Closer Ties between China, Philippines when US Fails to Contain China

China-Philippines relations had been quite satisfactory with South China Sea dispute remaining on the sideline until former Philippine President Aquino was exploited by the US to contain China with intensification of the dispute. However, Aquino got nothing as the US was not willing to fight China for Philippines’ interests.

Upset by US inaction as an ally, Philippine President Duterte wanted to recover and even further improve relations with China and estrange his country from the United States, Philippines’ old ally. However, that is not something new as described by lots of Western media. It is but the recovery and further development of Philippines’ old policies to be friendly with China and estranged from the US.

Do not forget that the Philippines took back US military bases to drive away US troops stationed there in 1992. The US shall be aware of the trend so that it has to give the Philippines something when it asks the Philippines to do something for it. Its failure to do so has caused it to lose the Philippines to China as China can and is giving the Philippines lots of things: funds, cooperation in exploiting fish and energy resources etc.

If we know the history of Philippine- China and US relations, we will not be surprised at the development of closer ties between China and the Philippines at the expense of the US.

SCMP says in its report “Beijing and Manila to discuss South China Sea dispute” today that China has invited Philippine coastguard to visit China and plans to hold talks on South China Sea dispute with the Philippines in May.

In fact, according to Chinese media Global Times’ report “Duterte has not only invited Chinese warships to visit the Philippines but will also board a Chinese warship” on March 25, Duterte has invited Chinese navy to visit the Philippines and will board a Chinese warship in person to show the vigorous development of Philippine-China relations.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP and Global Times’ reports, full text of which can respectively be found at and


4 Comments on “Closer Ties between China, Philippines when US Fails to Contain China”

  1. Joseph says:

    Perhaps next time the American do their FONOP on the SCS, they will be intercepted by Phillipines coast guards instead. And if the American try to bully the Philippines coast guards with ‘international water’ crap, they can simply call up the bigger and meaner Chinese coast guards for back up.


  2. Steve says:

    The problem with past Philippines Presidents and Filipinos, don’t look at themselves as fully Asians. All because they have ‘secured’ a few droplets of European and Western bloodlines. They are easily hoodwinked to the West and a cultural weakness that can be exploited by an adversary, as in the case of Aquino harassed by the US. Just imagine, by allowing the US to establish up to 8 military bases and in return, the Philippines will receive outdated coastguard cutters and a military alliance…What was he thinking. Just like a householder, the economic stability of a nation is utmost, otherwise no funds for higher education, limited trade, increased unemployment, weakened military and poverty.

    With President Duterte, he fully understands the importance of economic prosperity and trade. His only available option is to jet ski all the way to Beijing, which he has proudly achieved. I believe the Philippines military, not just the coastguard services will be seeking training and aid from China. President Duterte’s administration need to convince Filipinos that pivoting to Uncle Han is the only alternative for prosperity.

    Can the Philippines coastguard ships travel safely to China across the hazardous SCS for talks on the dispute.?


  3. Simon says:

    Until 1999 Phillipines has no claims to SCS therefore it is not surprising why it was not in dispute with China when it closed Amercan bases in 1992. Duterte now says the isalnds that are control by Phillipines are “not 100% theirs” which means they don’t belong to Phillipines.