See Through Trump’s Smokescreen before Trump-Xi Meeting

Xi Jinping and Donald Trump are due to meet in Florida on April 6. Photograph: AP

US President Donald Trump tweeted,“The meeting next week with China will be a very difficult one in that we can no longer have massive trade deficits and job losses. American companies must be prepared to look at other alternatives,” soon before it was announced that he would meet Chinese President Xi Jinping next week.

That makes media not optimistic of the results of Trump-Xi meeting. The Guardian regards Trump’s tweet as the commencement of collision between the US and China so that it gave its report on the meeting the title “Trump sets himself on collision course with China ahead of Xi meeting”.

However, it is common sense that leaders of great nations meet not for quarrel but for resolving quarrel. If the two sides see no possibility of positive outcome of their meeting, they simply will not have the meeting.

There have been busy preparations before a meeting of top leaders of great nations can be a reality.

This blogger is sure that the meeting is simply impossible if the leaders are aware that nothing good will come out of the meeting.

Then why Trump has written such a tweet?

That is his smokescreen in order to make people believe it is impossible to obtain what he wants in the meeting. However, he is sure of the positive outcome but only wants to bring Americans a surprise. Obtaining something impossible in the meeting will impress Americans how clever and successful he is. He wants to win confidence among Americans through his success in his meeting with Xi especially when he is encountering so much opposition at home now.

As this blogger has predicted repeatedly in his blog, win-win cooperation is the only way out for both China and the US. Neither Trump nor Xi is so stupid as to choose confrontation.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on The Guardian’s report, full text of which can be found at


4 Comments on “See Through Trump’s Smokescreen before Trump-Xi Meeting”

  1. Steve says:

    Nice commentary. Its true USA and China will strive for a win win meeting. In fact most of the give and take dealings has already been iron out when Tillerson was in Beijing.

    However, the US knows that China is in viable position to dump the treasury bonds if Trump increase excessive import tariffs on China. Should this happen, hundreds of US manufacturing enterprises will be leaving off shore due to increase company taxation to cover cost of US deficit. Notwithstanding the fact that foreign holders of US bonds will follow China’s footsteps, that is dump the bonds. This will have a tsunami effect across the board including US military budget.

    The US as a hegemon always intimidate foreign powers with its powerful military first followed by financial strength. I believe the tide has changed. China is now a super rich country, spearheaded by its financials first and military in close pursuit. Another show case is China’s super luxurious infrastructures continuously taking centre stage compared to US D+ poor infrastructures that require billions of dollars to repair.

    President Xi will walk into the meeting with full confidence knowing it holds the trump card. What can President Trump actually do.? Borrow money from China.? In confidence of course.


    • TheAnswer says:

      “What can President Trump actually do.?”
      For one America can reduce its manufacturing footprint in China. Cutting back on Chinese imports would severely injure the Chinese economy. There are no markets for China that can replace the American market. Greater use of automation is already hurting China as they have to compete with products manufactured by robotic labor.


  2. Fugu says:

    Does Trump not know that “deficits” are profits to American companies based in China? The way they talk is as though China or the Chinese government makes all the money. How misleading can you be?