Shut out of U.N. forum, Taiwan slams China’s ‘coercion and threats’

Chen Shih-chung Taiwan’s Minister of Health and Welfare gestures during an interview with Reuters ahead of the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland May 20, 2017. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

By Tom Miles | GENEVA Sat May 20, 2017 | 4:58pm EDT

Taiwan hopes its allies will stand up to China’s “coercion and threats” that have shut it out of the U.N.’s annual World Health Assembly (WHA), Taiwanese Health Minister Chen Shih-chung told Reuters on Saturday.

Thousands of delegates from the World Health Organization’s 194 members will attend the Geneva meeting this week, but Chen’s delegation and Taiwanese media are barred from entry.

“I have to call on China to realize the traditional wisdom of Chinese culture, which is that people are won over by goodwill instead of coercion and threats. That is how a big country should present itself to the world,” Chen said.

China views democratic Taiwan as a renegade province to be retaken with the use of force if necessary, and says other countries and international organizations should not recognize or treat it as a separate country.

Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations, which recognizes the “one China” policy centered on Beijing, and it never formally takes part in U.N. meetings.

Since 2009 it has been given observer status at the WHA with Beijing’s acquiescence. But President Tsai Ing-wen has angered Beijing by refusing to recognize the “1992 consensus”, as the previous China-friendly Nationalist government did.

The “1992 consensus” acknowledges Taiwan and China are part of a single China but allows both to interpret who is the ruler.

WHO chief Margaret Chan, a Hong Kong national whose replacement will be elected on Tuesday, has the right to invite Taiwan as an observer.

“I’m not very willing to focus criticism on an individual and I believe she must be under great pressure but I believe that as the most important leader of the WHO she should be able to make judgments and uphold the principle of global health,” Chen said.
Chan’s successor will be one of three candidates – from Pakistan, Ethiopia or Britain.

“Our expectations are high and we believe that the next candidate will do better and we will give them our full support,” Chen said. “You can’t afford to exclude 23 million people from the global health network.”

Taiwan wants to be at the WHA to share its experience in national health insurance, disease prevention, and know-how in areas such as hepatitis-C treatment, AIDS, organ transplants, and craniofacial treatment, Chen said.

The WHO is also the global coordinator of responses to disease outbreaks such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which hit Asia in 2002.

“After the SARS pandemic Taiwanese people are highly concerned with the incomplete disease prevention system and the untransparent information channels of mainland China,” Chen said.

Taiwan contributes to the system, Chen said, having shared information on a mutating strain of bird flu imported from China earlier this year.

“We don’t know when things will get worse, therefore the first to see this trend has to report in time so that the world will have better and faster action in developing vaccines and medicines.”

Exclusion from the WHA follows a similar refusal from the U.N. aviation agency’s conference in Canada last September.

“I believe that the continuation of such incidents will only show that some parties of the world care more about politics and their own desires than about basic human rights,” Chen said.

He said he would be willing to take any opportunity to meet and make contact with health officials from mainland China.

“It is a must for all countries to cooperate with each other on the health of their citizens. And I also believe it is the responsibility of the world to make sure that Taiwan is not excluded from the global health system.”

(Reporting by Tom Miles; Editing by Dale Hudson)

Source: Reuters “Shut out of U.N. forum, Taiwan slams China’s ‘coercion and threats’”

Note: This is Reuters’ report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.


5 Comments on “Shut out of U.N. forum, Taiwan slams China’s ‘coercion and threats’”

  1. johnleecan says:

    The Taiwanese have limited knowledge of vocabulary. China did was not coercion and threats. It’s called diplomacy.

    Since the 1990’s, I often heard many Taiwanese saying that it’s because of their investment in China that led to China’s economic rise. Until now, I still hear these naive Taiwanese talk. Taiwanese officials often boast of their economic success but this isn’t really true.

    Many years ago, due to Taiwan officials propaganda on how they were so successful on their economy and how many billions of dollars in reserve they have due to this success, China on their part released documents, evidence and most importantly, videos that when the Nationalists were fleeing the mainland, they(Nationalists) stole shiploads of golds and treasures from China.

    China has indisputable evidence and to the naive Taiwanese people, this is the fact.


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  3. Max says:

    Taiwan still living in a state of self delusion? First, it considers itself “China” and when the world rejected that nonsense, they call themselves “independent Taiwan” which hardly any country recognizes but consider it a province of China. What’s with Taipei? Brain damage?


  4. Steve says:

    What Coercion.?

    China did not extort or blackmail the gang of DPP hoodlums nor torture the leadership to induce sexual favours from Tsai Ing Wen. This is no more than a wake up call to the Taiwanese elite that the real estate of Taiwan is a part of, a province of China. Taiwan is well represented by Beijing at UN (as UN recognises the One China policy), hence, Taiwanese should look across the Taiwan Straits and seek mental help from the motherland.

    Majority of Taiwanese are Buddhist and should be well aware of the three major precepts;-

    1) Do Not Steal (Taiwan belongs to China)
    2) Do Not Lie (Taiwan belongs to China
    3) Do Not Kill (Misleading Taiwanese will lead to war)

    Taiwan (DPP) has threatened Beijing with independence and seeking alliance with the US.

    Under the 1992 Consensus, Taiwan should not use the loophole as an excuse, as who is the Ruler. It is obvious that Taiwan nor DPP is Not the Ruler of China. What Dumbheads.


  5. Fre Okin says:

    Taiwanese should ask themselves why they elect that little woman Tsai. This kind of small minded people only bring grief to Taiwan. For example the sneaky telephone call to Trump trying to upset US China relation and another plan to repeat that. Only immature small people behave like that. There is no cultural strength in this kind of people. Taiwanese should not expect China to be nice to them.

    Just get used to it. Not allowing Taiwan to be present in WHO is just a Minor Slap. Stop complaining and act with maturity First. China should Teach Taiwanese Confucius wisdom. If you do not want others to do bad things to you, do not do it to others first, it’s that simple. Are you listening pea brain Tsai?

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