China to Build Seabed Observation Network in East, South China Seas

A graphic of China’s planned undersea monitoring system. Photo: handout says in its report “China spends more than 2 billion yuan to build an observation network covering East and South China Seas from seabed to surface” on May 28 that according to CCTV, Chinese government has recently given approval for the construction in five year of China’s seabed observation system in the East and South China Seas. The system is said to be capable of all-weather real-time HD multi-interface three-dimensional comprehensive observation from seabed to surface.

China plans to spend 2 billion yuan (US$290 million) for the construction.

SCMP says in its report “China plans undersea observation system ‘for science and national security’” on May 29, “A data centre will also be built in Shanghai to monitor and store the chemical, biological and geological information collected from the underwater systems. Such systems would not only help China advance in scientific research and disaster prevention, but help protect national security, the report (CCTV’s report on the system) said.”

According to’s report, China is but a late comer as developed countries such as the US, Western European countries and Japan have all set up such systems.

It is common sense that such systems first of all are used to detect and track submarines.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on and SCMP’s reports. Summary translation is given here of’s report in Chinese at while SCMP’s report can be found at

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    A Chinese version of SOSUS.


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