US Worries about Chinese Submarines Ability to Attack US Homeland

China’s Type 094 nuclear submarines

National Interest says in its article “How the U.S. Navy Plans to Take on Russia and China’s Deadly Submarines” on April 4, “Navy leaders have consistently expressed concerns that China now has the maritime ability to strike directly at the US homeland.”

The article says, “Senior Navy officials and industrial partners say there is an ability to build 2 Virginia-class submarines per year once production of the Ohio Replacement Program nuclear-armed submarines begins in the 2020s.” However, “The current status-quo effort to build two Virginia-Class boat per year, however, will drop to one as construction of the new Columbia-class nuclear armed ballistic missile submarines begins in the early 2020s.

I have said repeatedly that only when China has the conventional deterrence capabilities to attack US homeland can it prevent US attack of its homeland.

China is precisely doing that. My posts “China’s World Largest Nuclear Submarine Construction Facilities” on April 4 and “China has built a nuclear submarine mass production superfactory” on April 6 describe China’s efforts to build lots of attack nuclear submarines for that.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on National Interest’s article, full text of which can be viewed at


9 Comments on “US Worries about Chinese Submarines Ability to Attack US Homeland”

  1. Assassin says:

    Not only can Chinese nuclear submarines nuke Amerika but Amerikan submarines – whether Ohio class or Virginia class submarines – mustn’t think they have the Eastern seas all to themselves.

    The South China and East seas are crawling with Chinese attack submarines, surface ASW ships, planes and drones, and not forgetting the “crab” mines/torpedos awaiting Amerikan submarines. Rest assure no Amerikan submarines will leave the Eastern seas alive when they attempt any murderous mission.


  2. Simon says:

    Trump is using Xi’s visit to attack Syria, to show China he might do the same with N Korea. But N Korea is not Syria. Once any missile land on N Korea Seoul will be wiped off the map and that does not even involve N Korean nuclear weapon.


    • Steve says:

      Bill Clinton was considering nuking Nth Korea when china was still weak. It would have been a disaster. If Trump bombed Nth Korea, it would be the nuclear plant and depending where the wind is blowing, would be a disaster for Sth Korea and China. The big problem is nuclear.


  3. Steve says:

    Looks like Confident China is entering a new phase in Submarine technology and construction. China is still a decade behind the US and Russia. The most deadly of these stealth prowlers are the fourteen Ohio class ballistic missile submarines which is said to carry half of US nuclear arsenal onboard and can destroy the world several times over. The closest rival wold be Russia’s Typhoon class. China need to quicken its submarine technology and construction.


  4. johnleecan says:

    This is precisely what North Korea is doing – the ability to have nuclear ICBM that can strike USA so as to prevent USA or together with its allies attacking North Korea. After North Korea have developed nuclear weapons that can strike USA homeland, it will then start its economic reform and will most probably follow China’s formula.


    • Steve says:

      Yes good point, but I think Nth Korea is a bit of a lost case. Their submarine technology are decades, if not close to a century behind. Sri Lanka or Bangladesh will probably advance faster than Nth Korea in conventional submarine technology, albeit China’s support. The only way for Nth Korea to advance in submarine technology is thru China, not sure if China will even bother. The country is under sanction and its economy is doomed to failure, China is Nth Korea’s life support pillar, almost 90% trade coming from China. Vietnam adopted China’s economic reformation and still dependent on China. Many countries adopted China’s example, but its not just the economic structure, also involves the educational, political, cultural reform and having the ability to innovate and persevere against All odds like China did over three decades ago.. Maybe only the Chinese can excel the way they do.


      • Simon says:

        China can easily assassinate Kim Jong Un and place Han Solo in power.


        • Steve says:

          Kim Jong Un is used by the Nth Korean military elite as propaganda for his bloodlines from his late father Kim Jong-il and grandfather Kim ll Sung. Kim Jong Un was only aged 32 when elected unopposed to the supreme peoples assembly and the world’s youngest head of state.
          Nth Korea is more about the survival of the country’s military elite. Assassinating Kim won’t bring down the military elite. They just start another family elite probably by the military chief.

          Nth Korea is nuclear armed. Kim Han Sol is just another young prick, but will support the US hegemony initiative and maybe dangerous for china’s geopolitical diplomacy around the peninsula. Let the Nth and Sth kill each other, its their shared Karma


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