China to Build Nuclear Submarines More Advanced than America’s

Rear Admiral Ma Weiming, nicknamed father of China’s electromagnetic catapult, shows reporter China’s integrated electric power system. The Chinese on the photo means “Ahead means ahead of the US”.

Hong Kong’s Sky Post says in its report “China’s next-generation nuclear submarine expected to be fully electrical powered ahead of the US in technology” that according to CCTV’s recent report, China’s next generation of nuclear submarine will adopt axis-free propulsion with very low noise. That is as good as US most advanced Seawolf- and Virginia-class nuclear submarines.

What makes Chinese nuclear submarines more advanced than US ones are their integrated electric power systems. The system turns all the energy in a warship from its engine, whether nuclear or conventional, into electricity. It further reduces noise to make Chinese submarines quieter than America’s best nuclear submarines. Moreover, it enables a warship to use high-energy weapons such as laser and electromagnetic guns. Only a few surface ships in the world now including some Chinese ones use that high-tech system but no submarines in the world have ever used that.

China’s new-generation nuclear submarines will be the first submarines using such technology.

Source: Sky Post “China’s next-generation nuclear submarine expected to be fully electrical powered ahead of the US in technology” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

6 Comments on “China to Build Nuclear Submarines More Advanced than America’s”

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  2. advantec333 says:

    It is no surprise at all , the propulsion and advanced weaponry will be be at another Level above.

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  3. Joseph says:

    Well, Ma Weiming is nicknamed father of Chinese electromagnetic catapult, which means that he is a good electrical scientist. Chinese electromagnetic catapult must have progressed somewhere to have such figure. Meanwhile, the USS Gerald Ford would use conventional steam catapult after the American fails to develop electromagnetic catapult. Perhaps the American failed to poach Ma Weiming. But what would the Americans have to offer a Chinese Rear Admiral? This is why the Chinese progress more than the American. They make admirals and generals out of scientists. Meanwhile the American makes generals and admirals only from dumb-ass privileged upper-class kids with no scientific background anymore, giving orders to poached scientists.


    • Red Flag says:

      Let me know when China launches an aircraft using an electromagnetic catapult.


      • Joseph says:

        When the time comes, everyone will know. But surely it will be achieved safely with no one be pushed to death unnecessarily.


  4. Steve says:

    Absolutely Incredible, What Genius. No wonder China is establishing a huge manufacturing submarine base with the capacity of building 4 Subs simultaneously. Not only more advanced than American ones, including Russian Subs too.