China to Be Leader in Military Aviation Technology

The J-20 stealth fighter at an air show in Zhuhai last November. Photo: Xinhua

The Two Sessions of China’s NPC and CPPCC offer the best chance to interview China’s top military scientists and engineers. On March 7, carried a report by China Aviation News on its interview with Yang Wei when he was attending CPPCC session in Beijing.

Yang Wei, a CPPCC member, is deputy director of China Aviation Industry Science and Technology Committee and China Aviation Research Institute, a top aviation research expert.

Due to the confidential nature of China’s military industry, Yang has difficulty to talk about it, but he says, “The issue is whether our adversaries adjust the targets of their equipment in accordance with our equipment or the contrary in future developments of world aviation equipment industry. There is no doubt whatsoever that we will never cease development of new equipment.”

According to Yang there is a long-term plan for China’s aviation industry within China’s ambitious goal of “Made in China 2025”. It does not simply mean manufacture by China but innovation and creation of advanced products. In that perspective, the development of J-20 stealth fighter is but a minor target.

According to Yang’s description, China has passed the “dark forest” into bright sunshine. He says, “The one who has the power to speak in innovation in science and technology will be the rule setter.”

Yang means that China has passed the stage of adjusting its weapon development according to what others have innovated. Now it is the time for China to innovate weapons to make others adjust their weapon development accordingly.

Source: “J-20 is but a minor target: development of new equipment will not stop” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


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  1. Hully says:

    Based on what?


  2. Steve says:

    In another two decades, China will establish itself as a dominant world military power.