US Is Training Scientists, Engineers for China’s rise

China attracted top quantum scientis Pan Jianwei back from Austria. The photo shows him speaking at the press conference on quantum satellite

SCMP says in its report “America’s hidden role in Chinese weapons research” yesterday, “Many scientists have returned to China after working at Los Alamos and other top US laboratories”.

It says, “China has been trying to woo foreign-trained scientists back home since the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949, with one early success being Qian Xuesen, who returned to China from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1955 to lead the country’s space and military rocket research.”

In fact, Qian was among the group of 40 plus top scientists who returned China at the same time and made great contribution to China’s modernization in all fields not only military. Having been benefited by experts trained abroad, it is only natural that China “has stepped up its efforts in recent years, using financial incentives, appeals to patriotism and the promise of better career prospects to attract scientists with overseas experience” not only “in defence research” but also in other researchs and not only from the US but also from other countries.

For example, China attracted back world top quantum scientist Pan Jianwei from Austria, who has been in charge of China’s development of quantum communications, including the successful launching of world first quantum satellite for both civilian and military purposes.

Military scientists are certainly a priority as all countries employ their best scientists for weapon development. No wonder, according to SCMP, China has attracted lots of scientists from US Los Alamos laboratories, but they are only a small percentage of top scientists and engineers trained abroad and making contributions in China. In fact, China has also attracted quite a few foreign scientists from abroad. Ukrainian scientists and engineers have been making great contributions to China’s development of aircraft carriers and large aircrafts.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be found at


7 Comments on “US Is Training Scientists, Engineers for China’s rise”

  1. Mad Max says:

    Death to Amerika, the butcher of the world!


  2. Joseph says:

    This SCMP journalists are simply ridiculous. The report should be China’s hidden role in America’s weapon research. No American weapon research was performed without the participation of a Chinese. In fact, a Chinese scientist is almost mandatory. From the time of American Civil War, where they developed ironclad battleships, Chinese blacksmiths/shipmakers were involved. Unnamed and uncredited Chinese ship makers contributed the idea of enclosed battleships USS Monitor and Merrimack, which was roughly modeled after Korean turtle battleship. The American took advantage of Chinese scholars fleeing Japanese invasion of China to develop atomic bomb and later nuclear technology. The creation of atomic/nuclear technology was credited to Einstein, Oppenheimer and whoever else falsely glorified, but the real scientists were the grandson and granddaughter-in-law of Chinese short time dictator Yuan Shikai. Qian Xuesen was the most famous American secret Chinese scientist, but there were other his peer scientists who were prevented to return to China after the war. Some of these scientists went to America to avoid the Japs, but after the war was over the American brought them to Japan to be tortured by the Japs for refusing to continue their works for the American. The American may boast about the importance of Los Alamos lab, but the truth is that the Los Alamos lab cannot function without overseas-educated Chinese scientists, and not American-educated Chinese American scientists, be it from Yale or MIT or other glorified establishments. With the supply of fresh Chinese scientists, the lab is practically dead. In fact there is no former Los Alamos Chinese scientists ever switch work to China for fear of assassination or witch-hunt style prosecution as spies. Many are already prosecuted for slip of tongue or bringing non-classified material home for innocent overtime works. On the contrary of American irresponsible claim by the now-infamous fake news, Chinese leading scientists never work for foreign entities. China may recruit some scientists with Western experience, but they never actually shine and only good for reference points. Otherwise Chinese scientists would not be so confident in challenging Western presumed superiority. The fact that many Western think thank often trying hard to smear Chinese technologies, from drones to radar, to stealth J-20, to aircraft carrier catapult, has actually shown how much threatened they are by Chinese scientists.


    • leading says:

      Can you provide sources to some of your claims? I’m not doubting you. I just want to add this to my research. Thank you.


      • Joseph says:

        I have heaps of sources. Mostly from old books written from before the time China was not considered a threat by the American. Try old bookshops. There were heaps online sources about Chinese achievements on 2000s. Mostly unremarkably ‘disappeared’, or rather taken offline, shortly after 2012 SCS debacle. But who can trust Google these days. Wikipedia is not always trustworthy but it is one of few still available, and it stays online. Try searching ‘Wu experiment’ on Wikipedia. There are limited articles about Wu Chien-shiung there, the much less published real inventor of atomic and nuclear reactions since she discovered plutonium, not that Oppenheimer who took all the credit and certainly not Albert Einstein. She was a Chinese-born Nanjing University graduate, not American university graduate, who was poached by American university for research along with her scientist husband, who was the grandson of China’s infamous Yuan Shikai. She was the reason why the American loves to poach Chinese scientists exclusively for Los Alamos and not the other way around.


        • leading says:

          Thanks. I know about Wu and Qian.

          >Some of these scientists went to America to avoid the Japs, but after the war was over the American brought them to Japan to be tortured by the Japs for refusing to continue their works for the American

          That was news to me. I’m not shocked. They are truly sick remorseless and soul-less barbarians.


          • Joseph says:

            I watched it on CCTV-9 documentary about Qian Xuesen and his pals in 2009/2010 at the time of Qian’s death. While Qian’s case was well-known, little was known about his pals who fled China together with him in the 1930s, and tried to get back to China in the late 1950s and prevented by the American because of their crucial weapon research for American military. These were renowned chemists, astro-physics and biologists whose credits always went to their supervisors like Oppenheimer. They were believed to develop chemical weapons such as Orange Agent and Napalm, which the American would use in the Vietnam War. In the end, Zhou Enlai made a secret deal through a third country for their return in exchange of important American officer POWs of from Korean War. These POWs held the ranks of lieutenant to colonel. By the time the documentary was made, some of them were still alive and gave the account of their tortures in the hand of Imperial Japanese army turned JSDF under American supervision. Perhaps if you dig patience enough, CCTV still has the documentary. It was in English anyway.


            • leading says:

              Thank you. America exports pedophiles and christian mass murderers. The injustice of them getting our scientists makes me sick.


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