Can China Win over India while Helping Pakistan Grow Stronger?

Journalist take pictures outside the venue of a summit at the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, China, May 15, 2017. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Compared with narrow-minded India, China seems too broad minded. Just as described in Reuters’ report “India’s ‘new Silk Road’ snub highlights gulf with China” on May 20, China has failed to attract Indian leader to attend its OBOR summit.

India will certainly be much benefited if it joins China’s Silk Road economic belt and 21st century maritime Silk Road (One Belt, One Road or OBOR) plan by attracting Chinese investment and the establishment of the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor.

China certainly will also be benefited by the connection to South Asia; therefore, it has tried hard to attract India into its OBOR. However, it depends on India’s willingness to put aside its disputes and conflicts with China and Pakistan and turn a new page in its relations with its two large neighbors.

India Prime Minister Norandra Modi attached great importance to India’s relations with China when he was just elected, but under the influence of popular enmity against China and fear of China’s rise, Modi has obviously changed his mind. He now seems to have regarded China as his enemy. It is certainly a stupid strategy to maintain instead of removing hostility with India’s large and strong neighbors China and Pakistan but narrow-minded India is too strategy illiterate to see the necessity in conducting friendly diplomacy with its neighbors. That is why Reuters mentions in its report some Indian experts’ view on India’s risk in being isolated, but Modi does not seem to realize that.

For China, however, winning over India serves its best interests. It has made great efforts to resolve its border disputes with India. Now, Reuters says in its report that China has tried hard in vain to have Modi and Indian high officials attend its OBOR summit.

However, supporting Pakistan has long been China’s strategy to reduce border threat from India. China loses nothing if it cannot win over India. On the contrary, India’s opposition will push Pakistan closer to China and facilitate the success of China-Pakistan win win cooperation to make both countries richer and stronger.

Perhaps, India is confident that it will grow stronger than China in the long run, but can it attain that goal in isolation?

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ report, full text of which can be viewed at


10 Comments on “Can China Win over India while Helping Pakistan Grow Stronger?”

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  2. alking1957 says:

    Just wait for India the breakup into several smaller states, with a ultra hindu fanatic in power, its boubnd to happen.


  3. Simon says:

    India is small time. Unless its hand back South Tibet to China Beijing should isolate them. India China should also deny India membership of the SCO.


  4. Max says:

    Indians are synonymous with egoistics, thieves, hypocrites, snakes, thieves, parasites, corruption, an irrational jealousy of the Chinese and a false “brahmin” sense of superiority.

    Given half the chance they would like to be one up on every Chinese; Which psychologically speaking, indicates a severe problem with the Indian mindset.

    Why does Beijing waste their time on a racialistic far right nationalist India with an irrational hatred of Chinese? Why try so hard to give them your hard earned money? Isn’t it time to display some pride and dignity, Beijing? Bugger the Indians. Let them eat crow.


  5. Steve says:

    It’s Pure Jealousy and the Indian Chief is throwing Tantrums. Indian Chiefs are very good at Tantrumism, makes them look good, centre of attention and acts like a super hero. This Indian Cobra slithers to and fro, Not realising he has been surrounded by lots of Mongoose from China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.


  6. Joseph says:

    I do not see the point of ‘winning’ India over. They are self-serving simple minded people who only think about themselves who would not even act in even their own benefit. Even if China wins India over, then what benefit it is going to bring? In South East Asia, it is well known that Indian cannot be trusted and should not be awarded any leverage. In Australia, desperate to counter China at its doorstep, Australian lets India ‘billionaire’ Adani in to invest in Australia. Australian went to lots of submissions to make it ‘favorable’ for Adani to invest, including dredging the UN-protected Great Barrier Reef so that Adani’s ship could save some fuels and time to go to nearby ports. All done, the ‘billionaire’ insists on borrowing free-interest $4 billions that the Australian doesn’t have to invest, or the deal is off. That’s really the great Indian way to invest. Some would call broad daylight robbery. So there isn’t any point of winning over India. They will become parasite in any systems. Instead, it is India who should win China over to be worthy for the OBOR. The Indian is after all already giving us the idea to work in India. In order to earn a living, Indian in India must work hard for very little pay. They are deprived of any luxury of welfare in order to get them working efficiently to get the job done. That’s why India will never prosper. It has been Indian way for millennia. The British did the same approach during colonial time, and the Indian had no problem with it. So why should China give silver-lining treatment to people who never prove themselves worthy? It will be like inviting rats to grain storage. If China would engage India, China should follow the example of the British. The fact that China trusts Pakistan more than India only means that Pakistan has proven themselves worthy. India and Pakistan are basically the same people with the same culture. The fact that Pakistan is often bullied by India for no reason had made them more humble and more willing to improve themselves. It proves that as a people, they have the capacity to improve themselves. It indicates that India should change its attitude to be part of something grand. It is not that China should accomodate India to serve Indian wimps like Reuters suggested. Perhaps Reuters should suggest its preferred approach to its own British government. The British has never been kind to India anyway.


    • Gon says:

      Yes, let the Indians stay in opened “long houses” built for the Indian coolies or “klings” as the British colonial government used to refer them by. Houses with the tenants staying upstairs without any rooms or privacy – imagine the women! – just partitions, and the cows and goats down below on the ground floor. I remembered entering one such dark, dingy “long house” when I was 8 years old and have never forgotten it. How it stank to heaven high with cow dung. Imagine sleeping, cooking and living your life in such atrocious environment. Certainly I almost threw up and for sure any white kid would definitely. But then that’s the stingy miserly British colonials for you those days. Yes, this perhaps is how untrustworthy parasitic Indians should be treated if they continue to show their demented anti Chinese behaviour. They should kept down the way the British colonials kept them down.


  7. Fre Okin says:

    China should not pin any hope on India as a reasonable partner she can do business with. The crux of the problem is Hindu nationalism. These Indians think they own the Kashmir Valley, they own the Pakistani side as well where CPEC passed through. They think it is their Holy Land, the birthplace of Hindu civilization.

    No, China cannot do business with nationalist Indians as can be seen in the illegal annexation of Arunachal Pradesh/South Tibet and fool the world it is all Chinese fault, only because she use her cheap democracy vs Communist human right deception to hide her thievery.

    China should therefore just Ignore India as she is suspicious in Everything China do, even in the ‘Indian’ Ocean she think it is hers and due to guilt over the illegal occupation of Arunachal Pradesh/S Tibet, she see Chinese threat Everywhere when there is Really None along the Indian Ocean maritime trade route.

    The only hope China can have is for a change of government in India with less emphasis on Hinduism to deceive their own public to vote for the Modi government. Remember this government depend on the lower caste poor Dalits to win and it is religion that sway them to vote for Modi. More temples, no cow slaughter BS. As long as religion is used as a tool to win votes, there is no hope for Sino Indian relationship under Modi who is the head of India’s BJP religious based political party.

    China should simply focus on getting Nepal, Bhutan settle the border, Bangladesh to force India to open up the route along that side of the border and ignore India’s lack of cooperation in the CPEC area. CPEC train leave the station, leave India behind!


    • Steve says:

      True – Religion has been wittingly used to gather nationalism in India. Mr. Modi should know first hand what happened in the Gujarat ethnic cleansing. Scapegoats are brought to slaughter.


      • Fre Okin says:

        India ‘invented’ suicide bombing. She make it fashionable for terrorist to do it. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in Tamil Nadu this way. This backward country will most likely start a nuclear war due to their dung head mentality.