China’s Space Era Strategy Overwhelmingly Superior to US Air-Sea Battle

The Chinese hypersonic spaceplane, with a combined cycle engine that hops between jet, scramjets, and rockets, promises to be the ultimate form in reusable and easy space travel. In theory, it could cross the Pacific Ocean in one hour. China hopes to have these fast birds in the sky (with people onboard!) by 2030.

There is no denial that the US regards China as its top potential enemy. Obama made it very clear that his Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was directed at China.

Obama’s pivot to Asia, in spite of his claim that it was not directed at China, was directed at China. That was clear to everybody.

The US is obsessed with military solution. That is why it maintains an excessive military budget in spite of its shortage of funds for its people’s welfare and its essential but dilapidated infrastructures. Obama’s major approach for his pivot to Asia was to deploy 60% of US military in Asia.

China follows its gifted strategist Sun Tzu’s teachings: Subdue the enemy with strategy is the best of best, with diplomacy the next best, with fighting the third option while with attacking enemy cities the last choice. China’s approaches now are first of all strategy, the strategy of weapon development to achieve military superiority and the strategy to exploit its geographical advantages.

It first built seven artificial islands to fully exploit its geographical advantages to prevent US attack of its homeland.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s stress on development of integrated space and air capabilities for both attack and defense is the space era strategy that requires the development of technology for space travel. It is difficult but formidable. When China has succeeded in building an aerospace bomber so fast as capable to chase an ICBM, the US will have not even the ability to defend its homeland, let alone the capability to attack China.

However, US politicians and military, being strategy illiterate, adopts their air-sea battle strategy with which it won World War II when computer has not been invented yet. Now, they stick to the outdated strategy in spite of their failures in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their new aircraft carrier is indeed very advanced but will be easy prey of an aerospace bomber.

I have just had a post that compares US and Chinese hypersonic flying vehicles based on a Popular Science’s article. It shows how ambitious Chinese are compared with US unmanned models with limited military capabilities.

China will certainly subdue the US with its superior strategy. It is only a matter of time.


Strategy illiterates have not learnt from the lessons from World War II. That is America’s major problem.

Germany adopted advanced technology to develop best tanks, lots of warplanes and rockets and made Britain and the Soviet Union suffer seriously.

British battleship was sunk by Japan’s aircrafts as it fails to realize the importance of air force. Like Britain, the US fails now to realize the importance of integrated space and air capabilities. Its space competition with the Soviet Union was a waste of huge resources for a show of technical superiority. When It has won the competition, it neglects space and transfers its resources to pursue near-term weapon superiority.

China’s space program is not for a show. It aims at obtaining technology for weapon development and exploiting space resources.

It is very clear the US is repeating Britain’s failure. US best aircraft carriers will be destroyed by aerospace bombers like Britain’s battleships by bomber aircrafts.

Article by Chan Kai Yee


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  1. Steve says:

    Excellent Commentary.

    Obama’s TPP was in fact a weaponised trade pact against China. It clearly shows the evil intentions of the United Scoundrels of America. With over 19 trillion dollars in debt, the POTUS will find ways of back stabbing. Fortunately, the POTUS and his gang of hoodlums are also trade and economic strategy illiterate. Obama completely neglected his domestic woes.

    My prediction by 2040, China will be the most powerful nation. The US will be embedded in more not less financial debts. China will have a massive sizeable portion of the global economy, massive political and cultural influence. A military capability to project anywhere in the world to protect its economic interest rather than military alliances.


    • Red Flag says:

      “China hopes to have these fast birds in the sky (with people onboard!) by 2030.”

      China should not base its future strategy and security on ‘hopes’! There are many technical challenges in China’s future plans that must be worked out before China can actually say they are capable of hypersonic flight. Remember that the SR-71 was routinely flying men at Mach 4 way back in the 1960’s. China has yet to achieve those sorts of speeds.


      • chankaiyee2 says:

        Do not brag your ignorance again. Read more though it may make you weep and have difficulties to fall asleep. You have to.

        The following is the information for you to know that real test of China’s spaceplane will begin.

        China Surpasses US in Development of Aerospace Aircraft

        US X-37B aerospace aircraft landed last month after its fourth top secret flight in space for more than one year.

        China, however, has satisfactorily completed ground tests of the major parts of its aerospace aircraft and is expected to conduct test flight of it as revealed by CASIC Vice General Manager Liu Shiquan at Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX 2017) in Beijing.

        Zhang Tao, a scientist at Beihang University, says that he has listened to a briefing on the aerospace aircraft project and got the impression that China’s is of a higher class than X-37B. X-37B takes off vertically like a rocket, but China’s is designed to take off and land horizontally on a military and civilian airstrip like a fixed-wing airplane.

        X-37B is small and unmanned but China’s is large and manned designed for the task of sending people and goods to and back from space station at much lower costs than a rocket.

        Note: China’s is large enough to serve as an aerospace bomber.

        Source: “Hong Kong media: China develops aerospace aircraft to catch up with the US in space race” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


        • Red Flag says:

          “…US X-37B aerospace aircraft landed last month after its fourth top secret flight in space for more than one year.”

          The key words are LANDED. Let me know when this so called ‘aerospace bomber’ lands back on earth. OK? At this time all we have to go on is talk and promises that China has developed something they call an ‘aerospace bomber’. Are there any pictures of this ‘aerospace bomber’? The world would surely like to see them!


          • chankaiyee2 says:

            For your information. Please not be sad.

            China’s Aerospace Aircrafts Shenlong and J-28 v. US X-37B

            Aerospace aircraft is a country’s top secret. Global times says in its report today that on May 20, the United States lifted its X-37B aerospace aircraft by an Atlas V carrier rocket for its fourth voyage.

            Like the aircraft’s previous three voyages, the US keeps confidential all information about the flights though it revealed this time that the X-37B brought quite a few new materials on it to test their durability.

            US Aviation Week says in its report “X-37B Lifts Off On An Atlas V For Its Fourth Flight” that due to the secrecy, X-37B’s flight makes Russia and China nervous.

            Note: Russia may perhaps be nervous, but not China as China is developing its own aerospace aircrafts and maintain the same secrecy about them.

            In my book Space Era Strategy: The Way China Beats The U.S., there is a section with the subhead “China Shocked the U.S. with its Aerospace Fighter Able to Reach the U.S. in One Hour”. It describes US nervousness at the speculation that China is developing its Shenglong aerospace fighter.

            In that section I said:

            Chinese President Xi Jinping’s call in late April 2014 for the PLA to speed up building an integrated space and air force has drawn keen international attention. Foreign media are publishing sensationalizing reports on that. There is no shortage of bold speculation. Some media have even reported that China is testing an aerospaceplane codenamed Shenlong that is able to reach the U.S. in one hour. It deals a heavy blow at the U.S. if what they report is true.

            According to a report that the U.S. has most recently issued, China is testing Shenlong aerospace fighter that is able to reach the U.S. in one hour. The report says that Shenlong is much smaller than U.S. X-37B aerospaceplane and has been researched for much less time, but it can carry small rockets with surprising power.

            The only reliable information about Shenlong is that the research institute for the development of Shenlong awarded Fujian Longxi Bearing (Group) Corp., Ltd. for cooperation in producing the bearings for Shenlong.

            There have been reports on Shenlong’s successful test flight and a larger version of Shenlong is being designed, but such reports may all be speculation.

            Another section in the book with the subhead of “J-28, Another Space-air Fighter that China Is Developing” described China’s J-28 fifth-generation fighter based on Russian media’s report:

            China’s Aviation Research Institute No. 611 is now doing the research for J-28, which shall be a 5th-generation multi-function stealth fighter jet. It is said that J-28 is able to conduct accurate conventional hit to counter the nuclear threat from the entire solar system.

            The laser weapon J-28 carries is so powerful that it can melt a nuclear missile launched from any planet or satellite in solar system. J-28’s speed is so high that even if it fails to intercept a missile the first time, it can chase the missile to hunt it.

            Judging by such speed, the aircraft must be an aerospaceplane.


          • chankaiyee2 says:

            It is obvious that you are unhappy at the information I provide; therefore, you have not fully read my posts.

            My posts make comparison of what China and the US are developing not the aerospace bomber that China has already developed. My comparison shows what China and US plan to obtain in that area by 2030. If you are unhappy, just ignore it as you are used to or disbelieve my information. Then you can keep on living in your dreams happily.

            However, you had better tell me that so that I will not waste my time in providing you with information in my replies. Some of the information has been revealed in Chinese media as Chinese people are interested in it but Chinese authorities want to keep it confidential. I have revealed some for readers’ information with no intention to make anybody unhappy. Therefore, if you are unhappy, I am sorry and hope that you just ignore it.

            Anyway, I enjoy your impudent challenges to show your ignorance. It is so amusing.


      • chankaiyee2 says:

        Sorry to make you sad again. China has reached Mach 4.5 long ago. The following are excerpts of my post on that on March 17, 2016.

        China Successful Test Flight of Mach 4.5 Aircraft Using New Scramjet

        China has been doing research in developing scramjet for years and has now succeeded in developing a new type of scramjet to achieve the speed of Mach 4.5. It is hopeful for future products to achieve the speed of March 7 to 10 and above.

        The information was revealed by Tan Yonghua, head of No. 6 Research Institute under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) in an interview with Science and Technology Daily when he attended NPC (National People’s Congress, China’s parliament).

        As far back as in March 2015,, the website of the Science and Technology Daily, carried a report on his research institute’s successful test of the new type of scramjet.

        In September, the website’s report on the successful test of China’s new high-speed aircraft became viral on the Internet. I gave a post on my blog titled “The Mystery of China’s Hypersonic Flying Vehicle” on the test on September 27.


      • Simon says:

        Actually SR-71 is only Mach 3.3 maximum speed confirmed.
        And America has got nothing to match it since its retirement in 1998, in another word Amerca has gone backward.
        I will remind you America currently cannot launch a human into space. China can.


      • alking1957 says:

        No idea why this guy keeps coming here to receive bad news. Probably like to aggravate himself to be unhappy and have shorter life. Well done, continue to hang around to be unhappy!


      • Joseph says:

        Well at least China does not kill people on ‘hope’. The American often brags that the future is built on hopes. So what happens to that hope enthusiasm? Just because America has no hope to stop China, then hope is not important anymore? Without hope, China would never surpass America like today. Back then in 1980s, the American thought that shabby China would never hope to achieve modern age. We all did. Even us, Chinese Overseas. Only miracle could change China. So we hope on miracle. Hopes may have abandoned America, but hopes serve us well indeed.
        Ironic that everytime you mention American ‘greatness’, it would have stumbled on something to do with China and the Chinese. Few know the fact that SR-71 Blackbird was actually half Chinese. It was developed with the cooperation of Taiwan’s ex-Chinese Air Force aviators and engineers, for the purpose of spying high on Chinese skies. The first pilots were Chinese Taiwanese before the American let White American pilots flew it and made it public. The American pilots were so psychologically incompatible with high flying, so the American, along with Taiwanese scientists presumably, developed methadone/methamphetamine/ectasy/ice to dope the pilots to cope with the condition. To this day, methamphetamine was still used to dope Western pilots, along with oblivious party goers. The Soviet shot down some of the SR-71 flown by American pilots perhaps due to they flew high on drugs, but the ones piloted by Taiwanese pilots always managed come home, even with bullet damages on them. 50 years on, the SR-72 would depend on poached-Chinese scientists and ‘hope-less’.


        • tito says:

          ” The Soviet shot down some of the SR-71 ”

          Where did you get that info ?. I thought the S 71 never get shot down…..


          • Joseph says:

            The Soviet shot down the SR-71 over Vietnam. It crashed into the SCS. The American covered it up as the crash of another jet, but later changed the story that it was indeed an SR-71 crashed on ‘unknown’ reason. The cockpit survive but the body completely disintegrated. It was believed to be the first kill of MiG-31, but never admitted. After the incident, the SR-71 never ventured into Soviet-dominated space out of fear of the MiG-31.


            • tito says:

              thank you for the info…


            • Red Flag says:

              Your claim is bogus. Mig-31 was never deployed to Southeast Asia.


              • chankaiyee2 says:

                I have deleted your comment that boasts US troops’ good training in saving their warships. I delete it not because of your lack of common sense in the comment but because you direct your reader to other sites.

                You can quote others’ materials. If your readers are not convinced, you can direct them to your sources. That will be convenient for your readers. I have gone to a site you directed to and found it irrelevant; therefore, I have decided to delete your such comments. In fact, I delete such comments as a rule. I did not delete yours as yours were usually absurd and I want to amuse my readers with your absurd views.

                For example, you mentioned US sailors’ good training in saving their warships after being hit. Even those who have received so so training are able to do so. They are saving their own lives. A trooper certainly pays attention to the training on the way to save their ship and their lives. There is nothing to boast.

                However, you fail to see that the recent accident proves US serious lack of discipline so that such accident may have occured for a warship with the most advanced equipment to avoid such accident. The crew simply were not on duty or were sleeping on duty so that they were not alert enough to avoid such an accident.

                Moreover, any navy that has imposed some discipline shall immediately arrest the captain and the officer in charge of navigating the warship. Their negligence in causing death of their crew members have to be punished severely. US Navy is conducting an investigation. For what? Even if the accident was caused by malfunction of equipment, the officers had still be held responsible. They had their duty to find the malfunction and take remedy measures immediately. The investigation is carried out to find some excuse to protect the the negligent officers! Usually officers want to protect their peers. The highest command shall have taken immediate measures to impose discipline and arrest the guilty officers. The lack of discipline is a serious problem in US troops, which proves the poorest training in a military with the best equipment. No wonder, US troops have suffered one failure after another.

                It is so absurd that you can still be so impudent to boast their training. Do not boast your lack of military common sense! It’s so absurd you dare to make absurd comment while lacking military common sense about the importance of the training of military discipline.


        • Fugu says:

          There can only be one word to describe Washington’s so-called “diplomatic” talk – they speak with a “forked-tongue”. Their “double-speak” assures a global non credibility in whatever they say or promise. America’s doward slide on the world’s stage is irredeemable. All they have now are only bombs, missiles and bullets.


      • Steve says:

        Out of compassion, Mr. CKY has provided U will so much educational material to subdue your Ignorance and Arrogance. Its about time U demonstrated your self respect and dignity by thanking Mr. CKY for his kind lecture, instead of bragging your false impression of cleverness.

        And by the way this is food for your thought — ‘Faith or Belief is the Sea of Virtue’. Why.? Because without faith there is No Hope. U are foolishly ignorant to criticise China or any nation for it’s technical challenges on research and development. Without it, wouldn’t it be hopelessness as opposed to ‘hopes’.? Even your India has ‘hopes’ for a better India.


  2. Fre Okin says:

    Before hypersonic spaceplane become a reality, China should speed up development of networked drones that are capable of taking off and landing autonomously from Mobile Floating Platform, aircraft carriers or from the destroyer like the new Type 55.

    A cluster of perhaps a dozen or more could form a forward fence to guard against incoming F35’s. This kind of drones of course need to be able to loiter for at least six hours perhaps and cover 500 NM with a suicide mission payload to guard against incoming F35’s which appear to be maturing. Spaced a proper distance apart, a dozen drones could guard perhaps a 500 miles radius. The recently networked 100+ drone formation are rather small drones and need to be scaled up, perhaps a quarter of a typical Chinese fighter jet to fit ships and form a forward defense. This will completely defeat F35’s, F22’s their position known way before they get close to Chinese territory. It will also be very useful to escort pesky US surveillance planes like the P8 Poseidon assuming the drones are able to fly fast enough.


    • Joseph says:

      You don’t actually need a network of drones to defeat the F-35. A simple radar can do the job just fine. Just watch for astray jumbo jets that do not register on the ADIZ. It must be the F-35. And if it is not enough, the F-35 develops habit of being lethal to its pilot just like it’s predecessor the F-22. The F-22 has the habit of emitting radiation lethal to its pilot. The F-35 develops habit of gagging its pilot of oxygen during flight.


      • Fre Okin says:

        The purpose of the army of drones is to get closer to the US stealth jets and fire at them to expose their position. These drones are much much cheaper to operate. Coupled with satellite communication and closer IR tracking, they will give China precious minutes, seconds to prevent F35’s and F22’s from reaching firing position. Current radar cannot track stealth position accurately. Only the drones can induce the F35’s to fire and give their position away. This is the basis of his Forward Fence strategy.