China Surpasses US in Large Fixed-Wing Drone Formation Technology

Pakistan’s formation of CH-3s

Large formation of fixed-wing reconnaissance-strike drones can conduct three-dimensional reconnaissance to find quite a few targets, identify their exact locations, analyze the extent of threat of those targets and ensure relay of communications. They will use small ammunition to strike small targets and provide information to manned fighter jets to strike large targets they have found. In addition, they can assess the effectiveness of the strikes and control the theater after the strikes.

Large formation of fixed-wing drones is difficult to form as the navigation technology shall ensure accuracy of fly to avoid bumping and crushing between drones and coordinate the communications between drones and with ground stations.

On March 23, Pakistan showed its capabilities to form a formation of many CH-3 fixed-wing drones to celebrate its national day. It’s a rare show in the world but its technology certainly comes from China. What about China then?

During Zhuhai Airshow 2016, Xihua reporters Chen Fang learnt that China has tested formation of 67 fixed-wing drones, breaking the record of 50 fixed-wing drones set by the US. It proves China is now in the forefront of the technology of military artificial intelligence.

Source: “CH drones give a super show of large formation, that may be the first in the world” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)