job than that great hypocrite, liar and a war mongering former President Obama.

      So far, considering all the unnecessary headwinds he had to face (i) from the out-of-control “fake news” Amerikan mainstream media and (ii) the insane Hillary and the sore losers Democrats, I give Mr Trump a report card rating of 65%. If he can survive the bruising GOP Presidential nominee campaign and the actual POTUS election campaign and came out a winner despite all weighted odds against him, one must conclude he must have that extra something. It is clear he has the toughness any SAS recruit would respect. Otherwise he wouldn’t be President nor a billionaire. Mr Trump has the tenacity to fight and win. To win, you need at a 10% intelligence.

      So, credit Mr Trump where credit is due. He is a smart hombre. He will survive.


  4. Steve says:

    Pit what.? All 4 leaders – President Xi, Putin, Trump & Abe are all seeking political benefits, political advantages and subduction against the other. Trump took a longtime to contact Xi because his team was seeking a political strategy to subdue China, but his bargaining chips was totally exhausted. To say that Trump was befriending Putin to put a wedge between Russia and China is a childish joke. Its like saying Putin is stupid and Trump wise.

    The only shrewd leader is PM Abe. Why.? because he is stupid. He has being climbing up the wrong tree seeking the fruits of US protection against China and hoping the US will militarily suppress China. Abe should know by now that WW111 will destroy Japan into a nuclear waste by China. Japanese leaders are shrewd, stupid and unrepentant barbaric savages.

    Trump and his team has a long road ahead to put America first. The US has not been a manufacturing nation for decades and now wanting to compete against Asian Tiger countries. The US may have problems competing with the LatAm countries. China is now a big player in LatAm and Mexico. Trump need to reduce a lot of taxes and tariffs.

    We are in an era of political madness. Trump seeking benefits to put America first. Abe seeking shrewdness and madness. President Putin seeking strategy and China’s economic support. President Duterte seeking political aid and economic support from China. President Xi is poised as the most outstanding statesman among them and soon elevating his nation to the podium of economic superstardom.


  5. Simon says:

    Trump has trouble at home. He cannot enact laws that are central to him and this undermines his legitimacy. Trump has to drop its hostility towards China and recognize the One China Policy to get to speak to Xi to gain some respectability regardless of his tactics with Abe. His cosying up with Putin’s Russia is fundamentally against America’s interest and the interest of its allies and may actually backfire. Putin knew full well he cannot rely on Trump’s regime for better relation no matter how he and Trump may exchange pleasantry, this will only last 4 years. Every countries looks at a bigger picture and waiting game in terms of the next 10 or 20+ years for relationship to bare fruits.


  6. Bankotsu says:

    I knew that my support of Trump in 2016 U.S. elections was a correct choice. Trump is indeed a wise man. He is setting Russia against China and setting Japan against China while Abe wants to set U.S. against China.

    Trump is very shrewd to see through Abe’s sinister plot.

    I will continue to support President Trump, he is a wise man.


    • Anonymous says:

      I think u are much wiser and shrewd than Trumpy.


    • Mad Max says:

      I wouldn’t say he is a wise man but I would say a smart man. But he has to be careful. The spotlight on him is intense and there is every possibility America may break into four or five entities under his watch. According to certain prophecies/predictions anyhow.