China Developing Unhackable Quantum Internet through Its Satellite

Quantum communication through satellite between China and Europe

Supchina says in its report “Get ready for China’s quantum internet” today that according to Wall Street Journal’s report*, China has successfully sent a stream of photons containing unhackable information from its world first quantum satellite across more than 745 miles. With that quantum technology it may create instantaneous and unhackable internet communication system.

If you are a subscriber of the Wall Street Journal, you can view the report at

For more of the advanced communication technology, Supchina recommends Science’s June-15 article by Gabriel Popkin titled “China’s quantum satellite achieves ‘spooky action’ at record distance”, full text of which can be viewed at

Source: Supchina “Get ready for China’s quantum internet”, full text of which can be viewed at

4 Comments on “China Developing Unhackable Quantum Internet through Its Satellite”

  1. Simon says:

    America and other western countries previously considered quantum satellite just a theory and expressed doubt to ever becomming a reality. They were taken aback when China went ahead with the lauch of the experimental satellite last year realising China would not do such experiment if there is not a 99% certainty that it would work.


  2. Steve says:

    Chinese scientist has really spooked the world of science (including the ghost of Einstein). With all the university rankings worldwide, it don’t make any sense to have the top 10 from US, UK, etc, when Chinese universities produces the world’s best Engineers and Scientist, as seen in the China quantum leap, hypersonics and soon speedy planes faster than a missile.

    Still, China should safeguard it’s science secrets from the United Scoundrels of America and Japan. No doubt, these scoundrels are now combining their talents to steal China’s secrets.


    • Joseph says:

      Even Einstein needed Chinese scientists to build nuclear science. Not even him knew how to explain his famous E=mC2. Personally, I cannot see how this crap has anything to do with nuclear physic. True that it is the universal calculation for energy, but what does it have to do with nuclear? To me it is just an excuse to glorify Einstein while sidelining Chinese nuclear scientists who developed a lot more sophisticated formula for nuclear reaction.
      In the UK and Australia, universities tries to attract Chinese students to get access to Chinese universities’ research journals. In Australia, a renown Australian scientist Ian Fraser was caught to plagiarize his cancer treatment achievement from his dead Chinese coleague’s journal papers. In the UK, there are reports that Universities are penalizing Chinese students in their universities caught by Chinese universities for plagiarizing/translating research journals from Chinese universities, while keeping plagiarized/translated research materials from Chinese students not caught by Chinese universities for plagiarizings.