Hague Ruling Will Trouble the Philippines Forever

FILE PHOTO: Chinese structures are pictured at the disputed Spratlys in South China Sea April 21, 2017. REUTERS/Erik De Castro/File Photo

In its report “Philippines, China play down Duterte’s talk of war in disputed sea” today, Reuters describes the trouble Philippine President Duterte is in as opposition denounces him for failure to impose the Hague arbitration ruling.

Whenever the Philippines tries to impose Hague ruling, it will face the question whether it wants to fight a war with China. As the US does not want to fight a war for it, it is not able to fight. However, the ruling will always be used to oppose anyone in power in the Philippines who dare not fight to impose the ruling, knowing well the war will result in massacre of Philippine troops.

For thousands of years to come, all those in power in the Philippines will have trouble due to the ruling.

How stupid it has paid millions of dollars to get the trouble!

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Reuters’ report, full text of which can be viewed at http://www.reuters.com/article/us-southchinasea-philippines-china-idUSKBN18I0D1.


5 Comments on “Hague Ruling Will Trouble the Philippines Forever”

  1. Steve says:

    Great Post … This is the problem with Cronyism within democracy. The Filipinos has been seduced with Vexed demon-cracies and corruption. Aquino provided 5 to 8 military bases for the US in return for a used coastguard cutter as warship and with high expectations that American soldiers will die over some rocks against mighty China.

    Unfortunately, the ignorant Filipinos has greater expectations that their new government will challenge China with the new farcical PCA ruling in their favour, when Duterte said he will ride a jet ski to a SCS island and plant a Filipino flag. This is how Duterte got the top job, but as soon as he became President, the Flipping Filipinos was completely mystified when the firebrand leader whom they adored wildly, went on a killing rampage against drug addicts with the last count over 6,000 dead.

    President Duterte said, Philippines don’t even have a missile or bomb, how can we fight China. The problem with the Filipinos is that they have been seduced by American pop rock, coca cola, bourbon, drugs, hippy culture, freedom of speech, do what you like and even regard themselves as the 51st US state where Americans can walk in without a visa. Filipinos has been brainwashed, confused and regards their stolen islands as belonging to the Philippines.

    The Correct and only way out is to return the stolen islands back to China and cleanse their sins. As one of PH military commander said, if we make a wrong move we lose an island. Can Duterte purposely make a wrong move and allow China to grab back the stolen islands.? Well, Duterte could be the hidden dragon for China. His grandpapa is the smoking gun —— Chinese.


  2. Joseph says:

    Well, it is only Reuters news anyway. There’s no other news that other non-Western news outlet picks it up, not even Philippines media. Very strange since it ‘happens’ in Philippines. Surely Reuters would write that China and Phillipines would ‘play’ it down. They may not even have any knowledge of such thing as only Reuters would write it. Even Duterte himself would be puzzled if he ever said it. I remember two years ago when there’s a ‘scuffle’ between China and Indonesia over fishing vessel detained by Indonesian navy on Natuna. Western media reported lots of inflammatory ‘statements’ by Indonesian president Jokowi about China and SCS. Jokowi himself didn’t remember that he made those ‘statements’, and later wages war against untrue (fake) and provocative news, be it by him or by everybody else, by using subversion laws. Unfortunately Indonesian fishery minister, Susi Pudjiastuti prefered to get her instructions from Western media than her official boss, which Western media like Reuters exploited that Indonesia and China were at odd. Susi was severely reprimanded for her shortsightedness and her belligerence. She was like not to be fired, and her fishery department was made to concern about fish only and nothing else. Reuters, as a media based on UK may be immune to Indonesia’s subversive law, but it shows the need to enact similar subversive law in Phillipines and even in the ASEAN region. This way Reuters may spread its propaganda in UK and among its cronies only, and leave the region in peace.


  3. Gon says:

    Crooks are greedy people. They covet other peoples’ property. If given military power, they will use it without hesitation to grab other peoples’ territory and property. They are not sane nor rational. You can’t reason with them except by force. These psychopaths or “neocons” are the same the world over. A mentally challenged group of low IQ but high ego, forming about 15 – 20% of any population, who desire personal glory, wealth and power above all else, consequences and morality be damned. That’s why you need strong and effective military powers to hold these low lives in check.

    The most obvious ones are the scums and scoundrels currently in the U.S., with the ones in India and Philippines taking succour from it. The so called fraud or “PCS ruling” scam is what Manila under these crooks would like to use to dispossess others’ of their territories as is the invalid and fraudulent “Simla Accord” and “McMahon Line” bandied by New Delhi to annex South Tibet, or the U.S. using a CIA false flag coup d’etat to pry Ukraine into EU’s vassalage status under U.S.’s control, not to mention “anti democracy” or “”chemical gas perpetrator” Syria, if they can get away with it.

    Let justice be done, Beijing and Moscow. Scoundrels and crooks should not be allowed to run the world, or be in any position of power for that matter. For if they win, we ALL lose.


  4. Fre Okin says:

    There is No Hope among countries having disputes with China. These countries are home to gadzillions of Illiterate people. Baby factories making tons of simple minded people who cannot think clearly. These people are very easily misled by their politicians. This is why nationalism is so strong in countries such as PH, VN, Indonesia, Malaysia, even Taiwan.

    Do these people Ever Read PCA ruling 12 NM limit for whatever ‘rock’ they occupy in the Spratlys? Before the PCA ruling they can claim 200 NM EEZ around their ‘rocks’ as much as China claim the Spratlys. NOW their rights are Narrowed to just 12 NM or Less, So THEY lose.

    As long as China don’t go inside their 12 NM Undisputed islands, there should be no problem. If they are disputed, especially Reed Bank to exploit oil, then even that 12 NM limit is invalid. As a matter of fact, the Reed Bank is not even an island, so China can Drill as close as 500 feet to Siphon off oil if PH dare to drill there. No Need to threaten war. Just let PH find the oil and China will have the Last Laugh. Silly, absolutely silly brainless Pinoys, just like the Indonesians sinking foreign boats off Natuna and these fools don’t know They Break The Law!

    BTW if ever USN dare to sail up to 500 feet of Chinese artificial islands this will give China a Baseline to exploit resources up to 500 feet from off something that is not an island such as Reed Bank. Pinoys will then be cursing US for setting an example for China to follow suit!


  5. johnleecan says:

    I think one reason Duterte wants to implement martial law is to repeal the law that says those islands in the South China Sea belongs to the Philippines. Maybe he’ll not relinquish all islands they claim but then use those islands they will relinquish as a bargaining chip for negotiations with China.

    Duterte often said he has to claim those islands are theirs because it is the law. But I think he knows Philippines has very weak evidence for claiming it’s their territory. If he openly says the Philippines has a weak claim to those islands, he’ll be labelled a traitor and most probably impeached.