South China Sea Disputes: Enjoy the Areas Claimed, Occupied

Filipinos living in Philippine occupied (Pagasa) Thitu island, in disputed South China Sea, sing the country’s national anthem with worries in their faces April 21, 2017. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

The South China Sea disputes are very complicated as each of the claimants has its grounds for its claim. In history, such disputes are usually resolved by war. Now, China is militarily much powerful than other claimants but is wise to refrain from resorting to force in dealing with the disputes.

As a Chinese, I praise Chinese leaders’ wisdom in doing so though quite many of my compatriots disagree. Why shall we share with others what belongs entirely to us?

We have wise reasons:

First, we shall take into our consideration of the patriotism of the peoples in other nations. We have justified grounds to refute their patriotism created by their governments and media, but we cannot eliminate such patriotism by force. On the contrary, military solution will only aggravate their false patriotism and give rise to endless enmity and hatred among their peoples.

In addition, the wars we will fight to recover our islands and reefs will scare other neighbors who have no disputes with us. As a result, we will be isolated among our neighbors.

Second, we shall make efforts to enjoy the areas we claim and occupy. A war, even won, will make it difficult for us to enjoy the areas. Certainly, having the sovereignty over what on claim concerns a country’s national dignity, but obtaining the benefits brought by the areas is much more important. China’s construction of 6 artificial islands there is precisely aimed at enjoying their location as outposts for military control of the area it claims and exploitation of fish, energy and tourism resources.

The Philippines, however, only knows to claim and occupy those barren islands without consideration of the living standards of the people and garrisons there.

In its report “In shadow of China’s reef city, Philippines seeks upgrade for its island patriots”, Reuters shows a photo of some Philippine civilians living on China’s Zhounye Island illegally taken by the Philippines. Those people certainly are Philippine patriots who love their country and believe that island belong to their country. They live their in spite of difficult living conditions in order to maintain their country’s occupation there. They indeed love their country, but their country does not take care of them. You can see the worries in the faces of most of them in the photo.

What is the purpose to take other’s island and have its troops and people living in hardship on the island?

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ report, full text of which can be viewed at


10 Comments on “South China Sea Disputes: Enjoy the Areas Claimed, Occupied”

  1. SCS Islander says:

    Evict ALL the Vietnamese. Their greed and theft is unacceptable. If Beijing does not do something about it, it will come back and haunt them in the future. Send in the marines.


  2. Fre Okin says:

    The most silly show of nationalism by the Filippinos. It is idiotic to defend Thitu island as China don’t need it. China have enough islands to monitor US and Vietnamese activities. Thitu islanders only need to defend the 12 NM zone around it per PCA ruling. The island is worthless, only the sea riches are worth defending.

    The residents in Thitu island are like pests leeching on the Filippinos on their mainland islands. Why waste their taxpayer dollars to defend against the non existent Chinese threat? They should only worry about the Vietnamese who stole their Pugad island back in the eighties. Vietnam is the real enemy, not China as is so obvious by the fact that aggressive Vietnam control half of the Spratlys.

    If the Filippino nationalists bother to read up their history, they will learn that it was that chinoy Tomas Cloma who in cahoot with the native Filippino nationalists set sail to Thitu island and others and stole the islands from the Republic of China back in the early fifties. ROC embassy in Manila back then have records of protests against this thievery of Thitu island.

    Taiwan ROC being distracted by civil war with PRC China can only manage to get back Taiping island and let Philippines and Vietnam steal the rest of the Spratlys.


  3. Simon says:

    China should force HK to kick out Philipinos living there.


  4. Simon says:

    It was only since 1999 Phillipines start laying claims to SCS whicthey previously recognise as Chinese territories. I have no problem with China driving Phillipines out of Chinese territories. They are like squatters camping inside ones garden shed saying it is theirs, I sooner have them evicted by force if necessary. As for other claimants China must drive them away or starve them economically. China should make them know if they don’t agree to hand back the territories in SCS their country will plunge into social and economic chaos.


  5. Sugisugi says:

    Agree absolutely

    China needs to show to the neighbors that it is not any Western hegemon subjecting the weaker locals with guns and bibles. China can help to share and co develop some of the islands, as leader in this region, showing care and friendly coexistence


  6. Joseph says:

    The Reuters does say ‘in the shadow of Chinese reef city’. There are job opportunities there. Philippines may not upgrade its island patriots, but upgrading its island job-seeker hubs. You’ll be surprised what the Filipino would do for jobs.


  7. Joseph says:

    Wars? There has never been war on the SCS other than before 1974. And the only conflicts were when Vietnamese tried to unilaterally evict China in 1974 and 1988. Before that, those area was completely in Chinese and in Chinese control, be it Chinese navy, imperial navy or Chinese traders and fishermen, or even Chinese pirates. Filipino and Vietnamese did not exactly go that far to fish or sail. The only Westerners going there was survey ships on mapping expeditions to avoid shipwreck. That’s why many of those island got ridiculous name such us Johnston, Thomas or Scarborough, which are definitely not local names. Even American provocation through Philippines in 2012 did not end up in skirmishes. The only major skirmishes in the SCS was between the American and the Japanese in WW2. But they were just shooting and killing each other there, without ever claiming the area.


  8. Steve says:

    YES,,, I agree with All reasons pertaining to the above mentioned…Seriously, these pathetic ‘patriotic’ Filipinos looks like Ghost on the human path. As the saying, ‘Nationalism is inherently dangerous, Patriotism is inherently stupid.’

    Nationalism and Patriotism such as China’s great 8 years of suffering and defence of the Motherland against the murderous barbaric Japanese savages are Righteous and Praiseworthy by Humans and Heavens, it is true Self Defence.

    Zhong Ye island stolen by the Philippines government and occupied by these ghostly Filipinos are inherently stupid and dangerous, not knowing the difference between right and wrong, hoodwinked by it’s own Presidents on the pretext of lies and deceit.

    However, China should never fire the first shot. These ghostly Filipinos are already self contained on an island and within range of China’s engineered islands. Seizing the island back is easy, but Timing has to be propitious depending on it’s future geopolitical situation between both countries. China holds the trigger and bullet.


    • Joseph says:

      Perhaps those people on the island are not there for being patriotic. Perhaps they are there for free Dunkin Donuts.


      • Steve says:

        And free drunken salty tasty island coconuts. Wonder how much these desperate patriots are paid to remain on the stolen island.