Ukraine to Help China Make Advanced Aircraft Engines

Ukrainian AI-222-25F afterburning turbofan that has already been installed on China’s L-15 prototype. photo

In its report “FIRST AIRCRAFT ENGINE ASSEMBLED IN CHINA USING MOTOR SICH TECHNOLOGY COULD BE SHOWN BY LATE 2017 – KUBIV” on May 23, says Ukraine and China will set up a joint venture between its PJSC Motor Sich (Zaporizhia) and China’s Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co. Ltd. to use Ukrainian technology to produce aircraft engines.

China can make advanced fighter jets but cannot equip them with advanced Chinese or imported aircraft engines. It has an urgent need to import engine technology but no one is willing to provide until Ukraine is willing to provide now.

Ukraine on the other hand needs funds to improve its aircraft engine technology. The report says that China will provide US$250 million for PJSC Motor Sich’s modernization. says in its report “Ukrainian first prime minister visit a mystic place: Perhaps very good for Chinese aircraft engine industry” on May 23 that after attending the One Belt One Road summit, Ukrainian First Vice Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv visited a Chinese private aircraft engine producer in Chongqing, China and reached agreement with China for the establishment of an aircraft engine joint venture to provide China with Ukrainian aircraft engine technology.

Ukraine has helped China build aircraft carriers and world largest air-cushioned landing crafts, but refused to provide China with its aircraft engine technology in spite of China’s repeated requests. The establishment of the aircraft engine joint venture means the further strengthening of the strategic relations between Ukraine and China so that Ukraine is now willing to provide China with the best of its military technology.

China has allocated 100 billion yuan (USD160 billion) for development of advanced aircraft engines to meet its urgent need for advanced aircraft engines to equip its stealth fighters J-20 and J-31. The joint venture will greatly facilitate China’s achievement of that goal.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on and’s reports.’s report is in Chinese and a summary translation of it is given in the post. Full text of it in Chinese can be viewed at while that of’s report is reblogged below:


23 May , 2017

KYIV. May 23 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The first aircraft engine assembled in China under Ukrainian technologies within the framework of strategic partnership between PJSC Motor Sich (Zaporizhia) and China’s Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co. Ltd. could be demonstrated by late 2017, Ukraine’s First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Trade Stepan Kubiv has said.

During a briefing held in Kyiv and dedicated to the results of a recent visit of the Ukrainian delegation to China to participate in a high-level dialogue within the framework of the “One Belt. One Road” forum, the deputy premier highlighted the agreements achieved on Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation in the aircraft engine industry, saying the creation of aircraft engines production in Chongqing under Ukrainian technologies is “one of the priorities of the government.”

“Skyrizon and Motor Sich will create a joint venture for production of aircraft engines using Ukrainian technologies in China’s Chongqing. We want in 2017 to show the first engine that will be assembled at this plant,” Kubiv said.

He also welcomed the plans of the Chinese side envisaged by the cooperation program to invest $250 million in the modernization of Motor Sich, noting that the implementation of the program of Ukrainian-Chinese strategic cooperation in the field of aircraft engine building will strengthen the positions and influence of the Ukrainian aviation industry in the world market.


9 Comments on “Ukraine to Help China Make Advanced Aircraft Engines”

  1. Foxhound says:

    …It has an urgent need to import engine technology but no one is willing to provide until Ukraine…

    I don’t think it will be successfull, as US will do a maximum pressures to deter Ukraine to do that.


    • Joseph says:

      The problem with Ukraine is, the American has already pushed them to the maximum limit when the American forced Ukraine to an unwinnable war with Russia, with the American was doing nothing whatsoever other than harsh words while they were hammered by the Russian. Ukraine was wise not to declare the same war with China, due to the fact that unbeknownst to the American and probably CIA’s oversight, there are lots of super rich Chinese in Ukraine, either to settle or for temporary business. And many of them are marrying Ukrainian women, in which these women come from Ukrainian elite. In fact, it is considered a prestige for Ukrainian women and her family to have rich Chinese husbands. It is rather like the old days Nanyang (South East Asia and Oceania) where marrying Chinese was a prestige. Even to this day when the Moslem is thought to dislike Chinese, marrying Chinese is still a prestige. Many Filipino boasted that they have Chinese blood somehow to boost prestige that they are somehow superior. Ironic that women marrying White men do not have the same level of prestige. They may show off and boast prestige to marry ‘superior’ men but always be sensitive to be sneered by their peers.

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    • Steve says:

      Not possible…Ukraine is not a US ally. The relationship between the two countries are based on bilateral partnership not an alliance. The US wants Ukraine to join NATO, but Russia objects. Until Ukraine becomes a NATO member, the US cannot stop Ukraine from forming a partnership with China. Ukraine has already sold advanced technology to China and US cannot stop Ukraine. In fact, Ukraine is also selling advanced weaponry to Russia. Sounds strange, but Russia is the top buyer of Ukrainian military assets especially warship engines. Russia cannot build new warships without Ukrainian warship engine. Russia also buys from China. Ukrainian oligarchy are politically pragmatic but also greedy for $$$.

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      • alking1957 says:

        Correction. Post the Yanukovich coup, the Poroshenko ukies would love to join NATO, but europeans know that would be courting full scale war wth Russia and sensibly backoff. The current Ukraine is a semi failed state. It will be a fuuly failed state before long.

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        • Steve says:

          Thanks for the correction … that is precisely the point, unless Ukraine be a member of NATO, it is not an ally of the US, hence US cannot interfere with the joint partnership between PJSC Motor Sich and Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co Ltd.


  2. Joseph says:

    So why China needs Ukraine’s ‘help’ to make ‘advanced’ jet engines? The AL-222 can hardly be called ‘advanced’. Despite being the latest Soviet technology, it is still a Soviet technology. It is hardly comparable to Russian AL-31 and Chinese WS engines. The only reason it is used in Chinese L-15 trainer jet is because China would not spend resources to develop indigenous lesser low performance engine to prioritize in developing sophisticated high performance WS engines for next generation aircraft such as J-20. Trainer jet is very low tech as everyone else building it like motor industry building cheap scooter, and scooter engine is hardly adequate for sport car. In fact the only success the Indian had in building indigenous aircraft was the Tejas. The LCA Tejas is practically an L-15 trainer aircraft that the Indian boasted to be the same ‘class’ as J-10 or F/A-18. In the end, the Ukrainian AL-222 engine may benefit China only to reduce pressure to develop multiple indigenous engines. The main beneficiary is actually Ukrainian aircraft engine industry. Without it the Ukrainian Ichenko-Progress will be bankrupt. But as the Western media is actively undermining Chinese aircraft engine industry, they may make up story of how the Chinese did not have the know-how to build its own jet engine and the low-tech engine would somehow be connected to the success of building indigenous high performance engines. It will be like building a Lamborghini engine from a Vespa scooter engine. But it will still be much better than American Pratt n Whitney copying British Rolls Royce engine, and still can’t get it right. The American is still using Rolls Royce for their own, while the export and ‘refurbished’ aircraft versions are using unreliable junks made by Pratt n Whitney.


  3. Gon says:

    Smart Ukrainians. Business savvy. They have everything to gain in a joint venture. It is not rocket science to calculate the profits from a huge market like China, even if their share may be 50% or more or less. Keeping knowledge to yourself has no value if it cannot be used to make profits. A country like China with literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of scientists and engineers will eventually be able to build aircraft engines on their own. Interesting Ukrainians realise this and were the first to accept the opportunity of a joint venture before any others.

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  4. alking1957 says:

    Will just have to see, Ukraine is a semi failed state, full of corruption and incompetence, show me the result before i will believe this works!

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  5. Steve says:

    Probably, China have achieved an advanced engine design and continues to R & D with other manufacturers for a variety of engineering configurations. Ukraine still needed funds to improve its aircraft engine technology.

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