Great Progress in China’s Development of Aerospace Bomber

Model of China’s space shuttle. Xinhua photo

According to Xinhua’s report “China is developing space shuttles, having completed tests of engines, etc.” today, China is developing horizontal takeoff and landing flying vehicles for going to and back from space (which are referred to as space shuttles in the United States) and completed ground tests of quite a few key technologies including that related to its engine.

That was revealed by CASIC Vice General Manager Liu Shiquan at recent Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX 2017) in Beijing.

I speculated that to achieve the integrated space and air capabilities for both attack and defense according to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s instruction to Chinese air force, China has been developing aerospace bomber, which according to my book “Space Era Strategy: The Way China Beats The U.S.” may destroy an entire aircraft carrier battle group in minutes.

The above-mentioned flying vehicle can do precisely that if large enough.

Then as the vehicle stays in space for a long time, there is the need for replacement of its crew and refilling of its fuel and supplies, especially the refilling of its missiles when it has fired all its missiles to sink an entire aircraft battle group. Liu mentions that China has been developing freight vehicle that can go to and back from space for space-ground transportation and plans to send one to space as proofing test in 2019,

National security is first priority for a country so that it is only natural that the above-mentioned vehicles will first of all be used for military purposes.

Therefore, it is not surprising the in addition, Liu mentioned in the report another system very useful for Chinese military – The integrated information network consisting of drones, near-space floating vehicles, satellites and ground application systems. The system has global coverage or enhanced regional coverage. Development of such a system is going on smoothly and it is hopeful that it will provide services around the year of 2020, Liu says.

Summary and comment by Chan Kai Yee on Xinhua’s report in Chinese.

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  1. Joseph says:

    China already has arsenals to destroy American carrier battle groups time and again. But such arsenals are only good for deterrent, to keep the belligerent American in check. The American knows it. That’s why eventhough American Pacific Commanders vow wars against China as sabre rattling, American senators like John McCain would quote that war with China is ‘unlikely’. It is really good that China continues its objectives without concerning American’s provocations. Space shuttle is an expensive piece of technology. So far only the American could operate space shuttles, and instead of developing it for the good of humanity, they squandered it as rich boy’s toy that they only ‘could’ make it, a prove of a childish simple-minded civilization. If they commercialized the space shuttle, they might use it for the benefit of humanity, as well as making enough profit to keep the program going. But the American was too scared that anyone would outdo them to build better space shuttle than them. Having China developing the space shuttle is actually a good prospect. 500 years ago, China’s Ming Dynasty developed great ocean-going ships and created ocean superhighway across the Pacific to the coasts of Africa. And the region was bustling with trades and Chinese cultural influences so huge that the West is trying to erase till this day, hopelessly. I can imagine that the development of Chinese space shuttle would open the frontier or planetary mining that would lead to outer space colonization. This time the Chinese should be more vigilant, though. In the past, although the Ming closely guard the design of their great ships, they let lesser ship designs out. A design of insignificant Ming’s scout ship fell into the hand of the European, which they made ships to sail into the ‘New World’ under Columbus. That insignificant scout ship design unexpectedly changed the world as the Europeans build those scout ships to subjugate the entire world. Following the demise of Ming Dynasty, with no Ming Imperial Navy to keep orders, these greedy barbarians were just running amok on the unsuspecting colonizations. Building their utopia at the cost of countless peaceful civilizations.


  2. Simon says:

    China does not need to develop any new weapon against America because America will collapse very soon anytime beween now and next decade. I believe China is developing new weapons against other potential adversaries but not America.

    According to Wikileaks America’s curreny is artificially inflated because it was once understood America has a large stockpile of gold reserves enough to suppress gold prices. It is claim that the amount of gold in Fort Knoxx did not actually exist or has gone missing and the true worth of gold actually exceed $12k per once which makes American dollars practically worthless. Over the past few years according to Wikileaks, the Chinese government has been increasing its gold reserves by several hundred tons and information from the Chinese also claim America don’t have the gold it claim to have.


  3. Fre Okin says:

    China need to develop a micro meteorite missile capsule/bomblet micro grain size for wide area dispersal from the space bomber. This will be a man made meteor shower to instantly cripple USN destroyers, aircraft carriers in a flash. There will be no defense against this meteorite shower hitting them like thousands of tiny tiny mosquitoes. All surface electronics will be damaged making the ships inoperable and humans will simply burn up like micro bullet zapping through their bodies.The key is to create an exotic kinetic kill material and wide dispersal shrapnel technology, one that could withstand the heat from atmospheric entry and sea level air collision to avoid burn up. If fired from medium earth orbit, this will probably survive, something like the Space Shuttle tile protective material which survive earth reentry from LEO orbit. Each of these missiles need to cover about 3 sq miles to completely terrorize USN CSG.


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  5. ben hoo says:

    Hi. Chan Kai Yes :If United States military power is control by Pentagon Why does China Not built An Octagon to centralise it’s military Might!!! Regards:Ben Hoo

    On 7 Jun 2017 10:05, “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements” wrote:

    > chankaiyee2 posted: ” According to Xinhua’s report “China is developing > space shuttles, having completed tests of engines, etc.” today, China is > developing horizontal takeoff and landing flying vehicles for going to and > back from space (which are referred to as space shutt” >


    • chankaiyee2 says:

      Read more about China and US you will not be ignorant of Chinese centralism and US lack of centralism.

      China’s CMC is centralized while US Pantagon is not. President, defense secretary, generals, admirals often publicly differ in their views!

      China is an autocracy while US is a democracy.