India Cannot Be US ‘True Friend’, Even Less ‘Friend Forever’

Indian Prime Minister a leader shrewd in geting benefits from all, China, Japan, US, etc. Foreign Policy’s photo

There was a quite interesting article on Foreign Policy titled “Can Modi Turn India From a ‘True Friend’ to the U.S. to a Friend Forever?” stating, “Modi’s goal is to convince U.S. President Donald Trump that India is important not just for a photo opportunity or business transaction, but for a long-term, strategic partnership — or, to quote the president’s official Twitter account, ‘Important strategic issues to discuss with a true friend!’”

Modi is wise. In a conflicting world allying with remote states to attack nearby states is the strategy that enabled the State of Qin to conquer other six states and reunify China more than 2,000 years ago.

Sandwiched between two strong enemies China and Pakistan, India needs the US as an ally to help it.

In the past, India allied with the Soviet Union, which is Russia later, to counter China and Pakistan when China is their common enemy, but now Russia has become China’s close ally so that India cannot get Russia’s real help in fighting its two enemies, especially China.

However, in modern world military conflict is too costly, we had better avoid it. That is why India and Pakistan have both jointed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

When India and Pakistan have buried hatchets and India and China have solved their border disputes, India will no longer need US alliance. Then trade with China will be even more important. After all relations with one’s prosperous neighbors are more beneficial. US market is far less attractive than China’s.

Moreover, China now upholds globalization that facilitates Indian exports to Chinese market while the US upholds protectionism that will set barriers for India’s export to the US.

Modi only wants to get advanced weapons from the US for national defense in the face of the alliance of two strong neighbors. He certainly does not seek long-term partnership with the US.

The US wants to have India’s help in containing China, but in the near term to sell its expensive weapons to India to make a windfall. The US could not afford subsidizing its weapon sales to India. As US weapons are too expensive, there is doubt the US can compete with Russia in Indian weapon market.

As others’ investment in weapon development grows and US investment shrinks, the US will not even be able to maintain its leadership in producing the best weapons, it is certainly a wise strategy to sell its advanced weapons and use the proceeds for development of better ones to compete with Russia and China. That will be a much better strategy.

Russia is now willing to sell China its most advanced weapons.

China is exporting its most advanced drones for recovery of research and development costs in order to develop even better drones.

The pursuit of world hegemony is stupid for a declining US as it simply cannot afford that.

India’s pursuit of hegemony in Indian Ocean (according to media reports) is even more stupid. Oil-rich Iran and the rising China through Pakistan can frustrate India’s attempt to seek hegemony.

In fact, hegemony is very expensive why not use the resources for economic growth and people’s welfare?

If India, China and Pakistan are wise enough to overcome their disputes, which is possible indeed, how can India be true friend or even friend forever for the US, who believe there must be a rider and a horse in an alliance of two and the US shall always be the rider.

Will India be America’s horse forever?

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Foreign Policy’s report, full text of which can be viewed at


9 Comments on “India Cannot Be US ‘True Friend’, Even Less ‘Friend Forever’”

  1. alking1957 says:

    India is and always will be a joke, unless it is broken into smaller countries, each with its own language n cultural roots. Its only treated nicely by rest of the world because rest of world by and large believe in the “largest democracy” myth. India will eventually shatter such illusions!


  2. Assassin says:

    By themselves the Indians are nothing and will never amount to anything. Like small people they can only feel superior only when scoring points, cheap political and economic points against their smaller East Asian neighbours, especially the vulnerable ones in the Chinese community. They would corrupt anyone to score these points and create discrimination these vulnerable people. They are in short, disgusting people. The British and Americans know this but are happy to use these disgusting people to achieve their hegemonic aims.


  3. Fre Okin says:

    Whether Indians like it or not, they are America’s new poodle like UK Tony Blair was. The fact of the matter is India’s purchase of US drones is to help US monitor Chinese subs in the Andaman Sea and other parts of the Indian Ocean, not just India’s interest.

    US is extremely worried Chinese subs can make their way from the South China Sea, through Malacca Strait, pass Andaman Sea where India have Nicobar island to monitor Chinese navy and from there to the Indian Ocean, and then towards South Africa and to the Caribbean Sea near Florida to target US mainland.

    About five years back, a Russian Akula sub surfaced off the Gulf of Mexico threatening mainland US. So US used to playing offense in China’s frontyard now fear China coming towards her door via the Indian Ocean.

    India had also used the P8 Neptune surveillance to go all the way to Seychelles to monitor Chinese subs. This is obviously to serve US interest as this is so far away from Indian coastline. So Indians should just acknowledged they have a New Raj to tell them what to do or US won’t supply them the parts and technical expertise to fly the drones and P8. India will forever be a slave of US whether they like it or not!


  4. Steve says:

    Assuming Trump is locked into a room with Modi and a poisonous King Cobra. Trump has a gun with just one bullet left. Who would he shoot to survive. King Modi or King Cobra. Who is more trustworthy.

    Hint: Rumours has it that an Indian is more poisonous than a King Cobra.


    • johnleecan says:

      Trump would push Modi towards the cobra. After the cobra has killed the Indian, Trump would try to shoot the cobra. Unfortunately, Trump missed and the cobra killed The Apprentice.

      Moral lesson: Always bring the key to open the door when there’s other snakes in the room.


  5. Joseph says:

    Only the American needs Mody desperately to preserve its lost sense of hegemony. No one in the region is feeling that we need India. Not China, not Indonesia, not even tiny Singapore. That’s why we never engage India actively, nor do we take India’s engagement seriously. There is just nothing to gain from trade with India as India has everything to gain from trade with us. India was important in the past as the hub of our exotic spices, to the Westerners. And what did it bring us? Centuries of Western subjugations. The Westerners did not even need India at all as India itself was easily subjugated along with SE Asia. The ultimate price was China. Those who controls China would control Asia, including India. India was fortunate that China was never fully subjugated, otherwise India would never had independence, as British ‘grand’ colonial plan was to merge China with India. If that happened, ‘liberated’ China would include India in its post-British territory. Even in the China’s OBOR, India is not included, and nobody’s weeping. However, as Foreign Policy writes, India and Pakistan were not the only major powers in Indian Ocean. There are Indonesia and Iran who are economically more advanced than India. With Indonesia in the East and Iran in the West, India and Pakistan can easily be bypassed. Therefore it is actually a smart move for Pakistan to play its Karakaroum economic corridor as Western China’s trade can easily be diverted into Iran through Central Asia. India may looks prestige to play the American, but in the end it has nothing to gain as the American has no trade in Central Asia but weapons and conflicts, and ordinarily people need no quality weapons nor conflicts, only humble daily goods, no matter good or low quality. This way India is never significant. India always emphasizes its large population as a leverage alternative of China’s increasingly high wages, but India is not the only one with large population in the region. Malaysia and Indonesia also offer low wage alternative with better quality. Only recently, many Australian retailers who moved their manufacturing facilities from China to India, relocate their facilities to Indonesia because of serious quality concerns. Even their Indian managers are happier in Indonesia than in India. Now that Philippines has rejoined their ASEAN brethrens to look up to China, there’s even more workforce at China’s disposal. Then who’s going to need India anymore? India only has attitude because he felt India was needed, and the West is found desperately wanting. But with China and ASEAN, India must swallow bitter pill that its newfound importance toward America is not appreciated in the region. In time India will have to realize that in colluding with the American, instead of becoming a big dog of Asia, it will only be the wiping dog of Asia. Mody’s attitude towards the American is just fine. His attitude towards his neighbors, China in particular, that needs some works. China humbly learnt the lesson from tiny Singapore to march toward better future. Can India’s Mody humbly learn from Philippines’ Duterte to move forward? Unlike China and Singapore, India and Philippines are not related anyway.


  6. Walter Tseng says:

    India is deluded to think that the US is their answer to superpower status. The US is nobody’s friend. The US became the hegemon by being ruthless & cunning. They will never foster or allow another superpower (India) to challenge its hegemony. To sell weapons & offer fake friendship to India is a good strategy. It keeps India, China & Pakistan destabilized. Make India reliant on the US for their defense (& earn good money by emptying Indian foreign exchange coffers in the process). Ensure that a weak India cannot straddle & control one of their most important strategic waterways – the Indian Ocean & lastly completing an encirclement of China stretching from the N.E to the Arabian Sea.