The Trick of Terror-for-terror in China’s Fight against Terrorists

A suspect is forced to the floor by armed officers. Photo: CCTV

SCMP’s report titled “Details emerge of ‘terrorism suspect’ arrest during armed raid in China” yesterday helps China spread terror among terrorists.

The report says that CCTV broadcasts video footage of the arrest of a terrorist leader but gives no details about the terrorist, not even his identity. CCTV only says that the terrorist leader has organized some people to leave China stealthily.

However, the scene of arrest may well be a show and the “terrorist” in the video may well be an actor employed to make the show because the show is in fact China’s propaganda to create terror among terrorists.

There are people who send Uygurs stealthily across border for the purpose of making money instead of terrorism. The TV show tells them they will be tracked and arrested as terrorists. Obviously, those terrorism suspects will be imprisoned in secret in high-security labor camps. The US can hold terrorist suspects in Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. China has no such resources but a national security law to keep confidential the arrest, investigation and trial of terrorists. I believe that in order to create terror among terrorists, terrorism suspects receive harsher treatments in China than in the US.

The video footage will at least scare those who help Uygurs cross Chinese border.

Unable to carry out terrorist attacks to create terror in China, “Islamic State released a video in February showing Uygur fighters training in Iraq and vowing to plant their flag in China and let blood “flow in rivers” SCMP says in its report.

Who knows whether the video footage is true. Those Uygur fighters wearing masks may be terrorists of other races or even actors employed to make the show. ISIS only wants to create terror in China. As long as the video footage can create terror, it soes not matter whether the footage is true or not.

However, due to strict censorship, no Chinese people in China can see the terrorist footage so that no terror has been created by the footage in China. Chinese people can live a life free of terror and have no fear for travel abroad.

The Chinese propaganda, however, has been widely reported by Western media, who have involuntarily helped China spread terror among terrorists abroad.

China’s terror-for-terror anti-terrorist strategy is thus quite successful in preventing terrorist attacks.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be found at