China Surpasses US in Development of Aerospace Aircraft

US space shuttle. file photo

US X-37B aerospace aircraft landed last month after its fourth top secret flight in space for more than one year.

China, however, has satisfactorily completed ground tests of the major parts of its aerospace aircraft and is expected to conduct test flight of it as revealed by CASIC Vice General Manager Liu Shiquan at Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX 2017) in Beijing.

Zhang Tao, a scientist at Beihang University, says that he has listened to a briefing on the aerospace aircraft project and got the impression that China’s is of a higher class than X-37B. X-37B takes off vertically like a rocket, but China’s is designed to take off and land horizontally on a military and civilian airstrip like a fixed-wing airplane.

X-37B is small and unmanned but China’s is large and manned designed for the task of sending people and goods to and back from space station at much lower costs than a rocket.

Note: China’s is large enough to serve as an aerospace bomber.

Source: “Hong Kong media: China develops aerospace aircraft to catch up with the US in space race” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


5 Comments on “China Surpasses US in Development of Aerospace Aircraft”

  1. Joseph says:

    It took less than a decade for the American to develop the space shuttle. Now it takes more than two decades just to test the replacement? What’s going on, America? Who really built the space shuttle? American over-reported scientists or poached Chinese scientists? The X-37B just joins the mounting white elephant project in the American inventory. The F-35, the Zumwalt, the USS Gerald Ford. I wonder what other skeletons are still in the cupboard. Meanwhile, all Chinese military projects, no matter scrutinized, are progessing well, including building artificial islands to taunt the American. It was so easy to poach cheap Chinese scientists in the 1970s. It is not so easy anymore today, eh? After all what the American got to offer? Inadequate wages, meagre living in the Chinese-hating ‘free’ and ‘democratic’ society. At this rate, we can hope to see the next testing of the X-37C beyond 2020. That is if the X-37 does not suffer the fate of the Columbia, mothball… or worse as a makeshift un-space-worthy freighter blowing up in the atmosphere. Taking about asteroids hitting Earth, NASA should be worrying their space junks hitting Earth, that include rich boy’s Dragon X’s blowing up space junks.


  2. Red Flag says:

    So launch it already and let the world judge if China’s aerospace fighter is more advanced than the X-37B.


    • Joseph says:

      It’s an aerospace aircraft, YouTube boy. Not an aerospace fighter. They will launch it when it is ready. As the article says, it will be launch soon. Why the impatience? Not everyone is doing things the American unsafe way. The X-37B is just an experimental prototype. It has not be proven as ‘advanced’ yet. At this stage, even a homemade drone can be more advanced than the X-37B. After all, if the X-37B is so ‘advanced’, why would it be tested secretly? Afraid of blowing up in front of camera? Four times top secret flights. Does it mean four times fail to reach orbit? At least its landing gear is working fine, eh?


      • Red Flag says:

        “… They will launch it when it is ready.”

        Meanwhile X-37 was conceived in 1999 and first launched in 2010. It has nearly a decade of operational experience.
        X-37 is a classified US Air force project. Therefore its activities are shielded from prying eyes. Its activities and objectives are a closely held secret.