Trump-Xi Summit: Successful Businessman, Leader Attract Each Other

U.S. President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping walk along the front patio of the Mar-a-Lago estate after a bilateral meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, U.S., April 7, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

I am optimistic about Trump-Xi Jinping summit; therefore, I said in my post “See Through Trump’s Smokescreen before Trump-Xi Meeting” on March 31:

However, it is common sense that leaders of great nations meet not for quarrel but for resolving quarrel. If the two sides see no possibility of positive outcome of their meeting, they simply will not have the meeting.

There have been busy preparations before a meeting of top leaders of great nations can be a reality.

This blogger is sure that the meeting is simply impossible if the leaders are aware that nothing good will come out of the meeting.

However, shortly before announcement of the meeting, Trump tweeted. “The meeting next week with China will be a very difficult one in that we can no longer have massive trade deficits and job losses. American companies must be prepared to look at other alternatives”.

Why Trump has written such a tweet, knowing well of the possible good results from the meeting? I said in my post:

That is his smokescreen in order to make people believe it is impossible to obtain what he wants in the meeting. However, he is sure of the positive outcome but only wants to bring Americans a surprise. Obtaining something impossible in the meeting will impress Americans how clever and successful he is. He wants to win confidence among Americans through his success in his meeting with Xi especially when he is encountering so much opposition at home now.

Now, true enough, tremendous positive results have achieved in the meeting. That was why Reuters says in its report “At U.S.-China summit, Trump says he and Xi can overcome their many problems” yesterday:

“We have made tremendous progress in our relationship with China,” Trump told reporters as the two delegations met around tables flanked by large U.S. and Chinese flags. “We will be making additional progress. The relationship developed by President Xi and myself I think is outstanding.”

“And I believe lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away,” he added.

The photo on top shows the two leaders have become good friend. You may be surprised that they become good friends so quickly, but it is common for wise successful people to become friends at first sight.

Successful business leader and national leader attract each other.

China is lucky that Clinton who initiated US policy to contain China lost to Trump who dislikes Clinton’s policies.

Chinese president Xi Jinping has to seize the opportunity to establish friendship with the US to facilitate China’s peaceful rise.

People may wonder why no details have been announced about what the two leaders achieved in their summit.

For Trump, what he has achieved in the summit will be his long-term political capital. He certainly has to spend it gradually to counter the opposition he is sure to encounter in his four years of administration.

For Xi, what he promised Trump has to be gradually realized in his reform, including removal of state-owned sector’s monopoly and protectionist trade policies, allowing market to determine the exchange rate of Chinese currency, etc.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ report, full text of which can be viewed at


5 Comments on “Trump-Xi Summit: Successful Businessman, Leader Attract Each Other”

  1. Simon says:

    The attack on Syria and the deteriation of relations with Russia was planned during Xi’s visit. It was a smokescreen by America to bury hostilities Trump has with China. Trump has to make concessions that his policy of trade war against China is not going to happen so without looking weak he launch a missile attack on Syria over claims of chemical weapon use by Assad. The reality is everyday in Syria hundred dies and chemical weapon real or pecieved are used frequently by all sides of the conflict. Russia made the point that the missile strike by America took many days if not weeks to plan to gather all the intelligence details about the targets. For this to happen in just 2 days after the alleged chemical attack shows the intention of the missile strike begun well in advance. To coincide with the Xi’s visit perhaps?
    Also Trump went into office could not decide what to do, maybe closer with Russia to contain China? He found that no matter how hard he tries Russia remains fundamentally an enemy of America so it seems he decide to wash his hands with Russia and engage with China instead or at least drop his anti China stance to an extent. It looks like America is once again bogged down in the Middel East and facing off Russia.


    • Steve says:

      Don’t think the US missile attack in the Syrian air base has any relationship with President Xi’s visit other than taking the opportunity to destroy the airstrip as a result of the chemical gas attack. But, should Russia go to war with US in Syria, the Iranian military will support the Syrian govt. and Russia. I believe US will lose big time, but then will soon request support from it’s allies.

      Russia will then request China for help and I believe that China has to seriously support the Russian/Syria/Iranian military. China has already said it will support security with SCO. Iran will soon be a full member of SCO. It will be a huge war minus nuclear. Hopefully, nothing happens.


      • Simon says:

        Do you seriousely think Trump did a U turn in shutting down the good relations he had with Putin because of the alleged chemical attack in Syria. Obama did’nt do anything why is Trump who is so keen on putting “America First” react? Don’t believe for one moment Trump has a soft heart for maimed Syrian civilian in their civil war than Obama. There was two countries that launched missiles to prove a point during Xi’s meeting with Trump, one is America the other is North Korea and they both did to make a case to do with China’s relations with America.


        • Steve says:

          The reason Obama did nothing of the 1st Chemical attack when he was in office was largely due to the veto by China and Russia against the use of force at the UN. American Presidents are basically mouthpieces for the Pentagon and Whitehouse elite. How would US Presidents know when to incite war or to invade sovereign countries.? How would old head Trump, a newly elected US President and businessman understand the Middle East crisis without any form of advise by the Pentagon and White house. And what are the good relations does Trump has with Putin, it’s nonsense. The geopolitical relationship of their respective countries in relation with Syria, the Middle East, China or anywhere far outweigh their friendship.

          In today’s news Putin has already warned US that an attack in Syria is an attack on Russia due to their military alliance. I believe the US destruction of Syrian airbase is to prevent Russian airforce from using the airstrip and the US is about launch an attack on another air base. The US intend on kicking out Assad and replace with someone pro US Western alliance. Western countries including Australia and Israel already voiced their support for air strikes and change of govt.

          As for Nth Korea, the economy is a basket case. China controls almost 90% of trade, there seems to be no end to sanctions. Why would US intimidate or oppose US/China relations by bombing Syria when both nations are the world’s super economy ranked 1st and 2nd with both Presidents meeting for the first time in US. This is indeed confusing.


  2. Steve says:

    True – Birds of a feather flocks together. Business people will meet with business people. Gangsters will gang up with the Vice. Scholars will study with scholars and so on.

    But, nations should be aware that a change of US administration means little or nothing. The US policy has not changed in regards to US sponsored genocide, illegal invasion of sovereign countries, causing troubles & divisiveness in the SCS & ECS and a nation that would use its superior military to intimidate weaker nations.

    China is prosperous and will continue to prosper in its economic wealth, good governance and global leadership in free trade and globalisation. The US is declining and will continue to decline.
    The world needs China to prosper and maintain stability which the US can no longer provide.

    Only robbers, gamblers and shady people requires a smokescreen. Clearly, democracy only brings trouble to the US – freedom of speech, lies, deceit, openness and as a result the USA is now financially broke with 20 trillion $$$ in debt or freedom to accumulate debts. China should not hesitate to dump the US treasury bonds when necessary.