China World Leader in Magnetic Submarine Detection Technology

The new MAD technology developed by scientists in Shanghai might already have been adopted by China’s military, an expert said. Photo: Handout

China was used to keep confidential about its submarine technology until there was possibility of war between China and the US.

To avoid US retaliation with nuclear weapons when China has sunk a US aircraft career, China took rare exceptional moves to reveal its strategic nuclear submarines on CCTV primetime news for three consecutive days. Such second-strike capabilities constitute effective deterrence to nuclear war.

Since then, China has begun to show its nuclear submarines and reveal its progress in improving its nuclear submarines. The world now knows that China is able to build nuclear submarines better than the US and has built a submarine superfactory able to build four nuclear submarines simultaneously.

What about the technology to detect submarine that is vital to submarine defense.

Previously, Western media regarded that as a mystery as there had been no information about China’s submarine detection capabilities.

SCMP says in its report “Has China developed the world’s most powerful submarine detector?” today, “The Chinese Academy of Sciences, the country’s largest research institute, said in an article on its website on Wednesday that a ‘superconductive magnetic anomaly detection array’ has been developed in Shanghai and passed inspection by an expert panel.

Shanghai scientists say that the technology can detect with unprecedented accuracy metallic objects hidden deep underground and in the water. Such technology is ideal for detecting submarines.

The Academy says that no other countries except Germany have such technology but Dr Lei Chong, an assistant researcher studying MAD (magnetic anomaly detector) technology at the Department of Micro/Nano Electronics, Shanghai Jiaotong University, has some doubt.

SCMP quotes Dr. Lei as saying, “I am surprised they made such an announcement. Usually this kind of information is not revealed to the public because of its military value.” Therefore, according to Dr. Lei, the US may have such technology but does not reveal that.

This blogger believes that China reveals it as deterrence to US nuclear attack, but the US has no need for such deterrence as China has declared that it will not be the first to use nuclear weapons.

In fact, it does not matter whether the US has the technology or not as long as China is able to detect US submarines and prevent US nuclear attack with such technology.

Dr. Lei points out two factors that make the technology exceptionally sensitive to signals: It consists of an array to detect signals and it uses superconductive computer chip cooled by liquid nitrogen.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be found at


4 Comments on “China World Leader in Magnetic Submarine Detection Technology”

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  2. Joseph says:

    So it is basically a giant metal detector on electromagnetic overdrive on the open sea. Talking about Chinese innovations. The American is better to start building submarines from plastic. If they still have money to research strong plastic. No wonder the American is so keen to poach Chinese scientists on graphene.


  3. Simon says:

    America does not have such technology, not even close otherwise their USS Fitzgerald would have avoided a collision with a 730ft container ship in calm sea.


    • Joseph says:

      On any warships, not only American, there radar crews should be awake. But on the USS Fitzgerald, the radar crews were among the dead. Not on the bridge but in the sleeping berths. That container ship was only a little bigger than the USS Fitzgerald 730ft to 600ft. Its autopilot should stop immediately on collision, it doesn’t matter if it hits other ship or iceberg. There’s no way it could just shove its way through a ‘state-of-the-art’ warship to resume autopilot on course correction, but it did just like it was only shaken by bad weather. Make me wonder what tin cans the American makes their ships from that autopilot did not register it as a solid object. This is why ships, even military ones, needs navigational beacons to identify themselves, especially on busy shiplanes. The American is just too arrogant to play by the rule. As it happened in Japan with no Chinese ship involved, the American is on the confusion to make explanation. If it happens on the SCS, the American would call it Chinese provocation. But the explanation is really simple. Stop being clumsy, and turn on those identification beacons. Without those beacons, autopilot computers cannot see them. Those clumsy sailors only endanger themselves and everyone around them.