Terrorists Killed 5, Injured 5 in Remote Xinjiang County

SCMP says in its report today that 3 terrorists killed 5 and injured 5 people with knives before being shot dead by police in remote Pishan County, Xinjiang.

Police is carrying out investigation of the case and the identities of the attackers have not yet been disclosed.

Source: SCMP “Eight killed in Xinjiang knife attack: police shoot three attackers”, full text of which can be viewed at http://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2070868/eight-killed-xinjiang-knife-attack.


2 Comments on “Terrorists Killed 5, Injured 5 in Remote Xinjiang County”

  1. johnleecan says:

    This baffles me. Why do Muslims almost always think they are being bullied when in fact they are the ones bullying others? Even those who have college education use distorted reasoning when they argue. And if they even have an argument with you, they would scratch your car, puncture your tires, piss on your door or your store, throw feces on your window, have their pets piss and poop on your property, spit inside your store and even your merchandise, steal your merchandise, blocking entrance to your store, disrupt your business and many more.

    Another is that they are backstabbers and traitors. When in a fistfight, they would attack you from behind with four or five of his companions.

    How could other people respect them when they don’t respect what you believe? Why would they say they would destroy other religions’ temples and churches? Why would Muslims say to kill infidels or those who doesn’t believe in Islam? Maybe I could understand how those white supremacist treat them but Asians generally like to live peacefully with others with different religion. Look at countries in Asia with different religions(Taoists, Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, Born Again Christians, etc.) living together but doesn’t kill each other because of their religion. But with Muslims entering your community, problems suddenly arises.

    After decades, I’ve come to a conclusion that Muslims really wants to take over the world and kill all who aren’t Muslims or willing to convert to Islam. Maybe there are many Muslims who doesn’t share the view of radical Islamist, but in the end, these good Muslims have no power to overcome the power of radical Muslims and these good Muslims will eventually accept and do nothing to stop these radicals.


  2. Mad Max says:

    Like Mr Gingrich said, Islam is not a peaceful religion. Unless Shariah law is denounced, muslims cannot co-exist with Non muslims in Non muslims country. No need for the logical conclusion to be spelt out as to what needs to be done.