Vision, Confidence in Addition to Wisdom Needed for Good Weapon Strategy

China’s hypersonic spaceplane, with a combined cycle engine that hops between jet, scramjets, and rockets, promises to be the ultimate form in reusable and easy space travel. Photo from CCTV 13 footage

I had a post yesterday titled “China’s Space Era Strategy Overwhelmingly Superior to US Air-Sea Battle” on China’s wisdom in developing spaceplane to obtain weapon superiority.

Some people question Chinese President Xi Jinping’s wisdom in stressing development of integrated space and air capabilities for both attack and defense. They argue that having lagged much behind the US in space technology, China is not practical in pursuing such capabilities as it will not be able to tackle lots of tricky technologies for the development of a spaceplane.

They, however, seem ignorant that the technology is not quite new. The US developed its space shuttle in 1981 and put it in operation in 1982. Space shuttle is in fact a kind of spaceplane. It was vertically launched, but landed horizontally.

Xi, however, has the vision to see the tremendous potential of spaceplane as a formidable weapon and the confidence in Chinese scientists and engineers’ ability to master the technology.

US military lacks the vision to see the fierce military capabilities of spaceplane; therefore, they have given up instead of making efforts to further improve their space shuttles. Otherwise, the US would have much more advanced spaceplanes than China now.

From this we can see the vital importance of weapon strategy. The US has a much greater military budget but is losing in its arms race with China due to its military poor weapon strategy.

One thing really absurd is US military experts’ repeated description of China’s A2/AD and US anti-A2/AD weapons and measures to break China’s A2/AD.

They have kept on doing so despite Chinese military has made clear to US military that A2/AD is not China’s strategy. In addition, China has published a white paper on China’s strategy of active defense.

Is US military so strategy illiterate as not being able to distinguish between A2/AD and active defense?


World War II has already taught military strategists the importance of weapon strategy, but US strategy illiterates seem to have not learnt from the lessons.

Before World War II Germany saw the potential of the new weapons of tanks and warplanes and adopted advanced technology to make its army mechanized and its warplanes dominate the sky. It has thus made Britain and the Soviet Union suffer seriously at the beginning of the war.

Ignorant of the importance of air force, a British battleship was sunk by Japan’s aircrafts at the beginning of the Pacific War.

At that time, the US realized the importance of aircraft carrier and won the war against Japan with its air-sea battle strategy.

Now, like Britain before the beginning of World War II, the US fails to realize the importance of adopting the most advanced technology of our space era to develop integrated space and air capabilities. Its space competition with the Soviet Union was a waste of huge resources for a show of technical superiority. When it has won the competition, it neglects space and transfer its resources to pursue near-term weapon superiority.

China’s space program is not for show. It aims at obtaining technology for weapon development and exploiting space resources.

China’s aerospace bomber with space era technology will destroy US best aircraft carriers just like the destruction of British battleship by Japanese aircrafts in World War II.

Article by Chan Kai Yee.


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