China Offers to Defend Kim Jong-un If He Gives Up His Nuclear Weapons

A Chinese warplane. Image Credit: Creative Commons.

Ryan Pickrell

April 13, 2017

China would be willing to offer the North Korean regime protection if it abandoned its nuclear weapons, a well-known Chinese paper reports.

North Korea’s primary reason for developing nuclear weapons is the preservation of the state and the regime through deterrence, yet the U.S. and its allies refuse to accept a nuclear-armed North Korea. Evidence suggests that North Korea may be preparing for another nuclear test this weekend.

(This first appeared in The Daily Caller here.)

“This path has no outlet … it doesn’t matter if North Korea tests a few more nuclear bombs or a few more missiles. It will not make any difference,” the Global Times, an outlet affiliated with the state-run People’s Daily, the paper of the ruling Communist Party, wrote Thursday. “Washington does not fear North Korea, and another nuclear test increases the likelihood that the U.S. will use military force.”

North Korea’s current course is not sustainable and is putting the survival of the regime in jeopardy. “If North Korea does not end its nuclear activities, this end is inevitable,” the newspaper explained, adding that even if the U.S. does not attack it, sanctions will eventually cripple the North Korean state.

“Pyongyang may assume that atomic bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles are the keys to ensuring national and political security, but this is wrong,” the Global Times argued, further commenting that the international community, China included, will not stand idly by while North Korea tests increasingly-powerful nuclear weapons.

“Beijing will not patiently allow Pyongyang to continue its nuclear activities. This is where the U.S. and China are in agreement,” the paper noted, “The difference is that Beijing insists on a peaceful solution that does not threaten the regime, while Washington may use force and take extreme measures.” In a separate article, the outlet reported that President Donald Trump, who recently bombed Syria for crossing the line with chemical weapons, is a man “who honors his promises” and may take military action against North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Reports suggest that China’s People’s Liberation Army has been put on alert for a possible contingency on the peninsula as tensions rise.

“If North Korea complies with China’s advice and suspends nuclear activities, China will actively work to protect the security of a de-nuclearised North Korean nation and regime,” the Global Times wrote, adding that China is willing to build a positive future for both sides of the Yalu River.

In addition to warning North Korea against continued provocations, China also warned the U.S. against using military action. “Military force cannot resolve the issue,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters in Beijing Thursday.

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Source: National Interest “China Offers to Defend Kim Jong-un If He Gives Up His Nuclear Weapons”

Note: This is National Interest’s article I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the article’s views.


9 Comments on “China Offers to Defend Kim Jong-un If He Gives Up His Nuclear Weapons”

  1. Mad Max says:

    ““If North Korea complies with China’s advice and suspends nuclear activities, China will actively work to protect the security of a de-nuclearised North Korean nation and regime,” the Global Times wrote, adding that China is willing to build a positive future for both sides of the Yalu River.”

    Beijing must not be so naive and callous with the lives of Chinese citizens.

    About a 100,000 lives lives have been expended in Korea during the Korean war. By any yardstick, if my people died fighting, they have the right to claim the territory as their own.

    North Korea should not had been entirely Pyongyang’s. It should had been ruled by a Chinese governor. Or part of the coastal area bordering Russia taken by China as its own territory giving China access to the Sea of Japan.

    Look where altruism got China? North Korea became rude, hostile and ungrateful. The regime under that stupid “little emperor” KJU forget he would not exist not North Korea exist had China not expended lives to defend it. Thus China and Beijing has a stake in North Korea. It is NOT 100% Pyongyang.

    China won North Korea. It has a right to keep it. Their nuclear weapons are a threat to China. China should perhaps go in and take North Korea just as they should take South Tibet back.


  2. […] “China Offers to Defend Kim Jong-un If He Gives Up His Nuclear Weapons” – “… The Global Times newspaper, which is published by the Communist party’s People’s Daily, called on North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un to stop developing nuclear weapons. “As soon as North Korea complies with China’s declared advice and suspends nuclear activities, China will actively work to protect the security of a denuclearized North Korean nation and regime,” …” […]


  3. Steve says:

    This proposal is the best scenario for the Nth Koreans without regime change. Nth Korea can become a normal country with or without unification in the distant future. Nth Korea has the guaranteed security from China for self governance, economic prosperity, educational, political and military support. But, will the military elite be prepared for de-nuclearisation, loosening its grip on power and gradually opening Nth Korea to the outside world. Nth Korea’s economy is a basket case, highly dependent on China, without it would be bankruptcy, wide spread starvation and famine.

    Tens of thousands, if not millions of tourist from China alone will be visiting Nth Korea. Just imagine an overnight tourism boom. followed by agriculture and industrialisation. Unlike Myanmar, there are no rebel factions, in fact, the Nth Koreans as a whole can quite easily transform the country.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Simon says:

      I think differently. America would not attack North Korea because it has the bomb and would not risk Seoul and even Tokyo being wiped off the map even without nuclear strike from North Korea. China should stand by North Korea and us it to contain America and its allies.


      • Steve says:

        True – I don’t think US will destroy the Nth Korean nuclear plants, unless the weapon or missile used cannot be intercepted by the Nth Korean military. Even then, the fallout from the nuclear devastation would be catastrophic for Koreans on both sides including China depending on where the strong wind is blowing. If US attack Nth Korea’s nuclear plants, will the US use nuclear arms or conventional weapons. How accurate and how fast is the Nth Korean ballistic missile.

        China will stand by Nth Korea, but also, will not allow its continuation nuclear program. The Nth Korean military elite would be foolish not to accept China’s protection without regime change, its their best way out. China controls their economy.


      • Steve says:

        According to latest report, Nth Korean success rate of hitting Japan with its nuclear warhead is barely 50%. The war head will be shot down before it even reaches Japan. The biggest concern are Nth Koreans, they will be vaporised and the country contaminated for years by nuclear devastation from the US. The US will not invade Nth Korea, its a waste of time. Should the US destroy Nth Korea by nuclear weapons, it will take less than 1/2 hour, what can China and Russia do.? Surely they are not going to bomb USA, Sth Korea or Japan. The worst scenario is that Sth Korea will wide off by the North. There is nothing much at all they can do.


    • Unknown-V says:

      China should annex North Korea. Hmmm ‘North Korea Special Administrative Region’ sounds great.


      • Steve says:

        Double Hmmm Hmmm.! Hong Kongies and Macau-ist would be absolutely jealous. HK enjoys the One Country Two systems until 2047 and 2049 respectively. Both are predominantly service orientated economies. If Nth Korea ever become China’s SAR, the region would be free of one country two systems without limit. Hong Kong and Macau will lose its service orientated 5 star award to Nth Korea. There are by far more lonely left over North Korean women than HK. Business set up cost and transport much cheaper than HK. The width of the Yalu river is only a few stone throws away. Nth Korea would be a haven for corrupt businessmen, even old head Trump may resign and open up shop in this new China’s SAR.


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