Top South Korean presidential candidate demands China stop retaliation over THAAD

The Democratic Party’s candidate for the presidential primary Moon Jae-in makes a speech at an event to declare their fair contest in the partyÕs presidential primary in Seoul, South Korea, March 14, 2017. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

By Jack Kim and Christine Kim | SEOUL Tue Mar 14, 2017 | 3:23am EDT

The South Korean politician expected to become its next president, Moon Jae-in, called on China on Tuesday to stop economic retaliation against South Korean firms over the deployment of a U.S. missile-defense system.

Moon, speaking in a debate with other presidential contenders from the main opposition Democratic Party, said South Korea must stand up to China and protest against any unjust moves, but also make diplomatic efforts to resolve the issue.

“We should complain about what needs to be complained about and we should make diplomatic efforts to persuade China,” Moon said.

“It is also not desirable for China to harm our relationship with excessive retaliation,” Moon said.

“I call on China to immediately stop”.

China has increased pressure, and imposed some restrictions, on some companies doing business with and in South Korea, which many in South Korea perceive as retaliation for deployment of the missile system.

But Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho said on Monday that South Korea did not have firm evidence of Chinese retaliation and China has not directly said it is targeting South Korean firms.

South Korea will hold a presidential election by May 9 after the impeachment and dismissal last week of its former president, Park Geun-hye.

The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system is likely to be contentious issues in the campaign.

Moon, a human rights lawyer and prominent liberal politician who has been leading in opinion polls, said the government had mishandled the deployment plan by rushing into it and without public consensus.

China is vehemently opposed to South Korea’s agreement with the United States to deploy the THAAD system in the South against North Korea’s missile threat.

The United States and South Korea say THAAD is for defense against North Korea, but China fears its powerful radar can probe deep into its territory and compromise its security.

The United States began to deploy the system a week ago, a day after North Korea test-fired four missiles.

Russia also worries the deployment could compromise its security, and said it would lead to a stalemate on the Korean peninsula.

(Writing by James Pearson; Editing by Robert Birsel and Michael Perry)

Source: Reuters “Top South Korean presidential candidate demands China stop retaliation over THAAD”

Note: This is Reuters’ report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.


8 Comments on “Top South Korean presidential candidate demands China stop retaliation over THAAD”

  1. Mad Max says:

    “Those imports were actually gifts to South Korean Chinese-friendly regimes. When the regime becomes Chinese unfriendly, the gifts should stop as well. It is just like the American to buy stuff for free gifts, and making excuse to ask for refund but keeping the free gifts.”

    Yes, just like “Freedom fries” instead of “French fries”.

    And Moon Jae-In a human rights lawyer? For who? Koreans? Or just a resume to help get elected by the Americans?

    Hmm .. Mr Moon, whether you will be like in the mould of the venerable Mr Duterte or you will be like Lee Myung-Bak or Shinzo “Washington’s dog” Abe, remains to be seen.


  2. Simon says:

    During George W Bush’s presidency the subject of missile shields in East Asia to protect American allies against N Korea was raised. Bush said at the time it was not targeting at China and in order to win China’s support Bush even said America would need to tolerate China increasing its stockpile of nuclear weapons so American missile shields will not be able to neutralize Chinese nuclear deterrent. I believe with the installation of THAAD America cannot object to China increasing its nuclear stockpile to the level that rival the stockpile in America and Russia.


  3. Simon says:

    If America and S Korea claims that THAAD is not targeting China and only to protect attack from N Korea then America and S Korea should divulge THAAD radar information to China so it can have counter measure to protect its military asset from THAAD. Failure to do so is proof that America and S Korea has ulterior motive to undermine China’s defence and that THAAD is anything but a hostile act towards China and Russia.


  4. Simon says:

    S Korea stop installing THAAD and Chna will stop trade retaliation. It is the least China will do other than firing missiles to destru THAAD.
    The question remains it is S Korea with America who has rocked the boat and being hostile towards China, business cannot continue as normal.


  5. johnleecan says:

    Americans to South Koreans: “Come on Kory Kory Kory. Sit! Lay down! Roll over! Good boy!”

    Japanese to South Koreans: “Now that we have agreement in 2015 re your slutty comfort women’s compensation of one billion yen, you can shut your mouth and open them only when you’re giving us oral sex.”

    Chinese to South Koreans: THAAD! THAAD! THAAD! Koreans dropped to the ground with bloody nose, mouth and broken jaw. “You stupid Koreans! It’s unthinkable for any Chinese to accept the agreement you made with the barbaric, merciless, sadistic, inhuman, brutal Japanese creatures. And we Chinese would never allow to be treated as dogs by the racist Americans.”

    To prove how Americans view the South Koreans, look at what the American media and public said about Jung-a Kim, the wife of Prof Robert Kelly whose kids crashed his BBC interview. They all say she is the maid or nanny. These are the facts and it can’t be disputed.


  6. Mad Max says:

    Demand? Actually, Mr Moon Jae-In, you know you are not in a position to demand. Besides that is a very undiplomatic word. But since you are campaigning in a Presidential election, that can be overlooked as a campaign rhetoric.

    Whether you can resist the Trump’s Administration’s war mongering efforts after the elections, IF you win the elections, remains to be seen. Whether you can lead your people to revolt against Washington if it attempts to blackmail, threaten, bribe, or even potentially assassinate you or any of your high rankng officials, and thereby show that South Korea is indeed an independent sovereign country, also remains to be seen.

    Otherwise after all that is said and done and the campaign dust long setttled, but the THAAD threat remains in place against China and Russia, it means you are not really free and independent of Washington. You may be read as a colonial vassal. In which case then, Beijing and Moscow must do what it must. Seoul and you becomes irrelevant.

    But if you want to safeguard South Korean’s interest, minimise your relations with Mr Trump and Washington, cut your ties, and get the Amerikan troops to leave South Korea. Do a Mr Duterte if you really are of the right stuff and have the mettle. Do it right by your people. Are you ready to lay your life down for your people? Then again, you could just be seeking glory, power and status, maybe with some wealth accumulation thrown in, as a typical convictless politician?

    Whichever, the world is watching what kind of history you will make and what kind of image of South Korea you will give to the watching world.


  7. Steve says:

    By word of mouth is the best referral for further action. Chinese people are known for their filiality
    to the country, leadership and parents. If Sth Korean firms are suffering by just word of mouth from China’s authorities, imagine what would happen to Korea’s GDP, should China directly target Sth Korean firms. The Sth Koreans should choose wisely their next President or suffer the consequences of hardship.


  8. Joseph says:

    Top, eh? That’s the synonim for American favorite. Indonesia once had ‘top’ presidential candidate who threatened trade war with China if elected. He was defeated and disappeared from the face of politic after some embarrassing tantrums. But at least now we know the face of American lackey to be designated as the next South Korean president. Obviously every South Korean knows that tough talk won’t stop any Chinese alleged retaliation over THAAD. It will make it worse. The best way to stop these retaliation is to vote out this joker in the election, and vote a Chinese-friendly president. Otherwise the situation will be just like when Taiwan voted Tsai Ingwen, the end of everything Chinese bonanza. China after all does not need those South Korean imports. Those imports were actually gifts to South Korean Chinese-friendly regimes. When the regime becomes Chinese unfriendly, the gifts should stop as well. It is just like the American to buy stuff for free gifts, and making excuse to ask for refund but keeping the free gifts. This Moon Jae-in joker should instead demand for American to replace South Korean lost trade with similar trade to America. THAAD or no THAAD, the American causes all these. The penniless American even demands Cambodia to pay back food aid given 40 years ago when they carpet-bombing the country. It is just a matter of time that the American start asking for food aids given to South Korea on Korean War. Then it would only be a matter of time for the American to demand other countries they ruined to pay back the so-called ‘aids’