India warns China over road construction near border amid stand-off

India warned China on Friday that construction of a road near their common border would have serious security implications, as China’s Foreign Ministry denied its troops had violated the territory of India’s ally, Bhutan.

The stand-off on a plateau next to the mountainous Indian state of Sikkim, which borders China, has ratcheted up tension between the two neighboring giants, who share a 3,500 km (2175 miles) frontier, parts of which are disputed.

According to the Chinese interpretation of events, Indian guards crossed into China’s Donglang region early in June and obstructed work on a road on a plateau.

Troops from the two sides then confronted each other close to a strategic valley controlled by China that separates India from Bhutan and gives China access to the so-called Chicken’s Neck, a thin strip of land that connects India to its remote northeastern regions.

Bhutan said on Thursday that the road was being built inside its territory.

Indian media have reported that the dispute began when China removed an old Indian bunker.

“India is deeply concerned at the recent Chinese actions and has conveyed to the Chinese Government that such construction would represent a significant change of status quo with serious security implications for India,” India’s ministry of external affairs said in a statement.

“It is essential that all parties concerned display utmost restraint and abide by their respective bilateral understandings not to change the status quo unilaterally,” the ministry said.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said the road work was going on in an area that was on the Chinese not Bhutanese side.

China and Bhutan have yet to reach a final agreement on demarking their border.

(Reporting by Tommy Wilkes in NEW DELHI and Ben Blanchard in BEIJING)

Source: Reuters “India warns China over road construction near border amid stand-off”

Note: This is Reuters’ report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.


10 Comments on “India warns China over road construction near border amid stand-off”

  1. Joseph says:

    The Indian army is better to ask their troops to pack some civilian clothes. Even if it is common for Indian to dress in their underwears, it is still embarrassing. Furthermore in this time of age, China is the largest producers of smartphone with high resolution cameras. Chinese army must bring their smartphones along. If the hostility does break, Chinese Weibo will be flooded with the image of naked Indian soldiers running away.


  2. Simon says:

    Just bomb Indian troops, China should just occupy Sikkim and Bhutan and drive those Hindus out. India need to be taught a lesson.


  3. Fre Okin says:

    “Bhutan said on Thursday that the road was being built inside its territory.”

    China, PLEASE use your Head. TELL the world India is a Human Rights abuser, parking hundreds, thousands of Indian troops in Bhutan as a buffer zone for fear of Chinese entrance via this Disputed Area China have with Bhutan towards Arunachal Pradesh/S Tibet which India stole from China.

    China is VERY VERY BAD in Public Relations and the world is Misled by this Indian misbehavior. Bring this matter to UN to embarrass Indian mischief in Bhutan!

    The fact of the matter is China and Bhutan have many rounds of negotiation but failed to settle them so far BUT with So Many Indians Parked On Bhutan Soil as a Colonizer, China MUST tell the world India is Abusing the Human Rights of the Bhutanese, under pretext of protecting them.

    China will Never get sympathy from the West and other Asians if she continue to be so very very poor in Explaining why she do certain things. This goes the same for her disputes with others in the Spratlys etc. Get somebody who can do the job for you. I can only do so much to help people understand China!


    • steve says:

      Historically, Western Powers wants a piece of China, supported by allies and powerful Western media. Any country, be it India, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan or Sth Korea, etc will be well supported by the West as long as they are against China. I support your concern and China, but who and what qualifications can do the job for China. A foreigner geopolitical and historical expert.? A panel of experts are required. China faces very strong 360 degrees headwinds. Even if the Motherland is right, she is still wrong and if she is wrong, she will be cursed as an abuser, a bully and land grab. China has tremendously a lot on her plate, just looking at B&R, the connectivity between Eurasian countries, China, Asia, etc is an unbelievably massive project. China cannot afford to risk war, let alone against India which will be well supported by the Western Allies. And now the US issuing sanctions and selling weapons to Taiwan, the Korean peninsula, etc, the US is having a ball in its gunboat diplomacy, all under the pretext of freedom of democracy.


      • Anon says:

        You sound unnecessarily negative and defeatist.


        • steve says:

          Sorry if I sounded this way, but I am no defeatist. China has it’s reasons and intentions for not being overly aggressive in it’s stance against India (not yet anyway), but China will obviously weigh it’s options before any serious counter measures, militarily. China follows Sun Tzu art of war especially now, the territorial implications for geographical advantages.


      • Fre Okin says:

        Modern generations, Millennials Don’t Care about all the old stuff. They Don’t Remember, have No Connections. That is why Taiwanese, HK Chinese and other diaspora Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia Don’t Care and In Fact Despise China just because of Western propaganda ‘China is a Commie, human rights abuse blah blah blah’. I am a Hua Chiao and I have Seen both Asia and US and I can tell you how bad China’s image is in the West. I am All Over The Internet trying to help polish China’s Image but that stupid GT even ban me perhaps they don’t like my idea about Arunachal Pradesh/S Tibet and the exiled Tibetans. Moronic Commie!


        • steve says:

          I take your point and I agree GT is nuts for banning relevant commentaries such as yours. But, how would you suggest China improves it’s image without going overboard. China’s image is actually improving with it’s political, economic and military reforms, including all its infrastructures, education, R&D, etc, etc. It time consuming, but the last 3 decades has been phenomenal for China. I agree that public relations for China’s image should be much better.

          It’s frustrating for China especially on aspects of relations with India, Japan and Vietnam.


          • Fre Okin says:

            As long as the Commie label stick with China, No Amount of improvement Matter! People always talk about Free Speech, Human Rights and China can Never have a good image as Factually she have less of this compared with even a fake democracy, so her image is not easy to improve. In the International Arena however, I try to improve China’s image.

            China Should Not expect commentators who support her Generally to Parrot the Commie position. There is no such people in this planet and they got to get real with it! What people like me do is to put forth some Ideas that are Just Ideas that Could Never Happen but is Good Marketing Ploy to make China looks Reasonable.

            I Constantly Highlight Japanese Crimes against Okinawans, Fake Democracy like India, VN thievery of the Spratlys, and PH thievery of the Spratlys with Excerpts from Wikipedia mostly to show the world these are Criminals Hiding Quietly hoping nobody notice. Now this India thing I bash her left and right to Wake Up the world India is the Real Danger to the world and will be most likely the first country to resort to Nukes. They have this Silly Arrogance mentality wanting to make a Hindu Crusader like Christianity, Muslims before them. But of course not all Hindus are bad, only those in the North West, and New Delhi areas mostly.

            Since Chinese enemies always try to break up China, China MUST play the game of SECESSION against her enemies. There are Freedom Fighters there and China should covertly help to break up India, Telling Them Their security is at risk if they continue to let India USE them. India is a very mix race country with dozens of different tribes and many hate New Delhi. Punjab, Kashmir, Tamil Nadu are good starting points.

            All Politics Are Local and China should Make The Best Use Of This Fact. Put Fear into Indians to cause Them to think about secession from New Delhi. It won’t be easy but they being English speaking is a Very Good Target for me to Educate Them Enemy No 1 is Their Own Central Government. Japanese idiots are useless, don’t understand English so no hope to win them over. WIN by Information Warfare!


        • Assassin says:

          Aye, Gobal Times behaviour many-a-time is really puzzling and vexing. Is it suppose to be holding up Chinese interests or is it a closet anti-Chinese broadsheet? If it is the latter, it is obvious there had been and may still have, fifth-columnist ant-China pro-Western sympathizers amongst its moderators and editors. Otherwise, they just have many not-so-bright or non intellectual employees in-charge of moderating and editing readers comments. The last possibility is their recruitment of CIA corrupted non Chinese in positions of moderating and editing, and the non English speaking top management is no wiser at the insults, humiliation, and diminishing of the Chinese levied in such a global platform daily. You do not find such a situation in Russia Today, Russian Insider, or Sputnik News. The office of the President should really look into this.