What Arrows the US Has to Use against China?

Will the US shoot China with such arrows in such quivers? Wikipedia picture.

According to Reuters’ report titled “U.S. business group urges Washington to ‘use every arrow’ against China”, US business group is quite bellicose in dealing with China. I wonder whether they want to fight a trade war to shoot China with arrows. I am really sorry that I see few arrows in US quiver, especially those to be used for US business in China.

Anyway, it is ridiculous that in our era of stealth fighters and GPS guided missiles, some people still want to use arrows in war. However, that is really the sorry situation for US business in China as Chinese investment is insignificant in the US while US investment in China is very great, but China can easily drive away US investment as China has not only the financial but also the technology resources to drive away US business from China now though China may suffer some losses in a trade war with the US.

However, the losses will mainly be caused by US restriction on China’ exports to the US instead of by US business leaving China. Even if China lacks the financial and technology resources, Japanese and European businessmen will be happy to have the opportunities to replace US investment.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ report, full text of which can be viewed at http://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-usa-business-idUSKBN17K0G8.

4 Comments on “What Arrows the US Has to Use against China?”

  1. Eastern Archer says:

    The American businessmen thinks China is their economic colony.

    Listen bud, if your loyalty lies not with China but to that faraway country in north america, what makes you think you can call the shots here when you can’t even call the shots at home?

    Making money from our cheap labour is not enough but you think you control China and Chinese people? You think yourself superior, elitist? Well, you can’t and you will not be allowed to. Forget entertaining any hopes of sovereignty subverting TTP. It ain’t ever coming here.

    About time you hold your own government in Washington responsible for any negative response by the Beijing government towards you guys. If your government keeps on being hostile and protectionist and devious if not hypocritical, don’t blame Beijing. The wall has two sides. You definitely can’t have your cake and eat it. You are hostages of your own government; Not Beijing.

    So forget your silly call for arrows. We too have a quiverful of arrows we can use against you.

    Personally, I think Beijing has been too easy with the Chinese market. Beijing should had use the Chinese market to form a East Asian or Chinese Union Common Market. No one can come in and sign free trade agreements without giving something in return. Nor invest without abiding by the rules.

    Beijing would do wise to expect there will be a north American Union common market as there is the EU and the Eurasian common markets. If South and North Korea or Mongolia, even Japan and ASEAN countries don’t want to be left behind by Mr Trump’s proectionist north american union common market, they had better get their act together. This is where the western arrows are coming from. Do you lie idle and make yourself a target or you organize yourself in self defence?


  2. Anonymous says:

    The term “using every arrow available” is an old English idiom or figure of speech meaning use every available resources appropriate in the conduct of a trade or economic war. Nothing to do with the assets like missiles shops jet fighters used for the persecution of warfare or aggression.


    • Steve says:

      This idiom or figure of speech is beyond the understanding and conduct of a genocidal scoundrel nation. Look at what happened in Iraq and Libya, US sponsored genocide. It has everything to do with anything including missiles, bombardment, invasion, looting of oil resources, declining a nation to poverty, chaos, refugees and of course change of sovereign governments. If China had being a weakling, possess No WMD, the US would not have given two hoots for negotiation. Why did the US not bombard Nth Korea.? Because Nth Korea possess WMD, that can destroy Sth Korea.

      I definitely agree with you, but we are dealing with a nation of scoundrels and perpetrators.


  3. Steve says:

    Quiver.? The US businesses in China will be snookered by old head Trump if he tries anything stupid like increasing high rates of US import tariffs. It may quiver across the Pacific ocean, but by the time it reaches China, the tremor will end up an earthquake with US businesses filing for bankruptcy or kicked out of Beijing. About time old head Trump stop demanding from China what he wants and can’t get or being labelled a frustrated old man. He is probably high on Viagra and instead of enhancing his 71 year old potency, the drug somehow reversed and end up erecting his brain. No wonder during his election campaign, he is yelling like a no brainer. Even former Vice President Joe Biden asked Trump to grow up, he is now US President.

    I am surprised the US business group wants old head Trump to use them as bargaining chips. Don’t make any sense, US is no longer a manufacturing enterprise nation, it’s not competitive, the very reason for Trump’s protectionism policy. Has the American business group forgotten it has huge US investments in China.?

    Are the US using motorised electromagnetic bows and arrows to shoot at China.? It’s a lot faster maybe a tiny dent.