US Congress Anxious to Respond to China’s Weapon Development

A Chinese submarine. Photo from Scout Warrior.

On July 2, US Scout Warrior website says in its article “Congressional Request For Proposal Solicits Expert Report on Chinese Weapons – Have the Chinese Caught the US Military” that the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission is now seeking assessment of China’s advanced weapons, especially the following weapons:

1. Maneuverable re-entry vehicles, including hypersonic glide and supersonic combustion ramjet engine-powered vehicles;

2. Directed energy weapons, to include high power radiofrequency weapons, high energy lasers, and particle beam weapons, with effects ranging from satellite jamming to target damage;

3. Electromagnetic railguns;

4. Direct-ascent, co-orbital, and other anti-satellite weapons in addition to counterspace electronic warfare capabilities; and

5. Unmanned and artificial intelligence-equipped weapons.

In August 2014, I pointed out in my book “Space Era Strategy: The Way China Beats The U.S.” that according to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s instruction to Chinese air force for obtaining integrated space and air capabilities for both attack and defense, China will develop aerospace bomber. The maneuverable re-entry vehicles referred to in Item 1 include such bombers, which the article says, “could dramatically change the threat calculus for aircraft carriers and other US surface warships, among other things.”

All the weapons in the five items are difficult for the US to deal with. The US has to draw up a plan to counter them, which precisely proves US poor weapon strategy that is based on the past instead of the future. As a result, it lacks initiatives and creation.

Comment by Chan Kai Yee on Scout Warrior’s article, full text of which can be viewed at


4 Comments on “US Congress Anxious to Respond to China’s Weapon Development”

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  2. Joseph says:

    Ironic that not to long ago these weapons were those who gave the American edge again its enemies. The American would boast these weapons as symbols of their superiority to those who dared to oppose them, including the Russian. Now as most of these weapon researches are proven to be American flops, the American consider them a threat. China, which was always looked down to develop these weapons, comes as the leading developer of these weapons. When the American triedto recruit/poach Asian graduates for these kind of researches, they’d say that they already are successful in their researches and they need us only for further application of the researches. But in reality they need us to do the research for them and feeling that we only contribute insignificantly. Research was bonanza for the Westerners in the 20th century. Asia, especially China, were in turmoil, so there’s no place to do real research in Asia. Chinese scientists were easy picking for them. That’s why it is in the best interest the West to keep Asia unstable, to make the West better environment to entice the scientists. After all, if the condition back home is better, who wants to work under contempt for the foreigners?


  3. Simon says:

    The best option for America is roll back its military and accept it no longer the great power it once was.


  4. Steve says:

    Is pandemonium about to strike the white house and pentagon. CKY is right to say that the US is strategy illiterate. It’s difficult for the US to understand how a backward and developing nation like China have gained such a phenomenal achievement within a short period of three decades. No doubt, the US are researching in this 5 fields, but China is moving further ahead especially on item one.

    Items six and seven are missing, i.e. China holds a financial weapon of trillion $$ US treasury bonds and the US has a financial debt of 19 trillion $$.