China on Course to Rival United States for Internet Speed

SCMP says in its report “China on course to rival United States for internet speed” today that a Chinese content delivery network (CDN) company Wangsu Science & Technology Co buys 97.82 per cent of its Korean rival CDNetworks from Japan’s KDDI Corporation for US$185.72 million “to rival the United States in internet speed”.

SCMP says:

A CDN is a collection of global servers that host websites and optimise internet speeds by allowing users to get data from the closest server rather than at the origin.

The move will give Wangsu a global presence and narrow its gap with the world’s largest CDN company, Akamai Technologies of the US, which generated a revenue of US$2.3 billion last year.

China has the financial resources to be world number one. US President Donald Trump is aware that to compete with China, he has to achieve economic growth in the US, but he meets lots of obstacles as under US media’s influence, lots of Americans are not aware of US lack of capabilities to remain world number one if Trump fails to stop US decline.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be found at


3 Comments on “China on Course to Rival United States for Internet Speed”

  1. Tyler Reber says:

    In this Area, US is once again behind all other developed countries. Its the American corporate way to charge several times more, yet give back several times less. China passing America here means little as the US prefers to screw its people more than it prefers to be the best.


  2. Simon says:

    A country that cannot get something right that is quintessentially American after doing it for almost 90 years such as awarding the most important prize in the Oscar is a sign of decline. If the Yanks can get that wrong what makes Trump’s election win any credible?


  3. Steve says:

    Old man Trump cannot stop the decline of US, it’s a question of the speed of gravity. Americans for decades has long being hoodwinked by hollywood style election campaign with lots of promises and China bashing. The US now is pretty much like the F35 with cost overruns, faulty design and workmanship. With the piggy bank getting lighter, the US infrastructures is in such a deplorable state, there isn’t enough money to repair and built them. Over the next decade China’s GDP will continue to overtake the US, but both economics are heavily intertwined and remains key in global prospects as their bilateral relationship increases. I believe the 21st century will belong to China.

    The US faces tremendous headwind, China enjoys smooth sailing especially with the withdrawal
    of TPP and US becoming more isolationist.