Japan, South Korea, U.S. demand greater Chinese effort on N.Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reacts with scientists and technicians of the DPRK Academy of Defence Science after the test-launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang July, 5, 2017. KCNA/via REUTERS

Japan, the United States and South Korea agreed on Thursday to push for China to play a larger role in reining in North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, a Japanese official said on the eve of a summit of the Group of 20 economic powers.

North Korea’s launch this week of what it said was a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile dramatically raised the stakes in the long-running battle to contain the isolated country’s nuclear weapons program.

“North Korea now constitutes a new level of threat to Japan and a clear provocation to Japan and also to the international community,” said Norio Maruyama, Japanese foreign ministry spokesman, after a meeting of the three countries’ leaders.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, U.S. President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-In agreed at the meeting to cooperate closely to encourage China to “play an even greater role” in containing its southern neighbor.

“We had very vivid conversation on the subject and the role of China was very important” during the 75-minute meeting, Maruyama said, adding that Japan was closely monitoring Chinese companies it suspected of having links to North Korea’s weapons program.
“Abe conveyed Japan’s appreciation for the sanctions the U.S. decided to impose on Chinese organizations,” he said. “The Japanese government has been monitoring the movements of Chinese companies with deep ties to North Korea and responding appropriately” by imposing asset freezes.

Asked whether any military action was discussed, he said: “There is no discussion about the specificity of other measures we could take”.

(Reporting by Thomas Escritt and Paul Carrel; Editing by James Dalgleish)

Source: Reuters “Japan, South Korea, U.S. demand greater Chinese effort on N.Korea”

Note: This is Reuters’ report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.


10 Comments on “Japan, South Korea, U.S. demand greater Chinese effort on N.Korea”

  1. Max says:

    If Japan gets involved with a war with Korea, expect terrorist tactics to be applied against Japan when Korean suicide squads or lone wolves strikes at Japan’s soft underbelly. It’s entire population will be at risk. They are responsible for letting in the American “butcher” into Korea, killing 8 -9 million Koreans or 20% of its population. Not to mention other Asians.


  2. Max says:

    “Japan, South Korea, U.S. demand greater Chinese effort on N.Korea”

    You got to be joking.

    The culprit is Washington and you are trying to turn the spotlight on China? Washington is responsible for Pyongyang’s decision to go nuclear. Let it resolve the issue. Let it make a deal with Pyongyang. Trump’s shit is a carry-over from Obama and George Bush’s period. He should castigate his predecessors for their shit foreign policies.

    And why should South Korea and Japan be dragged into a quagmire of Amerika’s doing? All it takes is for Washington to swallow it’s pride and untie the gordon knot of its own making by offering the necessary deals that will assuage Pyongyang it has nothing to lose. Seoul and Tokyo are just used as props to make Trump look good. They can’t possibly do anything to resolve the problem caused by Washington’s hubris.

    Sheesh. When will Trump and Washington get serious and honest to resolve the problem. This continued dishonesty says that Amerika continues to be THE problem. Ain’t no one is gonna flip over for the dishonest big bully Amerika.


  3. Foxhound says:

    US military attack or not, it won’t change anything on North Korea’s path to acquire its strategic deterrence against US. At this step, it is impossible to expect a denuclearization of North Korea, as US is the global rogue state, and US threat all countries that is not compliant to its barbaric economic, hegemonic policies.
    The questions are when US will launch attack, and how ? Can US afford another very risky war ? My impression is US cannot afford another war, because they have no way how to win it. North Korea is not Syria, is not Libya, is not Iraq, is not Serbia.
    Since 1950 US never won any significant battle -contrary to what asserts western propaganda-. Mc Arthur won in Korea because USSR was devastated by barbaric Nazis -22 millions of death, several dozens of millions of disabled-, PR of China was proclaimed few months before the war. The communist’s camp was at knees. In spite of this significant advantage, US failed to win the Korea’s war.

    Vietnam’s war was the expression of the rout of US military. Iraq and Serbia were two small isolated countries under embargoes, it could not be mentioned as a significant victories for US. This time North Korea will have the support of China, and US could not deter Beigin to do this.


  4. Simon says:

    The position China and also Russia now take on North Korea differs from that from a month or so ago. It no criticise as harsh or propose implementing any new sanction against Pyongyang. Instead it priorities America and South Korea to stand down with its military drills first and also dismantling THAAD in exchange for Notyh Korea to stop its missile testing. This implies China has control over North Korea’s action. America impose sanctions on Chinese bank and individuals then sailed a warship into Chinese waters was met with Pyongyang launching ICBM without much if any criticism from Beijing. It is a reminder to Trump if he want to harm China’s interest China will allow North Korea to harm America’s interest.


  5. johnleecan says:

    I guess the North Koreans are playing a very dangerous psychological warfare. I think they have already got the technology to launch a long range ICBM. They are just playing with the Americans and showing how quick they are in developing their nuclear arsenal. I think some of the missiles launched are deliberately made to fail. This would put the Americans off guard. Then on America’s Independence Day, they launched a successful ICBM.

    The North Koreans also show pictures like the one taken above to piss off the already pissed Americans and scared Japanese. Surely the Americans and Japanese are pissed when they see Kim Jong Un “reacting” or “acting” like a happy kid and him facing the camera to make them more pissed. Maybe somebody pissed(he said it’s not gonna happen) threw his chair towards the TV after seeing this.


    • Assassin says:

      Pyongyang’s actions are not so important. Readers and commenters MUST put the spotlight back where it belongs – on Washington. They are responsible for all the provocations, tensions and counter responses from fiercely independent sovereign countries. The repetition of Washington’s BS narratives must be ended and discouraged.


  6. Steve says:

    The 3 hoodlums are discussing their shrewd business acumen that is pro & cons, gains & losses
    if they can bomb NK to oblivion. With Nth Korea out of the way, this 3 allies will find ways to antagonise China just like the US & Japan did by supporting the PCA award with PH against China.

    Of course China has deep ties with NK after the Korean war, but what can China do without starving the NK population. Basically, this is what the 3 hoodlums are hoping for, starve the Nth Koreans or bomb them to oblivion.

    It’s highly doubtful, the US will take military action against NK. I cannot envisage Pyongyang becoming like Syria look-a-like or a devastated Iraq. Don’t think China and Russia will remain idle, it will be nuclear devastation.


    • Max says:

      Yes, backstabbing Trump snuck in those THAAD missiles & radars to threaten China while Beijing was making efforts to help Washington save face by persuading Pyongyang to drop its nuclearization program. Just shows how untrustworthy and unreliable Washington is. You can’t rely on them being gentlemen with unspoken favours and promises. They have no sense of gratitude and obligation. If I were Mr Xi, I would certainly be hesitant to help Trump after this.

      And if this new volte face is anything to go by, it is that Beijing learns now that it must be ready militarily to intervene on behalf of its neighbouring countries threatened by bigger imperialistic bastards such as India and the U.S.. The next thing, Beijing should do is sign protection treaties with Bhutan, Sikkim’s deposed rulers, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Goa’s former rulers, and Pakistan. That if Delhi makes any further moves to control these countries as vassals, China WILL go to war with India. It should DEFINITELY act to take back South Tibet. Any such acts are NOT a question of non peaceful rise but a move against unscrupulous imperial bastards taking advantage of that Beijing’s strait jacketed dictum. Such a new doctrine should also be a lesson to Ulan Bator if it gets too friendly with Washington and threatens China long term. The countries surrounding China SHOULD think long term. Washington will not always be around to hold their backsides when Beijing starts breathing fire. The best policy is not to be used and manipulated by Washington for their own nefarious ends but be neutral.

      Irrational and megalomanical nationalist Modi and India haven’t quite learnt that, Beijing’s next phase will be readiness to use arms if threatened. Indian village thugs and mobs best beware.


  7. Fre Okin says:

    US, Japan, SK should look at India for possible tech support to help NK make ICBM. India have a vested interest to see Sino US relation sour, so she may have transferred tech know how via her embassy in New Delhi, even inside Japan.