China Catches up, Surpasses US in Various Fields of Science, Technology

Japan’s says in its report “Global science and technology have entered the era of two big powers China and the United States” on June 13 that scientific research thesis is the source of technological innovation. According to a report by the Science and Technology Vitalization Agency of Japan’s Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, China ranks the first in number of frequently cited thesis in the four fields of computer science and mathematics, chemistry, material science and engineering, surpassing the US. In another eight fields China and the US have roughly equal number of thesis so that they share the first place.

The US still ranks first in physics, environmental and earth science, basic life science and clinic medicine but in America’s strong field of physics, China has been speeding up in catching up. It invests $6 billion in building world largest accelerator so that it will possibly become world center of particle physics, the forefront of physics.

China’s tremendously fast development in scientific research has been brought about by sufficient funds and its strategy of grabbing talents. Its total investment in research rose from 5 trillion yen in 2000 to 38 trillion yen in 2014, double Japan’s 18-19 trillion yen annual investment in the period. US investment is 46 trillion yen in 2014 bigger than China’s, but China is increasing its investment while US President Trump has recently raised a plan to sharply reduce US science and technology budget.

This blogger’s note: You can safely expect that a rising China will soon surpass the declining US in all fields of research.

Summary and comment by Chan Kai Yee on’s report in Chinese.

One Comment on “China Catches up, Surpasses US in Various Fields of Science, Technology”

  1. Fugu says:

    Chinese investments in R & D and their scientists have silenced the Western, especially American, critics. “Copying” was just a short term stop gap tactical move. And the West has done much copying without giving credit to the Chinese even to this day.

    Ahh .. well, as your Western saying goes, “get even, not get revenge” and such achievements are the sweetest “revenge” of all, not to mention enabling the loudest and longest laughter.