Despite Border Disputes, India Does Not Want to Upset China

FILE PHOTO: An E-2D Hawkeye plane approaches to the U.S. aircraft carrier John C. Stennis during joint military exercise called Malabar, with the United States, Japan and India participating, off Japan’s southernmost island of Okinawa, Japan June 15, 2016. REUTERS/Nobuhiro Kubo/File Photo

Reuters says in its report “India won’t include Australia in naval drills, fears China backlash”:

Australia formally wrote to the Indian defense ministry in January asking if it could send naval ships to join the July wargames as an observer, in what military experts saw as a step toward eventual full participation.

Four officials from India, Australia and Japan told Reuters India blocked the proposal and suggested that Canberra send officers to watch the exercises in the Bay of Bengal from the decks of the three participating countries’ warships, instead.

True, India worries that it may be encircled by China, Pakistan as well as Central Asia due to China’s growing influence in Central Asia and close ties with Russia, but it has joined China- and Russia-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization for win-win cooperation with China and Pakistan instead of provoking China.

Media exaggerate the recent border standoff between China and India as they need sensational news.

The border incident is in fact very small encounter that will never trigger a war as proved by decades of peace in spite of frequent encounters of such scale.

Anxious to encircle China, the US certainly is trying hard to attract India, but it lacks financial resources. Trump’s policies to bring jobs back to America will first of all deprive Indian elite the well-paid job opportunities in the US.

In addition, US trade policies are increasingly unfavourable to India’s export to the US.

Certainly, encircled by China and Pakistan, India wants US advanced weapons, but US weapons are too expensive. Is the US able to subsidize its weapon export to India to make India afford import of expensive US weapons?

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11 Comments on “Despite Border Disputes, India Does Not Want to Upset China”

  1. Fugu says:

    I ventured earlier to say that Delhi and India is apt to do something crazy and start WW III. and they indeed taken some crazy action. This is very serious and is inviting very serious repercussions from China.


  2. Max says:

    Even if incursive Indian troops withdraw, they win. They have shoved a pie in Beijing’s face and it did nothing but appeased the Indians. So if the Indian troops do leave, they leave victorious laughing haughtily at Beijing’s timid response. With mentality like that, who needs Washington to humilate China. Beijing can very well achieve that all by itself. They’re nutcases if they think they can reason with “village thug” Delhi. Beijing has just lost a huge chunk of respect from me.


    • Max says:

      What kind of leadership did Beijing exemplified? What dreams? They can forget about national dreams and rejuvenation when they have no balls. A great disappointment, this CPC.


      • Auweiwei says:

        Violence should always be the last resort, china should exploid other options to humilliate the indian First. Send 30 tousands troops with Tanks, Rocketslauncher and fighter Jets near the northern border of Bhutan, tell the World it’s to defend against further indian intrusion deepper into China. We will See what the bhutanese gonna Do with the indian troops inside it’s country. Make the World look at the indian as blank and naked invader. If this does’nt work. Than use plan b,c, or d.
        China is stronger than indian, Military, politicaly and economicaly. There for china always have multiple options to humilliate Them.


        • Assassin says:

          Which is to say Beijing is sitting still doing nothing. Their mind freezes when confronted with crisis. They can’t think. They should vacate their seats if all they do is use it to warm their backsides only.


  3. Basic rules says:

    Indian army is sitting on Chinese territory and if China doesn’t throw them out, it will be a sign of weakness of China. How can a aspiring superpower be so weak, that a 2nd tier power like India disrespected and violated its territory? It’s understandable that China’s competition is with US and not India, but China shouldn’t disregards such border incursions as it could undo what China aspires to be.

    In recent Modi Trump meeting, India hyped it’s historical COUNTER CHINA policy to show convergence with US’s China containment policy. After US visit, Modi is now in Israel. US isn’t supplying India most weapons directly but transferring weapons technology to India via Israel. India benefits by having a challenging and COUNTER CHINA policy.

    Also, India is openly challenging China by selling brahmos missile to Vietnam, sending Dalai Lama to disputed south tibet/Tawang w troops of press, making airstrip and rail tracks in Leh, Ladakh part of kashmir near China border, sending Indian army inside Bhutan, incursions into Chinese territory and recent declaration by indian chief of army staff that India is prepared for 2 1/2 fronts war simultaneously ie Pakistan front, China front and internal insurgent threats. India is already well prepared for a possible war with China and Pakistan. But is China prepared?

    China should be wary and should have a strategy to deal with India. Brushing aside border incursions as minor will only make China disrespected.


    • Auweiwei says:

      Remember Sun zhu’s teaching, Violence is the last resort. China is much stronger and influential than india, it’s an advantage. This advantage give China multiple options to humilliate them. Actually, the indian have Make a big strategic mistake by sending troops Beyond their boundery, and it’s a golden opportunity to humiliate Them and teach them to be more humble in the future.


      • Assassin says:

        No sure if once can agree with your passive approach and interpretation of Sun Tzu’s treatise on war.


  4. Fugu says:

    The two headed snake Delhi is playing a double game, triple game. Eventually when the veil falls, it will reveal itself for what it truly is – an anti China racist arsehole no matter what. It is using China as a threat to continue bolstering its military budget to profit themselves – the politicians, military-industrial complex, the media, Mumbai, and other bureaucrats. They have learnt from the US how to become a “swamp” themselves – misleading their dumb ignorant taxpayers and the world about China as a “threat” and how to line the huge commissions from the defense or war weapons corporations, into their bottomless pockets.

    ill make a mistake when Beijing learns to respond in double quick time one of these days catching flatfooted.


  5. Gon says:

    Yes, pity all the short sighted dumb businessmen who invested in India despite being warned not to.


  6. Gon says:

    “Despite Border Disputes, India Does Not Want to Upset China”.

    That’s a bit like ostriches putting their head in the sand hoping what they do not want to see will go away.

    The current far right nationalist Delhi is an imperial b*st*rd backed by its village thugs and mobs to grab neighbouring territory like a gangster. Their noxious behaviour have been witnessed in many parts of South East Asia and has been repeated in states bordering India.

    Verily Beijing’s strategic patience has its limits and Delhi will eventually experience more than a “1962” if it does not back down from its outlawed action and gangster threats talk.