How We Chinese Assess US New President Trump

There has been quite a lot of negative assessment of Trump in US media as they did not even want him elected during his election campaign. However, Trump has been elected in spite of their opposition. The lots of negative comments certainly reflect the anger of quite some vested interests hurt and will be hurt by Trump’s populist policies.

However, we Chinese do not want to interfere with US politics but are very much concerned whether Trump’s policies may hurt China’s interests. For us China’s interests are most important in assessing Trump. From that point of view, we see that Trump has withdrawn from TPP that Obama initiated for containing China and Trump has not carried on Obama’s policy in creating trouble for China in the South China Sea.

China has been benefited by Trump’s China policies; therefore, there is no reason whatever for us Chinese to join US media in denouncing Trump.

On the contrary, we shall praise Trump for his efforts to conduct win-win cooperation with China.

Article by Chan Kai Yee.


4 Comments on “How We Chinese Assess US New President Trump”

  1. Joseph says:

    Remember, Donald Trump declared that he would solve the North Korea problem. He said that if China wanted to help, that’s good, if not he would do it himself. Well it turns out that China doesn’t want to help, and he practically begs China to do it for him. Even the aircraft carrier battlegroup doesn’t know where North Korea is and tries to find it in Indonesia, even lost an F/A-18 before the combat even begin.


    • Steve says:

      This US aircraft carrier battlegroup could be in for a nasty surprise. China may already have the technology to hack into the carrier and re-program the computer tracking satellite to re position Sth Korea as the target area instead of Nth Korea. Better still Japan.


      • Joseph says:

        Perhap it was the North Korean who hacked into the aircraft carrier navigational system as a retaliation of Donald Trump’s proclamation that the American hacked into North Korean recently failed missile launch. It is a wonder that they didn’t attack India in the Indian Ocean. The American may not know the difference between North Korean and Indian. To them, ‘you all look the same’, and both North Korea and India do has missiles.


  2. Steve says:

    Speaking at the Yale university conference, Dr. John Gartner and members of the mental health professionals has advised that Trump has a dangerous mental illness. This group of psychiatrists at Yale conference has warned that Donald Trump is not fit to lead the US.

    But, insofar his ‘mental illness’ has been very good for China. Trump has basically sunk Obama’s TPP and countries within the TPP framework are lost for leadership, even Abe asked China to lead TPP, which is pathetic coming from a Japanese PM.

    However, Obama’s military pivot to Asia Pacific has not being abandoned. This is something between the White House and Pentagon. The difference is that China are prepared to military confront the United scoundrels of America (USA). This is what scares the scoundrels.

    Old head Trump had a bad rating in his first 100 days, but the bombing of Syria has lifted his popularity stakes. But again, his family ties (Ivanka) to China are beginning to scare the White House officials. Ivanka seems to be very much in the limelight with her ‘goddess’ business deals via President Trump. Will it eventually lead to an impeachment.?

    So far Trump’s best move is the abolition of TPP, unfortunately, he has nothing else substantial to contain China, other than to increase import tariffs which I believe is pathetic and desperate coming from a US President. All China has to do is dump the trillion dollar bonds and Trump’s ratings will sink together with the US.

    Yes, we should All praise old head Trump for his high regard for President Xi and respect for China, a country noted for it’s potent wisdom, instead of barking up the wrong tree. But, let’s not forget his ‘mental illness’ when he phoned Tsai Ing Wen (breaking protocol), disrespected the One China policy, intended to accuse China of currency manipulation, accusing China of stealing American jobs, raping the US economy and creating troubles in the Korean peninsula.

    Lastly, we should not be fooled by any changes of the White House policies … it’s almost impossible to change the crown tag —- “The United Scoundrels of America.”