US Has to Build New Frigates to Match Up with Chinese Ones

In the past, China was busy developing new weapons to catch up with the US as US weapons were always more advanced. Now it is US turn to develop new weapons to match up with China’s.

The US developed its new littoral combat ships, but China does make any efforts to develop new warships to deal with them because just as Newsweek points out in its report “New U.S. Navy Warships Could Better Match Up With Russia and China” on April 11, the littoral ships are “not stacking up in comparison to similar vessels built by rival powers such as Russia and China”.

The US has to develop new warships to deal with those China has already developed and been in mass production.

Sorry for the US. China is also designing more advanced warships as China’s weapon development strategy is improving the existing generation, designing the next generation and thinking about the third generation.

China has increasingly more funds for weapon development due to its continuous economic growth. In addition, it has lots of dedicating patriotic scientists and engineers educated and trained not only by itself but also in large number by the United States.

We can foresee a future of the US busy catching up with China in weapon development.

Perhaps, the US has to copy Chinese weapons or steal Chinese weapon technology as its media are now accusing China of. However, US military knows well the difficulties in copying and stealing others’ technology.

Buying Chinese weapons may be a better choice as Chinese weapons are much cheaper than those made by US greedy weapon producers and China is willing to sell some of its advanced weapons.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Newsweek’s report, full text of which can be viewed at

6 Comments on “US Has to Build New Frigates to Match Up with Chinese Ones”

  1. Fugu says:


    With access-denial missiles, and anti aircraft missiles, the usefulness of aircraft carriers in real combat is now greatly diminished, except perhaps for “power projection” intimidation perhaps against less well armed smalller countries.

    Future wars are missiles versus missiles. Frigates have smaller cross sections and represents thereby smaller targets and therefore assume lesser risks of being sunk. They can nowadays carry as many missiles as a destroyer while not mentioning their lower costs to build. For the same price, you can get more frigates than destroyers or cruisers while posing even greater threat to the enemy in numerical terms. Imagine what the threat would be if there were swarms of frigates.

    It appears the US Navy has realised what Beijing understood or is up too when the PLAN recently launched a program to produce numerous frigates now that they are settled on satisfactorily advanced models. For once, the US Navy is on the defensive and have to make the same move to counter Chinese’s move. Not quite exactly taily behind anymore.

    Personally, I think Beijing should focus on anti gravity electro-magnetically controlled armed or weaponized flying saucers which can not only fly in the air but underwater as well. Not to mention having the possibility to shift into a timeless dimension before emerging in whatever time is chosen and covering huge distances without the enormous propulsion needed. A tall order perhaps but it is where humankind needs to focus on if they want to colonize space.

    This will beat Washington’s sixth generation “stealth” aircrafts and upgraded warships and submarines any time.

    Beijing and China’s latest on-going achievements has now belied the smearing CIA, it’s “wumao” trolls, Amerikan mouthpiece politicians, think tankers, and the fake news Amerikan mass medias that everything China produces is a copy of “Amerikan’s”. They no longer dare to spout that mantra too much now. China has pipped or near neck-to-neck with the U.S. now in the race going down the last 100 metres straight and well they know it. And they are running out of stamina having paced themselves out of cash after 70 years of non stop wars and arms race butchering millions of innocent and defenseless children, women, and men.

    Interesting, how the tortoise is beating the hare now, and how the adage “pride comes before a fall” is becoming true. Amerikan aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers it appears are now being scrapped for smaller frigates? Much like how the huge “50s-60s Amerikan gas guzzlers automobiles being scrapped and replaced by gas-efficient smaller European and Japanese model cars. Amerikan hubris can only continue to take a beating if it doesn’t change.


  2. Joseph says:

    This ‘superpower’ has become more and more of a joke. Frigates? The American is getting closer and closer to develop smaller ships. When developing new frigate fails, we can expect them to develop new Iranian-style fast attack crafts. What happens to the famous, or rather infamous, Ford-class program? Or the Zumwalt-class program? So much resources only for the mothballs? Even to build arsenals to be used against China, now the American needs Chinese investment. What a joke excuse for a ‘superpower’.


  3. Steve says:

    It maybe a good time to widen the gap of weapons technological advancement & development between China and US by dumping part of the one trillion dollars owed in US treasury bonds. The USA is sinking in financial global debt with poor infrastructures and inability to compete in global power and free trade. TPP is a good example of the deplorable state of affairs of US, handing trade benefits to China on a silver platter. China should remember that the US are hegemonic scoundrels and betrayal of its own democracy.

    No matter what import tariffs the US may impose, it cannot prevent Americans from demanding the supply of cheaper good quality goods from China.


    • Anonymous says:

      Remember what I told you about Hitler and trump. A businessman is used to gamble and losses. War is inevitable.


      • Joseph says:

        The American could not even back up their threat of war when confronted by North Korean crappy nuclear arsenals. How would they wage war with China? One should wonder how weak the American actually are now to back down from such simple threat.


      • Steve says:

        Okay, I understand ur point, but it isn’t the businessman that is used to gamble and suffer losses. It’s the character and personality of the person representing as the businessman.

        Examples: some people enjoys being a policeman to gain the authority and attention of the uniform and involve in illicit drugs. Some enjoys being a lawyer to hold himself as a respectable authority and yet involve in illegal businesses under the cloak of law.. George Bush a Yale university graduate with Tony Blair, John Howard, etc, on the pretext of lies, deceit and WMD invaded Iraq and slaughtered over 3 million Iraqis, looted the oilfields and decline the country’s economy to poverty. Obama, a Harvard law graduate invaded Libya and Syria, both sovereign countries and pivoted to Asia Pacific to contain China – “perfect enemy”.

        It has nothing to do with their profession and educational background, It’s their authority, position, personalities and characteristics. I agree with you that old head Trump is in fact worst than Obama in his first 100 days. He already has his hands soaked in civilian bloodbath over Yemen, Iraq and Syria.