China’s Homegrown 4500m Manned Submersible Passes Pool Test

China’s homegrown 4,500-meter manned submersible. Photo taken from CCTV footage.

On May 28, CCTV prime time news gives a short footage of the all-process pool test of a 4,500-meter manned submersible developed by China independently. The above two photos of the submersible are taken from the footage.

CCTV says that China makes more than 90% of the parts of the submersible including such core parts as the cabin and buoyancy material.

The submersible has successfully passed the all-process pool test and will undergo sea test in July.

Note: Such deep-sea submersible will be very useful for exploration of minerals on sea bottom. China is making real efforts to conduct sea-bottom mining.

In addition, the technology related to such submersible is also very useful for the military in submarine warfare.

Source: CCTV “4500m manned submersible completed pool test” (summary and comment by Chan Kai Yee on the report in Chinese).