China Succeeds in Extracting Gas from Flammable Ice under the Sea

The rig in the South China Sea that extracts gas from combustible ice. Photo: Xinhua

I had a post on May 19 titled “China World Leader in Fuel Ice Exploitation Technology” about China’s success in test extraction of gas from flammable ice (methane hydrate). Though the US, Canada and Japan have also been making efforts to do so, China is the first to succeed in such test extraction.

Today SCMP says in its report “China reports smooth production of gas from ‘flammable ice’ under the sea” that since May 19, China has succeeded in continuous extracting such gas and reached the capacity of daily extraction of 6,800 cubic meters of gas without giving rise to any pollution.

According to People’s Daily, China has found reserves of methane hydrate in the South China Sea matching 70 billion tons of oil, which is equal to half China’s total oil and natural gas reserves on land. The development of methane hydrate extraction technology will enable China to cease energy import if China has succeeded in improving the technology for mass production.

The extraction is now conducted by China’s homegrown deep-water oil rig Bluewhale 1 in the South China Sea 300 km away from Hong Kong.

Summary and comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be found at


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  1. Steve says:

    Chinese Resourcefulness and Enterprise – Excellent Innovation.