US to Find Solutions to Deal with China’s Long-range Fast Missiles

A notional concept grapic of China’s WU-14 hypersonic glide vehicle. Credit: Wikipedia

Business Insider’s article “The US Navy has a severe ‘missile gap’ with China and Russia — here’s how it can beat them anyway” says, “The US wields the world’s biggest, most powerful Navy, but recent developments in China and Russia’s missile inventory severely threaten the surface fleet with superior range and often velocity.”

As a result, “US Navy and Lockheed Martin have a variety of solutions in the works to tip the scales in the US’s favor by going hard on offense.”

Now, it is China who takes the initiative to make the US busy to find ways to deal with China’s new weapons. Certainly, the US will find some solutions, but when the US has found such solutions, China will have developed newer weapons to force the US to make further researches.

That is the beginning of the era of the US lagging behind China in weapon development.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Business Insider’s article full text of which can be found at


7 Comments on “US to Find Solutions to Deal with China’s Long-range Fast Missiles”

  1. Joseph says:

    Oops! That would be hard, or rather near impossible. American research always depends on Chinese poached researchers. And the American has been severely underestimating Chinese people patriotism. With the American actively smearing China and Chinese people, no respectable Chinese scientist is willing to work for the American. Beside, China is now a lot richer than the American that even Western scientists are willing to work in China. Well the American can always try Indian scientists. They perform rather well, in the Hollywood movies.


  2. Steve says:

    China’s field of weapons technologies are now leading the US. The US are short of funds for R & D. China is no longer playing catch up, but rather catch me if you can. Due to shortage of funds the US has abandoned and dismounted the costly X-47B shipborne unmanned combat aircraft. In fact, the J-20 combat advantage has seriously weakened US air superiority. China’s five dynasties fighter aircraft now easily comparable to the US airforce, but with better BVR weapons and the J-20 radar is more advanced than the F22. With cost overruns, miscalculations
    and shortage of funds, the US in 2017 is falling behind China big time. In the not too distant future, China will be producing several types, state of the art stealth fighters, whilst Russia and US would be drooling with jealousy. According to recent reports, Russia will soon be buying state of the art surface warships from China and I believe its about time too. The disciple is now Master.


    • don says:

      where did you get the info about the US has abandoned X-47B ?….


        • don says:

          thank you for the link… i cannot believe that really happened …..i heard trump wants increase military spending


          • Steve says:

            USA is the most destructive scoundrel on planet earth. American Presidents are known as just another head of a US Hydra. Under Trump, US airstrikes are getting worst in Iraq, slaughtering civilians. Even hardened observers are shocked by the intensity. Trump’s military chief Mattis calling for more firepower to be deployed in Yemen, the poorest Arab region. Trump is increasing US military by $54 billion.

            During Trump’s election roadshow, he denounced Hillary Clinton and Obama for disastrous wars. His denouncing of the two Hydra heads Obama and Clinton was his centre piece to be the next US President, but like all or most American Hydras its just a roadshow. Why.? Because US Presidents are just a mouth piece. In reality, its still the same global regime of hegemonic genocidal killers. It is said that the White House/Pentagon has a bigger plan for the Middle East. If China had not advanced in its military reforms and fortifying the SCS, the next Asian war would have being easily – China.


        • Steve says:

          Good One.


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