China’s Gifted, Dedicated Engineers Will Make Chinese Navy World Best

Rear Admiral Ma Weiming, one of China’s top naval engineers, has been nominated for the PLA’s highest military award. Photo: Handout

SCMP describes China’s top engineer Rear Admiral Ma Weiming in its report “The top engineer with the key to China’s dream of having the world’s most powerful navy” today.

The report says that almost every research topic Ma has studied in recent years has been applied in actual equipment on Chinese warships. Ma is called the father of China’s electromagnetic catapult has also developed the technology to make China’s nuclear submarines quieter than their top US counterparts.

SCMP says that Ma is nominated to receive PLA’s top honor Order of August 1 award.

What is especially interesting is that Ma proves it wrong that China depends on the US for the training of its top scientists and engineers. Ma has received no education or training abroad. He graduated from the PLA Naval University of Engineering in Wuhan, Hubei, in 1987 and earned a PhD in electrical engineering from Tsinghua University in 1996.

SCMP says, “Ma has cultivated more than 400 masters and doctoral students at the naval university since the late 1980s.”

China can cultivate world best scientists and engineers. With such talents and abundant funds, China will certainly be able to have world best navy.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on SCMP’s report, full text of which can be found at


6 Comments on “China’s Gifted, Dedicated Engineers Will Make Chinese Navy World Best”

  1. Joseph says:

    Although this Admiral Ma is not Western graduate like me, he reminds me what I could have been. Looking back, I was offered research opportunity by American research firm upon my graduation. After hard consideration, even with my parent urging, I refused. I was considered crazy as it was prestigious offer, especially when they knew my reason was because I resented American attitude toward me, and Asians largely. You have to be humble in life, they said. Not me. I prefered to take on the difficult and unprestigious path of my family business, and in time grow my own. Now I can dine on expensive restaurants in America, while my friends who accepted the offers can only dine on budget. I have a friend who is a Major in US Army who bows to sergeants who salute him so he would not be considered ‘arrogant’. He would not be General or Admiral for sure. Anyway, I am glad that I did not contribute to something I’d regret. Life took me to different path. If I was born and brought up in China, I might take on research opportunity like Admiral Ma. This Admiral Ma may be special, but there’s countless of him to be discovered in China. It is up to China to make use of them, or be poached by the Westerners.


    • says:


      I wish more Asians would wake up and realize whites hate their guts and have used our talents AGAINST us. Thanks for doing the right thing.


    • Steve says:

      Unlucky for the scoundrels, U could have engineered
      An HEMALS and outdated the EMALS.

      Hypersonic Electro Magnetic Aircraft Launch Systems – HEMALS 😎


  2. steve says:

    Such achievements by one person is rare. China produces the best engineers and among the best scientists in the world. It makes the so called world university rankings look lopsided, where the UK and US are in the top 10. In recent times, China has been pulling ahead in scientific research and development.


    • chankaiyee2 says:

      Ma has trained 400 masters and doctors. He led a team to obtain the achievments. That is why he is credited for the achievements.

      As China has so many talented experts, we can expect that they will develop lots more advanced weapons.