China’s Hypersonic Aircrafts Will Dominate the Oceans

Hypersonic waverider under wing of B-52. National Interest’s photo

I am surprised at US military expert James Hasik’ ignorance in his article “Hypersonic Weapons: An Idea So Crazy It Just Might Work” on National Interest on May 5 in response to the news that China has revealed a national plan for hypersonic aircraft research.

Hasik mentioned three hypersonic weapons, missile, conventional cannon and railgun that the US has developed or been developing and lists at least 8 serious issues in achieving hypersonic speed: shock, sensing, control, air resistance, highly focused effects, electromagnetic signature, barrel wear and power.

China is developing hypersonic aircraft, but Hasik is talking about hypersonic projectiles. Does he as a military expert not know the difference?

In my book “Space Era Strategy”, I speculate that Xi Jinping’s weapon for integrated space and air capabilities for both attack and defense that he urges PLA to acquire is aerospace bomber.

Later, China’ top aircraft engineer proved my speculation in an interview with the press. In the interview, he revealed that China had been developing hypersonic aircraft with combined jet and scramjet engine and rocket engine. Jet engine will enable the aircraft to reach a speed to operate the scramjet. According to the engineer, China’s scramjet has achieved Mach 4.5 and China plans to reach Mach 7 and above. Then the rocket engine will boost the aircraft into low orbit in the space.

I describe in my book that one such aerospace bomber can annihilate an entire aircraft battle group in minutes with hypersonic missiles.

The hypersonic weapons described by Hasik cannot intercept such an aircraft as it has maneuverability.

It is difficult to make such aerospace aircrafts but in our space era human race has to master space technology characterized by super high speed and control even for peaceful purpose.

China’s space program is form both civilian and military purposes, especially the peaceful purpose for travel to the space, but the US only focuses on military purpose so that for a long time it neglects its space program but concentrates its resources mostly on military projects.

Perhaps, that is why James Hasik only thinks about hypersonic projectiles and forgets to mention hypersonic aircraft.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on National Interest’s article, full text of which can be viewed at


3 Comments on “China’s Hypersonic Aircrafts Will Dominate the Oceans”

  1. Gon says:

    The U.S. has sufficient offensive weapons. As such their focus now is on weapons to defend their warships and military bases. This is where their projectiles comes in.

    I recalled reading their railgun is intended for firing off a “cloud” or “net” of iron pellets for example, such that even hypersonic missiles cannot get through. However, this assumes that their reaction or response time is sufficient to shoot off that “cloud” of pellets to intercept the incoming missiles.

    How much fact or how much hype, that remains to be determined.


    • Fre Okin says:

      The whole Carrier Strike Group will be a burning inferno if China mate her hypersonic technology with fast launch rocket technology to shoot a missile to at least medium earth orbit perhaps and cruise down and let it burn up just above the CSG . There is no defense since gravity speeds up this missile which travel like a very fast meteor hitting earth. Both the shock waves and burning missile fragments will envelop a big area to cause immense damage to the ships deck and electronics making them inoperable. This is like a man made meteorite bomb which USN will have no defense. It may not be precise but one hit will cripple all US carrier groups.


    • Joseph says:

      The ones that should be worrying about American railguns are not the ones that launch the offensive missiles, but the people who live around the railgun. It is a simple law of physics, what comes up must come down. Those clouds of iron pellets must eventually come down, and when they do, it will be raining hot iron pellets. That is why railgun is initially developed as space weapon where there’s no gravity or as naval weapon where the fish cannot complain.