No Attack Weapons in China-Russia-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan Borders

China’s border patrol at very cold Chinese-Russian border. Credit: PLA Daily reporter

April 24 was the 20th anniversary of the joint signing of the agreement on reducing border troops between China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. There are now no deployments of attack weapons within 100 km of the borders between those countries and the number of border troops does not exceed 130,400.

It proves that the five countries, especially the two military powers China and Russia are peace-loving.

Source: Global Times “There have been no attack weapons on China-Russia-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan borders: Military deterrence has disappeared” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


2 Comments on “No Attack Weapons in China-Russia-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan Borders”

  1. Eastern Looking Glass says:


    AmeriKKA’s military pivot to Asia CANNOT hold. It is a futile exercise.

    How can a superpower more than ten thousand kilometres away from East Asia hopes to cow two Asian superpower, with their garrisons of soldiers, warplanes, warships, missiles and bombs? How can it expect to hope to contain two superpowers especially China, in its own backyard?

    It is illogically impossible, illogical and irrational.

    In the age of missiles, sophisticated radars, and electronic warfare, there is little advantage gained in locating offensive and menacing weapons of war against China in the East. How effective can you be? How long can you be defended when your offensive is turned on its back?

    And you think there won’t be any retaliation for any irrational attacks on the Chinese people and property?

    You have t give credit where credit is due. Beijing is smart. It does not “pivot” to North America as AmeriKKKa “pivots” to East Asia but it embarks instead on a program to double its fleet of nuclear ballistic missile submarines to dwarf AmeriKKKa’s and have them roaming or “patrolling” off the coasts of AmeriKKKa round the clock; Threatening the U.S. if its warmongering government ever does anything crazy.

    Meantime, contingency plans are in place to take out AmeriKKKan’s garrisons in the West Pacific immediately and effectively concomittant with Chinese nuclear ballistic submarines hitting U.S. cities in retaliation if AmeriKKKA touches anything Chinese with her offensive weapons.

    The AmeriKKKan government may like the image of their country being in a “commanding” position in East Asia. Really? One would be a fool not to be able to distinguish reality from image. Even Japan must know by now, their future is not with Washington but within their neighborhood. The power equation has changed. One can expect them to change their their foreign policies accordingly. And it has appears to have already begun. Even under that “grandson of a war criminal” Abe.

    Report card for Mr Xi Jin Ping and team : “Well done. Good performance to date. Your legacy is assured but work is not over yet; No resting on laurels; Much remains to be done.”


  2. Joseph says:

    These countries has no pivot to Asia. These countries are not self-appointed world ‘police’ that constantly seeking enemies so that they can become the good guys. These countries never invade one another. So what do they have against each other? In fact, these countries have worked together to build trust amid Westen dissent campaigns. These countries even work together to tackle insurgency fomented by the West such as the ETIM. So why do they need attack weapons pointed at each other? Attack weapons should be pointed at the American and the West. Isn’t it what their THAAD for. They have attack weapons against other countries, after all.