China-Japan Ties Problems with History, Attractive in Reality

Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie (R) and Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso shake hands during their bilateral meeting, on the sidelines of Asian Development Bank (ADB) annual meeting, in Yokohama, Japan, Saturday, May 6, 2017. REUTERS/Koji Sasahara/Pool

In its report “Japan, China to boost financial ties amid protectionist, North Korean tensions” yesterday, Reuters seems optimistic about the future of China-Japan ties.

Strange enough, the two historical enemies are interested in improving their ties.

Chinese people hate Japan for its war crimes in World War II that caused lots of misery to China, but Japan are now their favorite tourist destinations and Japanese goods are popular in China for their good quality.

Japanese public surveys find that of all foreign people, Japanese dislike Chinese most but Chinese tourists are welcome as they are rich and willing to spend.

China is certainly interested in Japanese technology and market for China’s labor-intensive goods, but Japan is even more interested in China’s huge market especially after US President Trump has scrapped TPP. Trump is now improving US ties with China for its huge market and has thus turned the US from Japan’s ally in containing China into Japan’s fearful competitor for Chinese market. No wonder, Japan has more earnest desire to improve its ties with China now.

In the above Reuters’ photo, you can see the big joy in Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso’s face but no obvious joy in his Chinese counterpart’s.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ report, full text of which can be found at


3 Comments on “China-Japan Ties Problems with History, Attractive in Reality”

  1. alking1957 says:

    No people are more racist and barbaric than the japanese


  2. johnleecan says:

    Mainlanders and ethnic Chinese overseas who don’t despise and abhor the sadistic, barbaric, inhuman and brutal Japanese haven’t read or have knowledge of the history of cruelty of Japanese savages during World War II. Even up to now, these unrepentant Japanese dogs will never admit their vicious acts and even reasoned out that they were to save Asians from the western imperialist during WW II.

    If people think Japanese youths are different from their parents, wait until they grow older and they will almost always have the same attitudes as their parents.

    People should know that until now, they see themselves as superior to any other race or nationalities. If you think they are so innovative, yes, but not only in relation to the good things but also on evil deeds. If you think what the Americans are doing to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are disgusting and sadistic, you haven’t seen how twisted and extreme the cold blooded, heartless and merciless Japanese monsters are.


  3. Steve says:

    Still waters run deep ….. One may get ‘along the way’ for the benefit of economy, but can never trust the unrepentant barbaric savages. Only by repentance can one begin to ‘let go’. Japanese politicians are very strange humans, they do not understand humility, kindness and compassion.