China developing its fastest stealth drones

Beijing wants to sell the drones to interested foreign buyers.

By Elizabeth Shim Contact the Author | March 9, 2017 at 12:13 PM

March 9 (UPI) — Drones that can dodge incoming weapons, and escape radar detection, are under development in China.

They also move pretty quickly.

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp., the country’s largest producer of missiles, said the drones could also be used as long-range bombers during aerial combat, China Daily reported.

Under development are a long-endurance stealth drone and a near-space drone, according to CASIC deputy general manager Wei Yiyin.

“As military reforms are drastically changing armed forces around the world, drones have become an indispensable weapon in modern warfare because they can play an important role in high-resolution reconnaissance, long-distance precision strikes, anti-submarine operations and aerial combat,” Wei told the Chinese newspaper.

The drones are being developed according to Beijing’s 13th Five-Year Plan, for 2016-20.

China not only wants to deploy the drones domestically, but also sell them to interested foreign buyers, according to the report.

CASIC drones resemble cruise missiles, and the WJ-500, WJ-600 and WJ-600A/D military drones are already on the market.

The drones are typically launched from a vehicle then later collected after it descends by parachute.

The WJ-600A/D has a fast cruising speed of 435 mph, more than double the speed of existing Chinese drones, the report says.

The model also has stealth capabilities and appears as a bird on military radars, the CASIC’s Unmanned Aircraft Institute said.

Source: UPI “China developing its fastest stealth drones”


4 Comments on “China developing its fastest stealth drones”

  1. Simon says:

    China is on the eve of a major technological breakthrough in jet engines from design phase to production phase. The WS-15 and what comes after represent cutting edge world beaters that put American equivelent to shame and likely alter strategic balance across the world.


  2. Fre Okin says:

    China urgently need long duration high resolution HALE or MALE drones that can fire torpedoes at Mach 3-4 at US subs lurking within the 1000 NM Hainan radius. In times of war, dozens of these drones should patrol the southern end of the SCS as well as the eastern side of Luzon.

    A recent dispute PH have with China over Chinese ships loitering around Benham Rise probably show China is investigating anti submarine warfare there in the form of crab torpedoes perhaps. That is where Chinese drones should be patrolling above the skies as well to watch out for enemy subs firing cruise missiles.


    • Assassin says:

      Beijing most likely would had strategize “mining” the Subic Bay port, Palawan, Jeju, Yokohama, and Guam, as well as the key submarine routes to Chinese Hainan and other key Chinese ports, harbours and military installations.

      Most likely, hydro and hyper acoustic sensors would be lining the rims of underwater domains listening for U.S. submarines with aerial and underwater drones, and ASW planes and helicopters on the ready to attack Amerikan subs.

      There has also been news that Beijing is building underwater bases to defend the mainland against U.S. subs.

      In short, Beijing is doing whatever it takes to diminish Amerikans’ underwater advantage to attack China by making the underwater domains hell and a mine field for the aggressive bloodthirsty Amerikans.