China Developing Giant Submersible Battleships

Arsenal Submarine
With distinctive twin conning towers, this arsenal ship can hide under the waves or move on the surface at higher speeds.

In its article “China is developing a warship of naval theorists’ dreams” by Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer on June 2, Popular Science says that China has been developing two types of stealth and fast giant arsenal ships able to carry hundreds of guided missiles to hit land and sea targets.

According to the article, China is developing two types of such ships: one is a high-speed warship with much of its hull submerged with radar, antennae and sensors above water while the other is almost completely submerged. Both are giant warships with 20,000 ton displacement but stealth as most parts (Design 1) and all parts submerged (Design 2).

The following picture in the article shows the following designed 4 stages of an arsenal ship: submerged, partial exposure of the superstructure, raising the hull to the ‘waterline’ and as a low draft, and operating as a high-speed hydroplane.

Submersible Cruiser: The submersible warship has four stages: (1) submerged, (2) partial exposure of the superstructure, (3) raising the hull to the ‘waterline’ and as a low draft, and (4) operating as a high-speed hydroplane. Picture by NSFC

The development of the ship was led by Professor Dong Wen Cai, the late Chinese hydrodynamics expert. The article says Prof. Dong was designing the hydroplane function of the vessel on his deathbed. It seems that he had done most of the design and wanted to complete it in his lifetime.

Note the ships are designed for surprise operation being stealthy and fast. If one of them is included in China’s aircraft carrier battle group, it will greatly enhance the group’s fire power. Supported by the large number of air defense missiles as good as S400 and China’s best anti-ship cruise missiles on an arsenal ship, a Chinese conventional aircraft carrier battle group will be rival to US best aircraft battle group.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Popular Science’ article, full text of which can be viewed at


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  2. Fre Okin says:

    Cool idea but most important China need Very Strong Engines for Speed to outrun torpedoes and also to have very strong structures to withstand sudden zig zagging maneuver to avoid being hit. To be survival is far more important than just having an arsenal ship that is vulnerable to attack once detected.


    • chankaiyee2 says:

      Certainly, in our space era the human race has to develop new strong materias for space travel really meaningful to reach long-away other solar systems. China has already developed very strong graphene alloys and a new alloy for aircraft engine that enables WS-15 to be the most powerful aircraft engine of its kind.

      We have to remember that we are now living in our space era!


      • Joseph says:

        Ah, graphene. I remember when it came into light a few years back. Western countries would eager to poach Chinese graphene inventors in the hope to exploit its potentials, and the opportunity sell it back to China at cutthroat price. All in the price of the scientist cheaply living ‘comfortably’ in the West as uncredited scientists. It is an classic old concept, selling Chinese idea back to the Chinese and making profit. Obviously the idea of comfortable life in the West is not the same with Chinese idea of comfortable life anymore. As Chinese graphene technology progresses, Western graphene research is not going anywhere. Meaning, they failed to poach any scientist. Perhaps this is why the American failed to develop engine for F-35. They need graphene.


  3. Eastern Looking Glass says:

    Blocks of Wood Falling From U.S. Eyes At Last?

    Goes to show how much more realistic and pragmatic the Chinese are with existing resources. Each time the Chinese and Russians parade their new value-for-money weapons, the Americans will increasingly realize how corrupt their elected reps and senators and executives in Washington. The American taxpayers have been literally taken to the cleaners by these criminal elected politicians. The entire concocted arms-race is a gravy train to line the pockets of Washington’s swamp creatures.

    For a fraction of the costs of their Navy’s Zumwalts, littoral warships, and their “white elephant” new “ford” class aircraft carriers, the Chinese navy could optimize on the existing technological knowledge to come up with inexpensive highly stealthy submersible battleships. Just 10 of these warships will be enough to scare the sh*t out of the psychopathic warmongering neocon Washingtonians like John “nutcase” McCain.

    Imagine if the Chinese submersible battleships can host S400 like missiles, the USN will have to move even furher back. And with very quiet shaftless electromagnetic propellers and anti sonar “skin” these battleships will likely be a “blackhole” for Amerikan anti submarine operators. And that does not include the few hundred missiles stored of which just 50 in a saturated attack will be enough to obliterate any hostile or offensive Amerikan or “Tojo” Abe’s Japanese military installations in one go.

    What can we expect next? Mobile submersible platforms hosting Chinese military bases all over the hotspots, to supply Chinese bluewater navy in the next couple of decades? Maybe cloud-covered lectromagnetically generated radar jamming camouflaged tanker airships roaming the skies over Amerika?
    If it continues at this rate, there seems little way the warmongering Amerikan Empire can win the arms race. Let’s see what dastardly schemes and deeds they will come up instead of the logical and rational “detente”. That is if they continue their ego trip and blind-side themselves to reality.