China’s New Fully Automatic High-speed Train Reaches 400km/hour

China’s new Type Rejuvenation high-speed train. Photo from CCTV footage.

A pair of China’s new high-speed trains Type Rejuneration began operation on June 26 between Beijing and Shanghai according to CCTV primetime news on June 26.

Its highest operational speed is 300 km per hour so that the travel between Beijing and Shanghai is only about 5.5 hours. However, its test speed has reached 400 km per hour.

The train is fully automatic and due to its improve shape, its per passenger per 100 km energy consumption is 8% to 12% less than the previous Type Harmony version.

As its inside height is 4 meters, 0.3 meters higher than Type Harmony, passenger are more comfortable with larger space.

Inside China’s Type Rejuvenation new high-speed train. Photo from CCTV footage.

There will be an additional pair in service between Beijing and Shanghai after July 1.

Source: CCTV “First pair of Type Rejuvenation high-speed trains began operation today” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)