China’s Maritime Silk Road through the Pacific to South America

I had a post yesterday on Foreign Policy’s article “The United States Is Losing Asia to China”, making analysis of the reasons why the US has lost Asia to China.

However, I have to point out here that in fact, there is no conflict between China and the US for Asian leadership. China has done nothing to drive the US away or grab from the US its Asian leadership though the US has tried its best to contain China. China has only succeeded in resisting US containment but has gained nothing.

FP’s article believes that ASEAN switch to China’s side due to their economic dependence on China, but China has given them no special preferential treatments to win over them or undermine their relations with the US. On the country, China’s economic relations with them first of all benefit China and has been a factor that has enabled China’s fast economic growth in the past few decades.

The article mentions China’s One Belt One Road initiative, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, etc. as China’s efforts to grab leadership from the US but those are all China’s schemes to benefit China itself and by no means exclude the US.

The US has lost its Asian leadership due to its declining economic strength. China is only the article’s scapegoat for America’s own faults.

That is very interesting and worth further commenting here.

What is more interesting is Wall Street Journal’s article on June 7 titled “The U.S. Is Losing the Pacific to China”.

The article says, “For more than 100 years, the US has viewed the Pacific Ocean as an ‘American lake’”.

That is really absurd. When is Pacific America’s? Who has given the Pacific to the US as its private lake? The United Nations? In fact no one has the authority to give the ocean to the US. It is the US that regards itself as the owner of the ocean because its world strongest navy dominates the ocean.

That is quite different from the South China Sea that can be regarded as China’s lake as China has claimed it for centuries. In 1947, it drew an 11-dash (9-dash now) line on map to reflect its claim. No one including the US opposed it until rich energy resources were found there and until the US wanted to contain China for fear that China will grow too strong to replace the US as world leader.

Now, China has built large artificial islands in the South China Sea with three airstrips that can be used as air bases for hundreds of advanced fighter jets. China has firm control of the South China Sea so that it can to some extent be regarded as China’s lake.

The US, on the contrary, has never drawn any line on map to indicate that the Pacific is its lake! How can China take the Pacific from the US since the Pacific does not belong to the US?

There must be some grounds for the article’s worries as it says, “While China woos the Pacific islands with diplomacy and investment, there is little evidence America is putting any significant resources into the region.”

The US has been putting lots of resources into its navy, which has effective control the Pacific Ocean. Why is there the worry about China’s diplomacy and investment in Pacific islands?

Perhaps, due to global warming some of the islands may be buried by the sea due to the rise in sea level caused by the melting of ice in South and North Poles. An island state may trade its island with China’s land area to move its people there.

China can use its island building equipment to heighten the land on the island it has got from and island state and turn the island into a military base.

China has succeeded in establishing alternative land routes through Russia, Central Asia and Pakistan for its trade with the Middle East and Europe, but its trade routes to Latin America through the Pacific Ocean may be cut by US navy. If China has built military bases in the Pacific Ocean like it has done in the South China Sea, it will have secure trade routes to Latin America, a market with very great growth potential.

We cannot be sure that China can build enough military bases on islands but if not enough, it can build floating island to supplement its maritime Silk Road to Latin America. The US will not be able to cut China’s trade lifelines due to China’s Silk Road economic belt and 21st century maritime Silk Road efforts.

That may be the article’s real worry.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Wall Street Journal’s article, full text of which can be found at

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  1. Simon says:

    There was an article in the BBC yesterday written typically by a China basher who accuse China of “stealing Taiwan’s allies” and not the other way round because Taiwan bought their friends. It came on the aftermath of Panama recognising Beijing over Taipei. The reality for Panama is because they want to be part of the real world, part of the international community and not stuck in a ghetto of isolationism being financed by a puppet government.


    • Joseph says:

      That USS Zumwalt being towed from the Panama Canal must have big impact in the American credibility for Panama that they decide to ditch American puppet. Or is it because of that new canal that the Chinese is building in Nicaragua?


      • Red Flag says:

        You can bet that Chinese ship builders are studying the design features of the Zumwalt class destroyer so that they can be copied into the next generation of PLAN warships.


        • face says:


          this clown just never quits

          fail35, fowwalt, asphyxiation22, obesecommandos



        • Joseph says:

          And which ship is that? So far the Zumwalt is only being copied in China for plastic model, and it is not even very popular. I would rather copy the fictional Star Wars Star Destroyer than the Zumwalt. That ship is just like a cargo ship with Klu-Klux-Klan hood.


    • Fugu says:

      Many countries – other than the 5-Eyes – are silently angry and simmering at the U.S.’s behaviour towards them in the last 200 years. America has many enemies waiting for the moment to hit back. A enemy of U.S. is a friend. Panama sees China as a friend and Taiwan – a puppet of Washington – as a tool to hit back at Washington. Slowly, many countries will backlash at the insufferable, arrogant, hubristic, imperious Washington. The U.S. will find itself increasingly isolated. Even London has distanced itself from Washington somewhat. Expect proud Tokyo and Seoul also to do the same soon in a more egregious manner.


  2. Fugu says:

    “For a 100 years the Pacific Ocean was considered an American lake”.

    The hypocrisies of Amerika never cease to astonish.

    First, their misleading BS claim of right of FONOP in the SCS of which there were no obstacles in the first place to any country trading in the region in the first place.

    Secondly, they claim that international waters are international waters and anyone has the right to sail in it. And the New York based Wall Street Journal now have the audacity to claim the Pacific Ocean, if not the world’s oceans, as Amerikan lakes?!

    Even Adolf Hitler and General Tojo wasn’t so audacious. Which is to say the neocon “deepstate” oligarchic controlled Washington is 5 times more imperious than the Nazi Germany or the Imperial Japan they unceasingly derided.

    Imperial Washington did not come to liberate the world from the barbarous Japanese and Germans; They just simply took the opportunity grab the world from just another smaller despot. But their mass media would have you believe otherwise.

    So, empires wax and wane … and Amerika appears to be waning because Mr Trump wishes to rehabilitate the American “house of cards” economy drained by the rapacious M-I-C aided by their utterly corrupt politicians over the many years.

    And now threshing in their death throes perhaps, they make bizzarre and outlandish claims that the Pacific Ocean is “theirs”. Such hypocrisy.


  3. Red Flag says:

    “That is really absurd. When is Pacific America’s? Who has given the Pacific to the US as its private lake? ”

    Answer: America earned the Pacific with blood during WW2. Iwo Jima. Tarawa, Peleliu and all the others were conquered with the blood of US forces against the resistance of the determined Japanese Empire. Nobody gave America anything.


    • public says:

      wrong again

      Imperial Cruise Secret History Empire (book)

      America colonized Spain, supplied war materials to Imperial Japan and turned a blind eye to its atrocities, waged illegal wars against Koreans, Vietnamese, and nuclear bombed an already defeated Imperial Japan twice. White Christian Americans repeatedly threatened to nuclear bomb the Koreans and Chinese.

      Anglo-Americans are the world’s largest group of terrorists
      us is the greatest threat to world peace poll (nypost)
      Overthrow Americas Century Regime Change (book)
      Killing Hope C I Interventions II Updated (book)


    • Joseph says:

      Pacific is NOT American to win with blood. Even if the American took it with blood, it is not theirs to take, just as USA does not rightfully American’s. The American continent rightfully belongs to Native American’s which genetically Asian. If the American feel it’s rightfully theirs because they take it with blood, then we reserve the right that United States of America is rightfully ours when we conquer it with blood. Would you like that? I don’t think the Native American would mind. They are better with us than with the diabolical Yankees. After all not many of them are left anyway.
      Why would anyone brag to take on Japanese Army Reservists in Iwo Jima, Tarawa, Peleliu and others? Their were old and able to bear arms only, with women and children along. Any professional soldiers could do the jobs with less mess, less blood and less casualties. It was ridiculous that the American lost so much ‘blood’ to conquer them. It was more ridiculous the excessive number of Japanese civilian casualties that the American inflicted. No wonder Kim Jong-un would only send his female infantry to scare the American marines off Korea. If you study the history carefully, it was the Chinese army who decimated the main army of Japanese Imperial Army, the Kanto-gun. In the end of the war, more than a million Japanese Imperial Army even surrendered and switched side to the Chinese and fought their fellow Japanese in China for clemency. American general Big Mac Arthur even proposed to send Chinese Army to finish off the Japanese in their homeland once and for all. But Chinese leader Chiang Kaishek suspected that the American would backstabbed him, decided to keep his army at home. In the end Big Mac sent American boys to Japan with that much clumsy blood sacrificed. Really amateur. The Chinese Army killed more Japanese professional soldiers in battle than American soldiers killed Japanese reservists in their clumsy invasions of Japan. No wonder the self-delusional American got kick in the butts by the battle-hardened Chinese Army in Korean War despite their overwhelming advanced weaponry. They did not even know they were fighting the real conquerors of the Japs. Frustrated Big Mac even got fired for trying to desperately use atomic bomb against the Chinese in Korea. Yes, it is another history lesson, it was the American, not the Soviet who wanted to spark the Atomic/Nuclear war that the American was so spooked of during the Cold War. Another American ‘bad guy’ Joseph Stalin was actually the hero because he threatened the American for atomic retaliation if the American used atomic weapons, a deterrent which cause that infamous American nuclear attack anxiety. Rather than watching American propaganda movies, how about learning some real history. Even that iconic ‘soldiers raising that flag pole in Iwo Jima’ was also a propaganda. Why did it take so many soldiers to erect such a small pole anyway?


    • Simon says:

      America got rich out of WW1 and they also did the same with WW2 supplying arms to countries at war while keeping out of wars. In Asia America use China to fights its wars until Japan bomb their base in Pearl Harbour. You said nobody gave America anything. If it not been the Chinese countinually fought the Japanese using guerilla tactics and sabotage its network of supply in China, the Japs would have enough resources and focus to wipe out American influence in the Pacific and may even mount invasion into American mainland itself.
      Nazi Germany devoted 80% of its forces against USSR, Japan similarly devoted nearly all of its land forces against China. If it had not been the Chinese frustrating the Japs there is next to no chance the Yanks getting any foothold on any of the Pacific islands its occupied.


  4. Godfree Roberts says:

    The US has lost its Asian leadership due to its behavior during the Asian Financial Crisis (for which Asian countries have never forgiven it) AND its declining economic strength.


    • Joseph says:

      Actually, it was not American behavior during the Asian Financial Crisis that we had resentment for the American. It was the American behavior in the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis that we could not forgive, which preyed upon our then-vulnerable economies for quick profits. American manipulating our currency was very rampant in the decade that followed, causing multiple currency crisis before we finally stabilized our currencies.


    • public says:

      They have no leadership. What they had was the ability to mass murder. Without that, they lost their “leadership”. American leadership is a complete joke. They go off the gold standard and scam the planet with the petrodollar, they ignore any international law that would hold them accountable eg for war crimes, they leave the Paris climate deal because they would rather not stop their excessive lifestyles because that would be “unamerican”, they overthrow democratically governments around the world, and their own non-white citizens hate them. LOL what a complete joke.


  5. Steve says:

    Due to US hegemonic maritime naval dominance, the Nth Pacific has been regarded as America’s Lake. The powerful 7th fleet has policed the region ever since 1945 ready to intervene along the coast of China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. In fact, both the Korean and Vietnam wars were supported by the 7th fleet.

    No doubt, these aircraft carriers are the ultimate expression of US power in maritime supremacy anywhere in the world, but times have changed with the emergence of the China’s A2/AD, the DF-21D that can be launched from mobile and land launchers, that is proven to hit large moving targets at sea. These ballistic missile can be vectored into the target by satellite, aircraft, surface vessels, submarines or drone aircraft. US aircraft carriers and it’s escorts reportedly cost around $30 billion, too expensive, fragile and a sinking feeling of thousands of sailors on board within China’s A2/AD.

    The days of US 7th fleet and warships that could rule China’s coasts and rivers are long gone. With China’s advanced hypersonics and new generations of anti ship missiles that can be launched from land, air, sea and underwater vessels are powerful deterrent against the US naval and military might.

    If the Pacific trade routes are well supported by the LatAm/China/Russia economic partnership, it’s difficult for the US to cut off this sea link. The US and China’s economy are intertwined and so will the Russian/LatAm economies. Russia’s trade with the region especially Argentina has increased. In fact, some LatAm countries have signalled that that they are ready to break their dependence on the US and turn towards Russia and China. It is highly doubtful that US dare to cut off the Pacific trade link against China, the US will be cutting it’s own throat. WW3 will erupt.