China’s Type 055 10,000-ton Missile Destroyer’s Wonderful Functions

China’s new entirely homegrown 10,000-ton class destroyer waiting for launch. PLA Daily photo

At reporter’s enquiry in Chinese Defense Ministry’s regular press conference on June 29, the Ministry’s spokesman Wu Qian says in reply, “The new-type destroyer is entirely designed by our country independently. It is of 10,000-ton class and adopts combined gas turbine and gas turbine, radio frequency comprehensive integration technology, vertical launch systems and the all-round integration of onboard combat, platform and communication networks.”

Source: “Defense Ministry made public the technical functions of 10,000-ton class destroyer: It adopts combined gas turbine and gas turbine” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)


2 Comments on “China’s Type 055 10,000-ton Missile Destroyer’s Wonderful Functions”

  1. Simon says:

    According to western military circle the Type 055 is the second most powerful destroyer behind the Zumwalt. While that may be true on paper in its current confuguration we know Type 055 will recieve additional upgrade already being proposed. The Zumwalt on the otherhand had expereince multiple problems it has been conceded by experts the ships configuration is flawed and most likely unreliable and will not fulfill its purpose as a premier combat ship.
    This will make the Type 055 potentially the undisputed most powerful destroyer when the ship is put into operation. The Zumwalt will have only 3 eventually being built down from a planned 32 and the small number suggest it will stuck in concept only and won’t be put into operation, effectively the program has been abandoned. China is building 10 Type 055. Within the middle of the next decade American dominance is West Pacific will be over.


    • steve says:

      Zumwalt is only a littoral combat ship (LCS) lack distant fire power, just like the USS freedom. They stopped building because of China’s superior 055. Over the years as China roll out the 055, the weaponry will be further advanced. The US wants to built a new Ally B, but will take at least 5 years. By then China’s 055 will be fully matured. It would be amazing to witness China’s next line of nuclear and conventional submarines together with the 055 054 052D, China will have an excellent blue water navy.